If Global Warming Continues

There is some confusion in the world of science which may contradict the science of our world. For instance, answers to, “What caused the great flood?” The answer could alert us to what potential threat might lay before us.

It stands to reason that whatever caused such a catastrophic event could happen again.

If it was a comet or meteor shower, as science suggests, then we must focus our attention on building a way to combat such a threat from space in order to deflect, eliminate, or at least de-escalate such a threat.

Recent evidence of our sun being on a nova-flare cycle could make a more plausible scenario, and if so, it would mean that our sun does experience such an event regularly, every 12,000 years or so.

Why is this important?

Because depending on the cause of previous catastrophic events, we can better prepare for similar challenges facing our planet, based on patterns established in the past. And the cyclical nature of our sun’s nova flares is substantiated as having occurred on this 12,000-year cycle.

We survived

Even facing complete extinction, 2,000 to 10,000 of our ancestors globally, survived the last apocalyptic event, and we are proof that there is a good chance some may survive the next one.

How are we prepared?

We, as a population are not prepared because we’ve been distracted by this global warming period being represented as being caused by the industrialization of our society and general disrespect for our planet.

False sense of security

This lulls us into a false sense of security, giving us the impression that we can witness the rising temperature and think we can do something about it. If it were known that there was nothing we could do about the next global catastrophe, it would be conspiratorial in nature to distract the greater population with such false information.

Who is prepared?

Some eccentric survivalists may be prepared while their contemporaries make fun of them, while the high-level politicians, and extremely wealthy have underground bunkers and shelters to run to when the next one comes.

How well are they prepared?

In my opinion, not so much, because what good would it be if you were “safe” underground under 5,000 feet of glacial ice?

Where’s a better location?

I agree with the author, Herb Roi Richards, who says within 15 degrees on either side of the equator is the place to be. He asserts that this is the place where our species originated, and it is clearly the survival zone for humanity as it is relatively unaffected by a global catastrophe. Richards refers to it as the “Life Zone.”

You cannot legislate solar activity

The sun will do what it has been doing for billions of years. It remains on this 12,000-year cycle and another apocalyptic solar event is in our immediate future, expected within the next forty years or so. No laws, regulations, policies, or social movements will be able to influence it.

The undeniable truth

The truth can be found in the sedimentary layers of our planet, and we can see the effects our sun has on other planets in our solar system, all confirming this 12,000-year cycle. The truth is out there, though there appears to be a cover-up of the scientific data.


It appears that the statistics have been changed to match the agenda of those who would like us to believe that we are the cause for global warming, not the sun. For instance, pre-year-2,000, data was readily available on the warming period of the Middle Ages and the little ice age, so that the current graph shows our globe’s temperature as a flat line with only the latest increase in temperature to influence a state of panic.

What can you do?

Don’t take anyone’s word for anything. Get out there and online, exercise your right to discover the truth for yourself, and decide what you can do based on the information you discover.

Herb Roi Richards’ book, If Global Warming Continues might be a good place to start.


What is Global Warming?

No doubt, global warming is big business that feeds the big money machine which includes the banks, media, corporations, energy companies, and government agencies based on the propaganda coup.

The hysteria has succeeded in appropriating hundreds of billions of tax dollars, and increased utility rates, and gas prices.

Politically, statistics suggest that republicans are far less enthusiastic about the threat of global warming than the concern and fear wielded by the democrats, but those who believe that global warming is a hoax, regardless of political party, are the most passionate about their stance of all.

The earth has been through many major ice ages, and we’re one-third the way through the latest ice age that we have heard about that took out the dinosaurs 20,000 years ago. An ice age can easily last 60,000 years with millions of years in between ice ages.

We will remain in a continual state of warming for the next 40,000 years or so, with occasional visits from alternating mini-ice ages and warming trends for flavor, until we can enjoy a planet unencumbered by a major ice age for millions of years. That’s right, in the year 42023.

Though this planet has been this warm previously, i.e., in the Minoan, Roman, and Medieval warming periods.

But the polar bears are dying!

Actually, that’s unfounded propaganda as well. Since 1980 we have seen steady growth in polar bear populations. Since then, we’ve seen their population grow from around 7,000 to 26,000 today.

The coral reefs are melting away!

Also, just more spin doctor fodder. We have seen the greatest growth in coral reefs since 1985 when we started monitoring them.

The world is on fire! We’re being burned alive!

In 1900 about 4.5 percent of the earth was destroyed by fire. Yearly fires on earth have declined regularly over time, and last year only 2.5 percent of our planet was burned, thanks to mankind. Our technology and mindfulness have greatly decreased the damage that previously plagued the land by the destructive power of fire.

In 1920, you were only expected to live some 36 years, since then life expectancy has grown to 76 years or so. In fact, the planet’s in great shape. We have increased agriculture capacity, though much of the land is unused, and we have lowered the toxicity of breathable air pollution over the last hundred years.

How can you say that?

A hundred years ago, burning wood and animal excrement were the methods used to cook food, expelling far more toxic pollution than we have today.

We Are Doing So Much Better Today

Every year 138,000 people were lifted out of poverty. 200 years ago, almost everyone was poor. 90 to 95% of us lived on “1 dollar a day,” was the saying, but it was actually about $2.50. Now, less than 10% are poor.

But you don’t hear about that in the media because it is not scary.

Negative news is far more attractive to us, especially if the message is hugely menacing or apocalyptic in nature.

Our world and living conditions are the best they’ve ever been, and we have greatly reduced the number of people lost to natural disasters or local and global threats. We have an increased level of science that helps us to better predict or anticipate challenges, giving us increased time to react pre-event.

We, the populace, have the peace of mind to react to something that has worldwide impact, like global warming, and the media and the government has us all excited about escalated fear that the end of the world may be near, and they are proposing that you and I can do something about it.

And the public is answering the call, committing to take action to reduce CO2. Herb Roi Richards says, “The answer is simple: Plant more trees.”

While global warming is a problem that needs to be addressed is one thing, to red alert, Defcon 1, and promote it as the end of the world, is another, entirely.

The real problem is that the overhyped apocalyptic cries from the media are leaving Americans and the world open to making poor decisions elsewhere while in a state of panic regarding the end of our world.


Global Warming Climate Change

Politicians, media, and people all over America and the world have been clamoring about the impending doom of climate change.

Somehow, the idea was promoted that we could have some impact on global climate change and that we backed by our governments could affect a change that would better serve us.

Human beings have no impact on climate change. We did not cause it and we cannot fix it, for there is nothing to fix. The world has been in this constant state of climate change alternating between warming and cooling with noticeable variances since it first appeared in the cosmos, and it will continue to do so regardless of how you are able to convince the public otherwise and create policies and laws based on this fallacy.

Modest global warming over time is expected and will be beneficial to our environment which should be celebrated. Fighting climate change is futile and trying to do so is a waste of energy and resources.

There is a problem, but it has less to do with the changing temperature of our planet and more with the rampant narcissism of a government and political system that thinks they could pass laws to change the nature of our planet. Allowed to continue, the system tries to manage the world’s energy which has the direct opposite of the intended result.

If their intention is to control enough of the energy production and distribution that it will make the world a better place, and this is what they have been trying to assert, how is that working for us?

Nation economies are failing, the middle class has evaporated, the standard of living is plummeting, while conflict between nations escalated over who will control the keys to the world’s energy, while the people fight amongst themselves and against each other. International unrest, military conflict, and suicide are at all-time highs.

This is not to say that burning fossil fuels do not affect the environment. It does compromise the air we breathe, filling our atmosphere with CO2 that does absorb infrared radiation (heat). This is a thing that does need to be addressed.

Henny Penguins shouts, “The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are melting!” as she runs through the town waving her flippers in the air. And, yes, the glaciers are melting which causes the ocean to rise a bit, but to say that this is mankind’s doing, is illogical egocentricity.

Misguided scientists assert, the fact remains, that CO2 in the atmosphere is escalating while ice caps are deescalating. True enough, but that doesn’t mean there is any connection between the two.

So many things far more significant than mankind affect changes in the earth’s temperature, such as our planet’s variations in orbit, its changing terrain (growing mountains, deepening underwater beds, volcanic eruptions, etc.), and changes in the sun’s provision.

What about alternatives to oil-based fuels?

Oil-based energy is actually quite an efficient conversion ratio, the best we have so far

Alternatives are extremely costly to convert to energy and are only viable as subsidized by government funding and are therefore inefficient

Energy conservation does make sense. This is something that man can do to cut back on waste and help boost the economy while reducing the overall price of energy.

Propaganda campaigns fueling the global warming “crisis” have created a financial windfall for “green” organizations legislatively empowered to penalize and enforce government policies concerning those who refuse to comply with short-sighted mandated policies. These organizations are profiting in the neighborhood of $100 Billion a year, and the overall systems that support them, are just as much or more.

On the other hand, a modest warming trend and growing CO2 levels are actually beneficial to reforestation and agriculture, as CO2 is important fuel for vegetation of all kinds. Our entire ecology requires this balance, including humans and all beasts great and small.

There is no energy crisis or global warming crisis. Concerned individuals would be better off focusing their energy and resources on fighting poverty, and disease, providing clean water, and increasing hygiene, and food provisions.

If you want to fight for something fight against global terrorism and nuclear warfare. Don’t let them distract you with misleading information about global warming.