Who Do You Look Up To?

Thank God for the people who rise up and do the things that most of us would hardly dare. They inspire us and call up our inner strength and the wherewithal to do that thing, the thing that makes us more than we would otherwise allow us to consider as within the realm of possibility for ourselves. They are our heroes.

We’ve looked up to people who were more than we thought we could be since we could remember. Likely you looked up to your parents, first, then set your standards higher, inspired by a teacher, someone is a life-saving capacity, authority figure, or other inspirational icon.

Having someone to look up to can help us rise to the occasion as we use their image to inspire us to be more in a moment when we might hardly be able to muster the courage to keep going on.

Setting the bar high, Reformed Calvary Youth Leader, Janie Tinklenberg, coined the phrase, “What Would Jesus Do?” which evolved into a worldwide WWJD campaign, complete with multimillion-dollar merchandising support, which swept through popular culture in the nineties.

When faced with a morally challenging situation, one could ask one’s self, “What would Jesus do?” in a critical moment. You could substitute the icon with any inspirational icon, who might inspire you, asking, “What would Oprah do?” or, “What would Steve Jobs do?” Having someone you look up to who inspires you can help to empower you in those darkest of moments.

We look up to role models who are exceptional individuals active in sports, are actors, visual or performance artists. Others are inspired by public leaders, inventors, scientists, physicians, or those who have given their lives in service to others.

Then there are the artists, composers, musicians, singers, and pop icons, whom we are the fans of, and our inspiration could become excessive or intense, bordering on the edge of extreme idolization.

For the most part, we look up to people who are the kind of people we aspire to become. These people have qualities we admire, such as, compassion, empathy, generosity, humility, tolerance, responsibility, and trustworthiness.

Then there are those who long to acquire the traits of the most powerful personalities who dominate anything and everything in their path, these are the ego-driven psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists, who see positive human qualities as weakness.

There is no wrong way, and no right way, to be inspired by anyone, and it’s completely up to you, to decide who inspires you. Some may even choose to reject being inspired by anyone at all.

In any case, as in all relationships, its important to keep your wits about you, even in your admiration of others whom you find as inspirational, remembering that they are people too (with the exception of deities, I suppose).

While you may be able to use your heroes or idols as a source of courage in those challenging situations and circumstances, don’t be discouraged when you discover that they are not much unlike you. And therein is the secret of becoming more than you otherwise might think possible.

This gives us hope. Courage to go on, to be more, to give more, live a better life, and even make the world a better place.

New Thought Ideas and Inventions

I work with people on the leading edge of new thought and technology. These individuals are thought of as highly creative out-of-the-box thinkers who come up with the best innovative ideas and solutions, are highly regarded in their fields of expertise and are often referred to as genius.

In my work with these people, I have the opportunity to have access to information that others do not have access to. While they are credited with considerable thought prowess, to hear them, tell about their process, they intimate their ideas and solutions come from outside themselves.

new thought ideas and inventions origin genius information download

It’s as if their creative inspiration comes from above. While they all describe the whole affair in different ways, two of the most common specific references about the origin of these unique solutions include:

From God
Direct Download

I’m just reporting the facts, based on the statistical data of my clientele sample. Other statistics may vary, but it is definitely worth looking at.

While they may take personal credit in the boardroom or patent office, for the most part, behind the scenes they credit a source from beyond, like the inspiration or idea came from some other source.

Sometimes the information “download” comes through clearly, while other times it is somewhat vague and needs time to process with one’s conscious mind in order to translate and understand it in order to adequately convey the concept to others.

Most of these creative geniuses credit being “open” to receive data from an exterior source.

Can anyone create opportunities for ingenuity?

Yes, there are a few ways to bolster your creative process. I will introduce you to two options, one solitary, and one group process.

Solitary Idea Download

Many ideas do appear as epiphanies to individuals in private. The key, here, appears to be accessing the unconscious mind. Some ways to access this cache of untapped resources include meditation, purposefully engaging in an unrelated activity (many ideas occur to individuals mid work-out in the gym, or jogging), or while sleeping.

The most important component in receiving a private download is being prepared to document it as quickly as possible. Stop what you’re doing (wake up, if you’re sleeping) and write down the idea because more often than not, the idea comes in a flash and dissipates rapidly. Most of the human idea receptors have stories of illicit ideas lost forever for lack of immediate documentation.

Group Idea Download

This is by far my favorite, a long time fan of the Mastermind, activating a team of like-minded individuals together to effectively brainstorm and problem-solve. Some of the most significant improvements and innovations in the world have been birthed in the Mastermind.

You will find modern corporate infrastructures including up to 20% of on-the-clock hours for group meetings sharing, problem-solving and innovation.

According to Napoleon Hill, “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third invisible mind.”

The resulting additional mind represents that exterior source of creative genius.

Does it work?
Yes, it works every time.

Isn’t it time you started exercising your creative genius?

What will you do with your Great Idea?