Fading Fear

As you continue to grow, expand, and to evolve into the new you, you will find yourself less likely to engage in negative thinking patterns. Fading fear and doubt will lead you into a more positive attitude toward life and love.

Your conscious confidence is growing day by day, and you are seeing more and more that things are not as they appear. This awareness is making you wise to the methods used by social engineering to keep you distracted by fear and doubt and you are becoming increasingly stronger in your resolve to be true to yourself.

You are spending time looking within yourself to find all those things which make you react negatively to other people, situations, and news stories. You have a growing understanding and you are seeing how much about the way you feel about things (or felt about things) was because of those who are lost in the ways of the world.

There’s no judgment against them, your parents, your friends, teachers, mentors, celebrities, people you trust(ed) because you know now that they were just doing the best they could with what they had.

You’d love to tell them, they need not believe in the pervasive fear and doubt which encompasses the world we live in, but it doesn’t take you long to discover that they are unable to hear you. They are so immersed in the fear and doubt that anything else does not resonate with them. And that’s okay.

Maybe someday it will resonate with them, and if not, that’s okay, too. Everyone must find their own way to his or her authentic self. We all are on different journeys and we’re all doing the best we can with what we have.

You are now free to think more fully for yourself, less likely to be emotionally controlled by the invisible forces of negative thought and social programming as the fading fear and doubt continue to dissipate.

There will be times when fear and doubt will be triggered again, but you will notice the decrease in both frequency and severity because you are doing the deep work, and the more time you spend in resonating at higher vibrations, the less you will attract lower vibrational states of mind. And when they do show up, you are less likely to entertain them, as you allow them to flow by, with you being less affected, or possibly not affected at all.

This is tolerance. When you start to embrace the idea of full allowance. Letting everything to be what it is, without having to take it personally.

You are enveloped in a sense of calm and peace of mind which cannot be shaken, as you are able just to let it be and keep moving onward and upward, unaffected by the trappings of this world.

You are more apt to find yourself being in the now than responding to those emotional triggers of the past as you continue to evolve into the highest version of yourself, which is the future for all human beings. And as you become more and more aware of your evolution, you can, along with others who are also evolving, finally…

Say, “Goodbye,” to fear and doubt.

Shield of Fear

When you take a look at the things which are holding you back from all the best things in life, you are likely to discover they are things associated with your past. Your shadow-self clings to the negative things which you have endured in your past and uses them as a shield of fear to protect you from falling victim to a similar scenario again.

Your body and your mind think the shield of fear is an effective method of protecting you from suffering, and on the surface, it seems perfectly reasonable, and so it is. Then, there is your highest self, who intuitively knows what is best for you.

Your highest self sees what’s really going on. Clinging to all this negativity is actually blocking you from the strength that comes from freedom from all the things that might be holding you back and enjoying all the best things this life has to offer.

The things from your past which you use as a protective shield from potential harm also shield you from other possibilities which are presenting themselves for you to grow and expand.

Thankfully, God will keep presenting opportunities which trigger the connection to these early hidden wounds, as opportunities to dig down, find the elemental anchor, and deal with the issue, enabling you to be free from the previous incident (anchor) so you can grow, expand, and be open to all the new possibilities which are longing to be enjoyed by you.

When you feel a negative emotional upheaval, this may be your shadow-self hard at work trying to protect you from suffering pain, as you may have previously experienced some traumatic incident from your past. Once you identify the root cause of the emotional surge, you have the opportunity to address the issue just as if you were on fire, you can stop, drop and roll.

Just realizing the anchoring issue can give you some initial relief. If you are able to bring up the anchoring incident and find the learning, wisdom, and/or gift embedded in the incident (for there always is, if you can allow yourself to seek and find the hidden message) you can,

Stop, Drop and Roll

Stop allowing this incident from the past to block you from all the positive potentialities which are ready to reveal themselves to you.

Drop this issue (these issues), not allowing people, demons, wounds, or memories from the past which haunt and control you like a hot rock. You are no longer the victim of your past, so you can,

Roll out the red carpet and start living the life you’ve always wanted, and which has been waiting for you all this time. You are really on a roll, now, and into your most amazing future where your best life is waiting for you.

You are able to grow and expand unencumbered by the shadows of your past.

Is it a one-time, one-size-fits-all cure-all? No. It is an ongoing process because once you’ve uncovered your first anchor(s), you have now become aware of them, and they will present more opportunities for you to eliminate other elements of your shadow-self as they are brought to your attention.

This is challenging and exciting work to embark upon as you consider tackling the deep inner work which is the key to your enlightened expansion, allowing you to be truly free indeed from the shackles which band many of our brothers and sisters who share the human condition.

Celebrate your freedom from the shadows of your past, as you live a better life, your best life and make the world a better place.

Fear is the Doorway

When you feel the fear of something your first instinct is to find safety and security from that which you fear or turn and run in the opposite direction of it. This instinctual reaction has allowed the human race to survive amidst predators and calamity over time. For those who are on a path of personal growth and expansion, fear is the doorway to all the best things in life.

We fear so many things, mostly those things unknown to us, and our instincts try to keep us safe from what we fear. Your inner voice will try to talk you out of anything because it’s scared that something bad might happen as the result of something you have little or no experience with.

It is far worse if you have had experience with a particular thing, circumstance, or situation which did not work out well in the past. You will pretty much do just about anything to avoid finding yourself in that situation again, and there’s nothing wrong with that. For most people safety and security is the best policy.

For those who dare to accept the challenge, they have come to realize that fear is the doorway which leads to all the best things in life. Fear is a signal and a sign that something amazing is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

Experience will educate you of the benefits of pushing through the fear to see what’s on the other side, and you will come to know that which awaits you may not be what you originally thought was on the other side of fear.

You may have had an originally idea about what pushing through the fear may yield you, only to find something far greater than you could have imagined was waiting for you as your reward for facing your fear and overcoming the very thing that frightened you.

It takes courage to face your fears and much more to actually take the action(s) necessary to overcome the fear which has overtaken you. You will need to rustle up some personal strength just to look your fear in the eye, feel good enough about yourself to put yourself at risk, with the determination and commitment to see this episode through to see what happens once you have conquered your fear.

Sometimes God or your guardian angel will be so frustrated with your hesitance to face your fear and enjoy what is waiting for you on the other side of fear, that they will conspire to set up circumstances and situations which you will not be able to avoid. Thereby forcing you to face your fears, as if to drag you through this transformative process kicking and screaming, in a devil-may-care let go or be dragged method of metamorphosis.

Always, when you find yourself the victor of overcoming your fear, you are blessed with the benefits of having not only surviving the process, but thriving in a new, more empowered version of life and yourself.
As you overcome fear, you inspire others who are also restrained by fear’s shackles. Your inspiration can be the fuel which enables others to reach out and dare to face their fears, just as hearing about or seeing someone face their fears may have been an inspiration for you to consider overcoming your fear(s).

This is part of the new evolution of human potential in a world which is manipulated and controlled by fear. Every day more of us are awakening to the lies we’ve been presented with and those which we’ve let keep us down.

Overcoming fear moves you into a higher vibration of power affecting not only your life, but the lives around you, your community, the community at large, affecting the entire planet.

Facing your fears, those things which are frightening, and doing what it takes to push through to the other side is the currency of living a better life, your best life, and making the world a better place.