You Are the Reluctant Hero

You have noticed you are not quite like your contemporaries as you’ve moved through life. You have noticed that you have special abilities which have peeked through along your life’s path, you noticed, maybe someone else did, too, but you were quick to sluff it off as coincidence, or some other effort to disregard it, because after all is said and done, you just want to be normal; to fit in with your peers. You have no desire to be different.

Nonetheless, you are different. You do have unique special abilities which most people are never gifted with. Life has even placed you in situations and circumstances that would kill any normal person, yet your death-defying special abilities brought you through your challenge.

How much more powerful would your special abilities be if you would embrace them, practice them and let them evolve into their full potential instead of hiding and disregarding them?

How difficult is it for you to watch the news, seeing people in pain, suffering, or an impending crisis, knowing that you could help, if you weren’t trying to hide your true potential(s)?

You know you could make a difference, possibly even set the world on a new and better course, yet you shy away thinking, “I’m not worthy,” not good enough, not educated enough, not enough of whatever it is… Guess what?

There is no training for you or your special abilities, you and yours are so individually unique that only you can step into them, fully experience, and learn to wield your special powers.

God hasn’t brought you this far to leave you stranded or to squelch the super power(s) that He gave to you in the first place.

People have encouraged you, but you’ve shied away, rejecting the idea of attracting any unwanted attention, or to separate you from the comfort of your peers. You’ve found a comfortable place in life, surrounding yourself with what you need to get by in such a way that there is safety and security there.

Outside this bubble of complacent safety, is uncertain risks that bring flood of fear-based thoughts just to think about it is too much to imagine.

Turn off the TV, isolate yourself, shore up the walls you’ve built around yourself. Close your eyes, plug your ears, bury your head in the sand… Still you feel that beckoning tug… the Spirit of God calling you forth into the life that beckons you.

Most people will not embrace their special (hidden or long forgotten) special abilities, and it will never be more apparent to you than in your final moments when you evaluate the missed opportunities of your life and the endless list of regrets.

The greatest super heroes of all time are filling graveyards all over the world, and no one even knows. If that doesn’t make you weep when you walk through a graveyard, I don’t know what would.

Don’t let your light be squelched out, like that.

It’s never too late. If there is still breath in you, life pumping through your veins, there is still time.

Is it frightening? Does it feel like it’s just not possible? Are you afraid that you might fall on your face while your friends look on to laugh at your ridiculousness?

Your hero’s journey starts when you start overcoming your fears and start stepping into your destiny. Let that day be today.

It’s time to stoke the fire, let your light shine, and make the world a better place.

Your Superhero Story Part 1

(Insert your first and last name) was born to parents (mother’s name) and (father’s name) on (insert date of birth) in (insert name of place of birth). No one in (insert name of place of birth).was any the wiser, for on that date and time in that place in space everything appeared to be normal in every way. Although (insert your first and last name) seemed normal, no one had any idea (he or she) would one day save the world.

(Insert first and last name)’s world went on in the usual way, until the day (insert day, time, place of tragic transitional life event). On that day (insert your first name)’s life would change, never be the same again. And then, when no one could have imagined it, (insert life dream or life experience when you are visited by someone [or something] that reveals your superpowers to you). And (insert your first name) knew it was true, and (he or she) knew that if anyone knew of (his or her) special abilities, (he or she) or anyone (insert first name) loved might be at risk, so (he or she) decided to keep (his or her) special abilities a secret… for now.

When (insert your first and last name here) met (insert name of romantic interest), (insert your first name) knew this would be the highest and best love (he or she) would ever know. Now, (insert first name of romantic interest) was far above average in Certain areas of life, such as (list attractive attributes, brief resume, and examples of abilities that set this person apart from the rest of men and/or women in the community); with a heart of gold.

One day following (insert one of you major accomplishments that you may, or may not, have received recognition for), (insert romantic name) knew something was up and took (insert your name) to (a private location) and challenged (You: him or her) about the source of (his or her) ability to perform an event such as this. (Insert your name) felt bad about keeping this secret from (romantic interest’s name) all this time, so (You: he or she) decided to tell (him or her) the story about how (he or she) received (his or her) super powers.

(Followed by a brief recap.)

(Name of romantic interest) rejects the idea at first, praying to god, that this was some kind of superhero delusion, because (he or she) does not want to be burdened with being intimately connected with a superhero who could be called into action on any given day or time without notice. (He or she) reaches out and takes (insert your name)’s hand, looks (him or her) in the eye and says, “I don’t want you to be a superhero. I want you to be my (wife or husband) and I want it just to me and you. To love and live, have a life like normal people.”

(Insert name) said, “Can I have some time to think about it?” (Insert romantic interest’s name), responds with, “Yes. But I must know one way or the other in the next 72 hours.” They embrace (fade to black).

Just then, (insert name of enemy) while bicycling through a cemetery is hit by lightning. This lightning was not like any other lightning you’ve ever seen. It was if the lightning hit (insert enemy’s name) bounced off and into the graves of all the other people buried there, then reflected back hitting (enter enemy’s name) a second time. (Insert enemy’s name) crashes (his or her) bike and lays atop the unmarked grave of a dead serial killer. Lifeless, as smoke rises from the body.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, (insert your name) and (insert romantic interest’s name) are walking down the boardwalk, hand-in-hand, having a romantic moment.

Meanwhile, (enemy’s name) rises from the smoldering lump as a huge, hulking creature, stands up and says, “I feel great!” Looking at (his or her) formidable form, saying, “I’m gonna need some stuff.”

While (insert your name) and (insert romantic interest’s name) are walking past a military surplus store, (insert enemy’s name) pushes them aside, and storms into the surplus store by smashing through the glass front door instead of opening it, like a normal person. (Name of romantic interest) an (insert your name) fall to the ground.

(Insert your name) looks at (insert romantic interest’s name) and doesn’t say a word. (Insert romantic interest’s name) looks at (insert your name), nods and says, “Well, do your thing.”

Inside the surplus store, (insert enemy’s name) has supplies and the cash register tucked under one arm with the store clerk held by the throat suspended in the air in the other. Seeing this, (insert your name) point a finger at (the enemy’s name) and says, “Put that man down and step away from the counter.”

(Insert enemy’s name) looks at (insert your name) point (his or her) finger at (insert your name)’s finger and a lightning bolt shoot out of (his or her) finger directly to (insert your name)’ pointed finger, and in a flash of light, (insert your name) falls to the ground unconscious. (Insert enemy’s name) laughs wickedly and takes off out the front door.

(Inset romantic interest’s name) takes (insert your name) in (his or her) arms and asks, “Are you alright?” To which (insert your name) replies, “Yeah, but my powers are gone.” (Insert romantic interest’s name) embraces (insert your name) in a loving embrace, and says, “I’m sorry.”

There, I’ve got your started…

You take it from there.

(Or I could help you some more if you ask nicely)

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

You have a unique superpower, a gift or ability of value and importance to benefit the community or the world. It is an innate ability, gift or talent you were born with – so from your own perspective – it may not seem as though it is any ability at all, because it is simply part of the person you are and you accept it as a personality trait or flaw. That is, if you recognize it at all, due to suppression of your special powers early on, in your youth.

For those of us in the ministry of empowering people and helping them to recognize and embrace their unique abilities, it is not that dissimilar to the work of Xavier (Professor X) founder of the X-Men, as he seeks out mutants who possess unnatural abilities. For those who possess the abilities, in most cases they are perceived as a disability, they believe they are unworthy or are too timid and/or shy to be of any value to others. With Xavier’s coaching they discover what they had thought was a personal curse, was actually a super-power, if embraced and mastered. The comic book premise is not far from the truth.

Whether you thank Voltaire or Spider-man’s Uncle Ben for the phrase

with great power comes great responsibility spider man super powers abilities voltaire quote

With great power comes great responsibility

the fact remains that those who possess a particular superpower and wield it with power and authority, have an obligation to use their abilities for good and not evil. At the very least acknowledging and accepting the Hippocratic Oath’s tenet, “to do no harm,” is an honorable forbearance. Enough to give one pause before deploying your power in a way that may have a negative effect later or on someone else. Though, this cannot always be guaranteed that no one will ever be harmed, for that is a matter of perspective, but at least to be vigilantly respectful and cognoscente prior to executing your ability would be virtuous.

This caveat (and/or cause for pause) should preempt any use of power or force, from parenting to social interactions and from education to law enforcement, especially in acts of violence and war.

Sometimes, a well-pondered playing out of possible outcomes using your power of imagination, can help you come to a logical conclusion as to whether this is the right time, place and circumstance to use your special power in full force. You might conclude using only a small sample of your ability sufficient in the moment, or not using it may be your best contribution for the greater good.

The idea of considering what is in the best interest of the greater good is of paramount importance when exercising one’s innate powers and abilities. It’s as if you as the fully empowered superhero must act from a place of humility and possess a servant’s heart for maximum effectiveness and maintenance of potential damage control, always weighing the effects of your actions on others and the world at large.

It’s easy to understand why superheroes have the need to use an alter ego or alternative personality to blend in while navigating the world of everyday life, then don a costume when exercising their abilities in full force.

In fact, many of us tend to suit-up so-to-speak to exercise our superpowers in public, though many of us can conduct our contributions for the most part in private or secrecy.

Do you exercise your superpowers responsibly?

Is It Time for TEAM?

I work with people on the move, movers and shakers that are dominating markets and having a significant impact on society and the future… And they are NOT doing it alone.

I know lots of people with a dream. They are aware of the work that I do and know about the kinds of people that I work with. It’s not uncommon for one of them to come up to me with an idea and say something like, “Here’s this great idea. Give it to one of your clients – or do it yourself – and give me half the money.”

While I do work with people who have – and do – develop products; they are in the business of bringing their dreams to life, not the dreams of others. I am aware of licensing agents who are looking for product ideas, but getting in front of one (that is qualified and will actually do the work – not just be a money-sucking machine) takes work in preparation and some expenses related to getting an audience.

My work is conducted with individuals who take personal responsibility for their own projects and are fully entrenched in the operations (possibly not the day-to-day details) of the production, promotions and creating the results they desire.

Now, if you’re one of those people, you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make your dreams come true. We can talk. One of the first questions I am going to ask you is, “Who is your team?” and I am going to want you to tell me about them.

If you don’t have a team, you’re not ready, yet. If you have a team, you need a super-hero mastermind group. In some cases, your mastermind group could double as your team in the beginning. A part of what I do, is mastermind facilitation (assist others assemble, learn how to manage their mastermind group and maximize it’s efficacy).

What does your superhero mastermind group look like

What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is made up of several (four to six) individuals, usually with different backgrounds and industries (the more diverse the better) who are committed one-to-the-other to offer their resources and special abilities to the other members of the group to move their interests to a higher level.

Many authors and researchers have attempted to define the magic that happens in a mastermind group. Suffice it to say that an effective mastermind group combines the minds of all the members and the combination thereof creates an extra mind (or force, a master-mind) that pulls thoughts and ideas from the universe making them accessible to members of the group.

That is my brief, over-simplified woo-woo version that might seem somewhat outside the box for some. Regardless of how uncomfortable embracing the idea of creating your own mastermind group sounds, the fact remains: The most successful innovators and entrepreneurs in the world attribute much of their success to their mastermind group.

If you are considering embracing your innate superpowers and launching your own brand of world domination in a particular market, talk is cheap.

You can start taking steps to realize your dream, if you assemble a supportive team and/or mastermind group, meeting regularly, brainstorming, planning, while to build your faith in yourself and your vision.

But remember, “Faith without works is dead.”*

That is to say, no matter how much you believe in your project or idea, if you don’t take personal responsibility for taking action and doing the work to make your dream a reality, your chances for success are bleak at best.

* = swiped from James 2:14-26

Is it time to assemble your team?

Acts of Kindness Super Heroes

You are my favorite super heroes

I am so blessed and grateful to work with and know some of the greatest superheroes of all time. I’m not talking about cartoon representations of fanciful imaginings of nerds-hit-by-gamma-rays who turn into muscle-laden, secret crime-fighting men and women in tights. No, I’m talking about real people, like you and me, with extraordinary skills and abilities who make the world a better place as a part of their life’s work every day.

We all have special skills and abilities that if we honor and embrace them we can share these abilities with the community and/or the world. This is the givingness that we are endowed with at birth; it is where my work centers as I assist others along their journey.

But of even greater impact are those who make a point to do good n the behalf of unsuspecting others who touch my heart. They are the compassionate foot soldiers who express love in the simplest of ways.

I’m as guilty as anyone – in my high-paced, always on-the-go life – of feeling like I don’t have the time or space available to reach out and offer a simple act of kindness. Yet, while running-from-here-to-there, I often witness someone else – tending and equally frantic pace – take a moment to show someone else kindness.

In that moment I question myself, my priorities, the kind of person I’ve become. I mean, I’m polite, courteous, gentlemanly, supportive, and smile a lot, so in that respect at least I am not swinging the pendulum of kindness in the wrong direction, but the ones who take that little extra effort to reach out to another; those are my heroes.

And I see these super heroes every day; doing that little extra somethin-somethin’ that can turnaround someone’s day.

You are my favorite super heroes

Just in the last week, I witnessed superheroes egage in unsolicited acts of kindness, like buying a lottery ticket for a stranger, putting change in someone else’s parking meter, buying a coffee for the man behind him in line, pulling over to help a man replace a flat tire, tip someone else’s waitress (who was waiting on someone else that left disgruntled and refused to leave a tip due to poor service), just to name a few that come to mind.

And these acts are carried out by the unsung super heroes who go about their lives, never expecting anything in return.

While I spend my days hanging out with high-profile superheroes, I’m beginning to notice that I could do better.

That’s why my favorite super heroes are the ones who sacrifice, in some small way to make someone else’s day a little bit better.

I would be honored and blessed to join their ranks and I am committing to count myself amongst those superhuman lovers who bestow kindness when least expected.

If you are one of my favorite super heroes, or if you have been the recipient of a simple act of kindness, please leave a comment for inspiration for others who desire to help make the world a better place one act of kindness at a time.

You are the super heroes making the world a better place.

May you be blessed as you bless others.