Talk to Your Inner Child

We all have that inner child which resides within us. This child represents your younger self, and inner being who is very much alive, but for the most part hidden from your consciousness until you meet your inner child.

Once you’ve become acquainted with your inner child (refer to him or her by name, your name), it’s prudent to pay attention to him or her, and to maintain a tender, caring relationship with your little tike. Your inner child is just like any other child and longs to be acknowledged, loved and cared for.

You don’t need to pay a therapist to talk to your inner child; the power of your imagination, is all you need to access and interact with your inner child.

Using your imagination, allow your inner child to appear to you and periodically tell that little guy or gal how much you love and adore him or her.

“I Love you. I adore you. You mean the world to me, and I will never let you down. I am here for you. I love you with all my heart. I Love you so much. I love you.”

There are other things your inner child needs to hear from you. Here are some ideas to think about what to say to your inner child. You may use these words, or come up with your own, as may be appropriate.

Because your inner child wants to be heard and understood, it’s good to establish an open and understanding relationship.

“I hear you. I know you’re going through things and I care so deeply for you. I am listening to you. You can always come to me, no matter what. I want to know how you are feeling and I am here for you any time you need me.”

Due to their increased sensitivity, whenever an inner child has their feelings hurt (they can hold a grudge for a lifetime), whether it was the past, or even in the present, they need to hear your validation of their being wronged, acknowledging the injustice.

“That was awful. No one should ever treat you like that. You’re a pure, loving child, undeserving of any disrespect, abusive behavior or words. This is just wrong, and of course, your feelings would be hurt; anyone’s would. You did nothing to deserve this.”

Remember, your inner child (just like everyone else) is only doing the best he or she can possibly do in terms of how they respond to things based on the tools he/she has access to at the time. Don’t ever let him or her think they could ever let you down, or disappoint you. Over time, he or she may mature and you might be able to equip him or her with understanding and coping mechanisms. Empower them to be who they are, where they are, right now.

“I know you did the best you could and you’re doing the best you can, right now in this moment. I will not judge you. I love you and in my eyes, you could really do nothing wrong.”

It’s good to say you’re sorry, whether it’s about you’re not paying attention to or listening to your inner child, or when something has taken place which has made them feel bad; something from an outside source that wasn’t their fault, that they had no control over.

“I am so sorry that I didn’t listen to you. I’m doing the best I can and I know that you are, too. And I am sorry that person made you feel bad. No one should have the right to do that. I am sorry, I love you.”

Sometimes your inner child takes responsibilities for things that was not his or her fault, or has unjustly carried a grudge against someone or something for a period of time (maybe a long time). Let your inner child know that you forgive him or her and that you harbor no ill feelings or judgment.

“I know you feel bad, maybe even mad, but this was not your fault. I totally understand why you might feel this way, and I totally forgive you for feeling this way, or even making me feel this way. You are my cherished treasure and in my eyes, in my life, and in my heart, you are utterly amazing. I forgive you.”

Validate your inner child’s existence, thank your him or her for being there, for being a part of your life.

“Thank you for being such an amazing part of my life. You are the most important thing to me, and I love everything about you. Without you I would be more than alone. You help give my life meaning, purpose and someone to love, no matter what. Without you I would be lost. I love you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

This, by no means, represents the only chats you can have with your inner child. Just as with anyone else, your conversations could be limitless.

If you would like to share conversations you’ve had with your inner child, feel free to note them below.


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