Fear of the Unseen

Everyone has a bit of fear of the unseen or of the unknown. Fear of the unseen can paralyze a normal person from moving forward in their life. You get to a certain place in your life where you feel comfortable with a certain degree of safety and security. Of course, this level of personal comfort is a sliding scale depending on the life of each individual.

So, what are you afraid of?

Some people are content, just to have the basics, food, shelter, and clothing, covered. If you’ve experienced abuse in your past, you might find yourself settling for a life condition where you suffer no abuse and that is good enough to keep you from seeking a better life, because you know it could be worse.

There is fear of unseen struggle or crisis associated with trying anything new, and this is the reason why most people are more apt to settle for mediocrity because it is familiar and when “anything” could happen, it’s safer to avoid any unexpected possibilities because the unknown is frightening and potentially dangerous.

Then there are potentially dangerous stories that frighten you. Maybe you haven’t had first-hand experience with potential pitfalls, but you’ve heard stories of others who have taken risks to change their circumstances and ended up in even worse circumstances or suffered dire consequences, possibly even paid the ultimate sacrifice of losing their life altogether.

Today, you are overwhelmed with fearful third-party stories from movies and television programs you have seen since you can remember, and the Internet is an exploitative form of media where anyone from anywhere with twisted minds or agendas can create fear from any vantage point, based on factual experiences of others or purely fabricated fantasy for fun and profit.

Many agendas are promoted, new methods to control mass consciousness, and various forms of cash flow and profiteering are generated by exploiting the fear factor of an unsuspecting public. Conspiracy theories and misinformation abound among those who base potential threats based on the fear of the unseen.

When you and I are unable to verify data first-hand, then the responsibility for generating fear falls on the deliverer’s ability to tell a compelling story of potential risk or danger.

When you hear a fear-generating story, you may ask yourself, “Is this for real?” You do tend to get an initial inner reaction which is telling you that something’s up, but if the storyteller is committed to asserting his or her agenda, the persistence could override your sense of reason.

Fear of the unseen could include anything you are unable to verify yourself, such as various political agendas, including climate change or 24/7 government surveillance, or anything from starting a business of your own to a potentially dangerous virus.

The reaction of the general public to something unseen, undesirable, or unknown, could lead to irrational behavior from an otherwise safe and sane group of people, such as “burning witches” at the stake.

Fear of the seen or experienced, such as a car crash or physical assault and may include a failed attempt at starting a business endeavor, is a different thing altogether. It is understandable that this may create a knee-jerk fearful reaction to things unseen.

No one would blame you for not wanting to get back on a horse that knocked you off, as you might say, “I tried that before and it didn’t work.” Even with the best efforts to prevent potential pitfalls, there are times when things don’t work out as planned.

These fearful reactions follow us around for life unless we do the deep work of uncovering the root fear, bringing it out into the light, and eliminating its hold over you.

Overcoming fear is the doorway to personal growth, living a better life, your best life, and making the world a better place.

The best method of disempowering fear of the unseen is to

  1. Embrace the fear
  2. Ritualize the death and cessation of the fear
  3. Memorialize it
  4. Then let it go and move on in your newfound freedom

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