What Are the Odds?

A wise man does his due diligence when looking to expand or considering a change of direction, a new path in life. To take the time to ask yourself, “What are the odds?” prior to any given endeavor is prudent. Conducting a bit of scientific method or at the very least creating a T-Chart of pros and cons prior to jumping-in to any new project puts you miles ahead of the less vigilant populace.

Under normal circumstances, you will not find yourself waking up in the middle of a process or project and asking yourself, “How did I get here?” It is highly likely that you are fully responsible for getting yourself into any scenario, and while things may not have turned out as you expected, you exercised caution and were as aware of your surroundings and considered the risks prior to taking action.

No matter what you do, it is impossible to know all of the intricate details of everything and anything could change in a moment, but if your senses are attuned and you are somewhat intuitive, you will be alert enough to collect clues regarding the reality of things as you move through the process.

For years you thought the shortest distance between two points was a straight line, so you had no problem taking the Tacoma Narrows bridge until it collapsed. After that, you decided that taking the long way was a much safer idea.

The way we travel changed immensely following the tragic events of 911, and the way we live and conduct business after COVID-19 has shifted dramatically, and life may look very different from this point forward. Natural disasters catch us off guard, and if they don’t take us out completely, we find ways to go on. We change with our environment. Our survival depends on our ability to adapt to change.

In these examples, you had no way of knowing that these events would change the way things are. They were unexpected and for most of us, nearly impossible to anticipate nor be adequately prepared to appropriately respond when they were taking place.

Wounds from any life event can change how you go about your business every day. Things that you took for granted, like being able to buy food, water, or toilet paper can change drastically once you have suffered the effects of being deprived of these items.

If your project includes other people besides just yourself, you already know you can’t tell what’s going on inside someone else’s head, you’ve suffered wounds of betrayal before and you know that even someone you thought you could trust could be plotting you’re being stabbed in the back.

No one would blame you for possessing fear of the unseen. We all are somewhat fearful of the unknown, yet those who desire to live their best life and make the world a better place find ways to avoid the illusions of fear presented to our awareness by our unconscious mind, which seeks only to protect us from suffering.

Knowing that your subconscious is a scaredy-cat and will do anything keep you from doing anything that is considered “safe” from its perspective also gives you an edge because most people do not realize this. And those that do, are able to accomplish far more in this life.

Life comes with a certain degree of risk, but the highly successful people are more apt to take calculated risks by doing research, evaluating the data, and asking themselves, “what are the odds?” than their more complacent peers.


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