Your Superhero Story Part 1

(Insert your first and last name) was born to parents (mother’s name) and (father’s name) on (insert date of birth) in (insert name of place of birth). No one in (insert name of place of birth).was any the wiser, for on that date and time in that place in space everything appeared to be normal in every way. Although (insert your first and last name) seemed normal, no one had any idea (he or she) would one day save the world.

(Insert first and last name)’s world went on in the usual way, until the day (insert day, time, place of tragic transitional life event). On that day (insert your first name)’s life would change, never be the same again. And then, when no one could have imagined it, (insert life dream or life experience when you are visited by someone [or something] that reveals your superpowers to you). And (insert your first name) knew it was true, and (he or she) knew that if anyone knew of (his or her) special abilities, (he or she) or anyone (insert first name) loved might be at risk, so (he or she) decided to keep (his or her) special abilities a secret… for now.

When (insert your first and last name here) met (insert name of romantic interest), (insert your first name) knew this would be the highest and best love (he or she) would ever know. Now, (insert first name of romantic interest) was far above average in Certain areas of life, such as (list attractive attributes, brief resume, and examples of abilities that set this person apart from the rest of men and/or women in the community); with a heart of gold.

One day following (insert one of you major accomplishments that you may, or may not, have received recognition for), (insert romantic name) knew something was up and took (insert your name) to (a private location) and challenged (You: him or her) about the source of (his or her) ability to perform an event such as this. (Insert your name) felt bad about keeping this secret from (romantic interest’s name) all this time, so (You: he or she) decided to tell (him or her) the story about how (he or she) received (his or her) super powers.

(Followed by a brief recap.)

(Name of romantic interest) rejects the idea at first, praying to god, that this was some kind of superhero delusion, because (he or she) does not want to be burdened with being intimately connected with a superhero who could be called into action on any given day or time without notice. (He or she) reaches out and takes (insert your name)’s hand, looks (him or her) in the eye and says, “I don’t want you to be a superhero. I want you to be my (wife or husband) and I want it just to me and you. To love and live, have a life like normal people.”

(Insert name) said, “Can I have some time to think about it?” (Insert romantic interest’s name), responds with, “Yes. But I must know one way or the other in the next 72 hours.” They embrace (fade to black).

Just then, (insert name of enemy) while bicycling through a cemetery is hit by lightning. This lightning was not like any other lightning you’ve ever seen. It was if the lightning hit (insert enemy’s name) bounced off and into the graves of all the other people buried there, then reflected back hitting (enter enemy’s name) a second time. (Insert enemy’s name) crashes (his or her) bike and lays atop the unmarked grave of a dead serial killer. Lifeless, as smoke rises from the body.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, (insert your name) and (insert romantic interest’s name) are walking down the boardwalk, hand-in-hand, having a romantic moment.

Meanwhile, (enemy’s name) rises from the smoldering lump as a huge, hulking creature, stands up and says, “I feel great!” Looking at (his or her) formidable form, saying, “I’m gonna need some stuff.”

While (insert your name) and (insert romantic interest’s name) are walking past a military surplus store, (insert enemy’s name) pushes them aside, and storms into the surplus store by smashing through the glass front door instead of opening it, like a normal person. (Name of romantic interest) an (insert your name) fall to the ground.

(Insert your name) looks at (insert romantic interest’s name) and doesn’t say a word. (Insert romantic interest’s name) looks at (insert your name), nods and says, “Well, do your thing.”

Inside the surplus store, (insert enemy’s name) has supplies and the cash register tucked under one arm with the store clerk held by the throat suspended in the air in the other. Seeing this, (insert your name) point a finger at (the enemy’s name) and says, “Put that man down and step away from the counter.”

(Insert enemy’s name) looks at (insert your name) point (his or her) finger at (insert your name)’s finger and a lightning bolt shoot out of (his or her) finger directly to (insert your name)’ pointed finger, and in a flash of light, (insert your name) falls to the ground unconscious. (Insert enemy’s name) laughs wickedly and takes off out the front door.

(Inset romantic interest’s name) takes (insert your name) in (his or her) arms and asks, “Are you alright?” To which (insert your name) replies, “Yeah, but my powers are gone.” (Insert romantic interest’s name) embraces (insert your name) in a loving embrace, and says, “I’m sorry.”

There, I’ve got your started…

You take it from there.

(Or I could help you some more if you ask nicely)

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