What is Global Warming?

No doubt, global warming is big business that feeds the big money machine which includes the banks, media, corporations, energy companies, and government agencies based on the propaganda coup.

The hysteria has succeeded in appropriating hundreds of billions of tax dollars, and increased utility rates, and gas prices.

Politically, statistics suggest that republicans are far less enthusiastic about the threat of global warming than the concern and fear wielded by the democrats, but those who believe that global warming is a hoax, regardless of political party, are the most passionate about their stance of all.

The earth has been through many major ice ages, and we’re one-third the way through the latest ice age that we have heard about that took out the dinosaurs 20,000 years ago. An ice age can easily last 60,000 years with millions of years in between ice ages.

We will remain in a continual state of warming for the next 40,000 years or so, with occasional visits from alternating mini-ice ages and warming trends for flavor, until we can enjoy a planet unencumbered by a major ice age for millions of years. That’s right, in the year 42023.

Though this planet has been this warm previously, i.e., in the Minoan, Roman, and Medieval warming periods.

But the polar bears are dying!

Actually, that’s unfounded propaganda as well. Since 1980 we have seen steady growth in polar bear populations. Since then, we’ve seen their population grow from around 7,000 to 26,000 today.

The coral reefs are melting away!

Also, just more spin doctor fodder. We have seen the greatest growth in coral reefs since 1985 when we started monitoring them.

The world is on fire! We’re being burned alive!

In 1900 about 4.5 percent of the earth was destroyed by fire. Yearly fires on earth have declined regularly over time, and last year only 2.5 percent of our planet was burned, thanks to mankind. Our technology and mindfulness have greatly decreased the damage that previously plagued the land by the destructive power of fire.

In 1920, you were only expected to live some 36 years, since then life expectancy has grown to 76 years or so. In fact, the planet’s in great shape. We have increased agriculture capacity, though much of the land is unused, and we have lowered the toxicity of breathable air pollution over the last hundred years.

How can you say that?

A hundred years ago, burning wood and animal excrement were the methods used to cook food, expelling far more toxic pollution than we have today.

We Are Doing So Much Better Today

Every year 138,000 people were lifted out of poverty. 200 years ago, almost everyone was poor. 90 to 95% of us lived on “1 dollar a day,” was the saying, but it was actually about $2.50. Now, less than 10% are poor.

But you don’t hear about that in the media because it is not scary.

Negative news is far more attractive to us, especially if the message is hugely menacing or apocalyptic in nature.

Our world and living conditions are the best they’ve ever been, and we have greatly reduced the number of people lost to natural disasters or local and global threats. We have an increased level of science that helps us to better predict or anticipate challenges, giving us increased time to react pre-event.

We, the populace, have the peace of mind to react to something that has worldwide impact, like global warming, and the media and the government has us all excited about escalated fear that the end of the world may be near, and they are proposing that you and I can do something about it.

And the public is answering the call, committing to take action to reduce CO2. Herb Roi Richards says, “The answer is simple: Plant more trees.”

While global warming is a problem that needs to be addressed is one thing, to red alert, Defcon 1, and promote it as the end of the world, is another, entirely.

The real problem is that the overhyped apocalyptic cries from the media are leaving Americans and the world open to making poor decisions elsewhere while in a state of panic regarding the end of our world.


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