There’s a Pill for That

Medications to Prevent Free Thinking

No matter what you believe in, there are medications that will counteract your inclination to engage in such thought processes. If you so desire, at any time, you can be medicated to prevent you from obsessive thinking or believing things that do not serve you, so that you can live a “normal” life.

There are pharmaceutical drugs in the form of pills, injections, psychiatric re-programming techniques, and medical-surgical procedures to keep you from suffering from the effects of being in love, or grieving the loss of a loved one, so that you can get on with the living of life as a (nearly) normal person.

And for those who desire such relief, thank God it is there. For the rest of you, free thinkers a conspiracy looms in the distance.

There’s a Pill for That

If you are thinking that this (or anything else) might be a conspiracy, there’s a pill for that.

If your child is a bit too creative, inattentive, or is not easily managed, there is a pill for that.

If you’re too zealous about your religious endeavors, there’s a pill for that.

If you are resistant to the idea of supporting modern pharmacology, there’s a pill for that.

If you believe in angels or aliens, there’s a pill for that (same pill).

If you believe the government is watching and monitoring you (and you care about it), there’s a pill for that.

If you think you should have rights beyond those which are offered by the current administration, there’s a pill for that.

If you believe in natural healing, homeopathy, energy healing, laying on of hands, etc… there’s a pill for you, too.

There’s a bigfoot pill, a “hearing the voice of God” pill, a deep spiritual connection (with anyone or anything) pill, and if you’d do anything to help someone else who is unable to help themselves, there’s a pill for that, too.

Our society is getting ready for controlling the masses. Yes, you may have the right to “free speech” (although, from what I’ve seen lately, I’m beginning to wonder about that… and I know, there’s a pill for that, too) but increasingly, it looks like the government and medical institutions backed by pharmaceuticals are gearing up for “normalizing” the general population.

I get it. Our numbers are growing and a majority of us are calling out for being supported by the system, which would be nearly impossible to manage if we all were independent thinkers.

Agreeing to accept some degree of normality, will mean you get help, medical, food, housing allowance, a government stipend. But, if you “color outside the lines” you may risk being diagnosed with

Individuality Psychosis

If you are labeled as having some form of individuality psychosis, where will you be then?

Cut off.

And if you persist in your refusal to comply, there may be legal consequences for refusing.

So, you must be “normal.” What is normal?

Ask any public servant what normal is. He or she will answer, go to school, get a job, pay for rent and utilities, go to enough school and learn to be obedient and you could get a State-job, so you can drive a nicer car and buy a pretty good house with a white picket fence and garage with an extra fridge for beer and/or a wine cellar. Oh, and don’t forget a huge cable package and blistering-speed Internet.

And when you’ve served your time, you can have a little retirement to hold you over while you grow old, deteriorate, and get ready to make room for someone else.

It’s all a part of the “normal” cycle of life.

This system makes perfect sense, and those who have devised it, profit wildly from it.

But free thought is likened unto criminality, familial dysfunction, potential violence, and abuse.

To think for one’s self, to imagine yourself evolving to a higher state of being, would be considered as the same type of problems that would be presented by persistent rule-breakers, substance abusers, the unemployed, homeless people, and those who regularly engage in domestic violence.

Individuality breeds chaos, where anything could happen. It’s a problem.

How in the world could we ever manage a populace of freethinkers?


So, they create elaborate social structures to keep people thinking that they are free within the invisible walls which we keep them safely restrained within, and we make them think that because they have freedom of choice, to choose between two options, they are free.

But the world, the universe, is not limited in choices or options. If you were able to think freely, were allowed to grow, evolve, and expand in conscious awareness, you would know that options are limitless, and possibilities are infinitely endless.

But that would be crazy!

There’s a pill for that.