Whack Upside the Head

Ever wonder why your fears are often realized? Well, the answer is it’s all because of you, based on your fear, you’ve placed your fervent request that God give you a big ol’ whack upside the head. He does. So, enjoy your misery and suffering. You asked for it and you got it (sometimes in spades).


You refute, “No! That’s not true. I didn’t say I wanted that to happen. I prayed for it not to happen!” But it did anyway.

It doesn’t take rocket surgery to figure out – because you know this is true via the experience of Trial and Error, so I risk stating the obvious, though it may not have occurred to you, yet – that if you are fearful of a particular negative outcome, it will come to pass.

The more energy that you put into your fear, the more that which you fear is likely to be increased when you look it face-to-face, eye-to-eye. Why?

You were not designed to maintain yourself in a state of fear. You are designed to be the powerful, dominant life force on this planet. In fact, that’s why God made you in His image to represent His loving dominion and to fully enjoy all He has given to you. Even His Son insisted that you hold the very same miraculous powers within, if you only would allow yourself to believe and receive.


Yes. You have all these God-like powers lying dormant within you, begging to be released empowering you to be the full representation of the Creator enjoying all this life has to offer.

You may doubt this, but your fear and realizing your fears in the actual 3D world we inhabit is proof of the awesome power that you wield.

For when you fear, you’ve effectively placed your order at the Drive-up window of the Universe and paid for your fears to be actualized. The price you pay is commensurate to the amount of energy with which you place your order. The more you fear or dislike something the more you’ve paid. You pull forward to the next window to receive your order, and you’re surprised when you get the whack upside the head, just as you ordered it.

But that’s NOT what I want!

You protested, that’s not what you wanted. So what do you think you should do about it?

How about stop placing your order for what you don’t want and start placing your order for the things in life that you do want?


Just as fear is the currency for placing and paying for what you don’t want, love is the currency representing the desires of your heart. To get what you want, you must stop fearing and start loving.

The powers that be do not want you to realize that you have this power, so they keep you in a state of fear with a constant barrage of presenting you with ideas, images and stories representing what you don’t want. By maintaining a base-line frequency of fear, you are powerless to fully engage your God-given love machine for full abundant manifestation. (This effectively reduces you to a drone to carry out the mandates of the system to support the “machine” which rules our planet.)

Regardless of their efforts to suppress our spiritual growth and enlightenment, we are beginning to awake to the idea that there is more to this life than we are programmed to believe possible.

Fear and Love cannot effectively occupy the same space within your heart and mind, so eliminating fear and replacing it with love and maintaining a state of love changes your overall vibrational frequency.

You can start by not focusing on that which you do not want and start spending every conscious effort dreaming, imagining and expressing gratitude for its receipt in advance. See what happens then.

Instead of getting the whack upside the head, you will notice the things that you’ve longed for will begin to come into view.

As you do this – and continue to love instead of fear – you will begin to see how fun enjoying all that this life has to offer can be.

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