Edify Others

If you really want the good things in life to come to you then make it a priority to edify others. In this life you get what you give, if you are building others up you will be raised up and find yourself in harmony with being receptive to all the good things in life.

If you are disrespectful and put others down, you can still have some good stuff, but you will work hard to get it and it will be less satisfying once you do get some of the good stuff.

Not tearing others down and simply edifying or lifting them up, being supportive and lighthearted is a much better approach and pays you back for your sincere effort in increased joy, satisfaction, greater manifestation ability, and sense of contribution.

Plus, isn’t that what you want?

Don’t you want to be respected and honored for all you think, say, or do?

If you think about it, it takes a great deal of effort just to make it through a normal day. Think of all the things you do, all the decisions you make every day (you make about 35,000 of them each and every day), even on days when you’re not working. It’s exhausting just to think about it.

And what do you get for it?

Nothing. Little or nothing. Maybe earn a few dollars for your efforts on workdays, but let’s face it, you’re worth far more than the few bucks you get from working for the right to live. Right?

Would it be so hard for someone to stop, even if just for a few seconds, and notice your efforts, the sacrifices you make every day, day in, day out. And if it weren’t too much to ask, wouldn’t it be nice if someone complimented you for something? Anything?

Imagine you’re being that person. The person who does take the few seconds required to notice something about someone else and compliments them. You don’t have to fawn over them, and it can be something as little as, “Oh, I love your shoes,” that makes someone’s day just a little bit better.

You’d be surprised at how little it takes to change someone’s day, or make life a little more worth living (unless you think about how much you appreciate being appreciated, even if in the smallest of ways).

The universe repays you for your efforts energetically by raising your vibration, and before too long, you find yourself in the higher frequency of open receptivity for an easier life. Suddenly things are requiring less effort, and the good things in life start finding their way to you, instead of you’re having to work so hard for the good stuff.

All because you were willing to make a small contribution to the world around you.

The more you edify others, the more you receive. But don’t think you’ll be getting edification in kind.

There are those whose gift and ministry it is to edify others. They sometimes give up and break down because they’re surrounded by an ungrateful, selfish society. With all their efforts to take the time to notice others and build them up, no one recognizes the edifier for their contribution, and this can leave them feeling unappreciated. This can make them feel less inclined to do the work, falling into the same trap as the rest of society, as their vibrational frequency sinks.

It’s good to keep your intentions in check. If your intention in edifying others is simply to receive, this will work, but by lifting others up simply out of honest love and respect, increases your energetic return even more. You are rewarded for all you do with the best intentions and a pure heart. Maybe not the way you expected, but energetically, which is far more powerful in the long-run.

So, edify others, raise your vibration, and make the world a better place.

I get excited just thinking about you doing this.

May you be blessed in all that you do.


Encouraging Others

You can have a huge impact on someone’s life just by adopting the ministry of encouraging others. I try to encourage others by edifying them, lifting them up, and trying to help them see the world of possibilities which we are all surrounded by every day but rarely see.

People are so focused on the “just getting by” or making it through to another day that they miss the incredible opportunities to embrace the idea that life can be so much more than just the same ol’ same ol’ day-to-day drudgery.

You are a child of God and as such, you are entitled to all the good things this life has to offer. You know this to be true because regardless of life circumstances, social programming, some inner personal wounds, and maybe not feeling worthy, or due to a lack of self-esteem, you want something more out of life.

You have the desire to live a better life because deep inside you know you were destined to live a better life, you best life and maybe even be so enthusiastically living such an incredible life that you might like to serve the greater good and make the world a better place.

Maybe all you need is a little encouragement, and as you’re feeling better about living this life, you can feel that tug on your heart to reach out to encourage others who are feeling awkward about embracing all this life has to offer them.

Most people find it hard to believe that they can, in a sense, “have it all.” Even though, if encouraged to step back and take a wider view of the world, they can see so much more than they could previously. The slightest change of perspective could make all the difference.

Many people have had such a difficult time with their life’s journey they are unable to see their own amazing qualities, skills, and gifts, which make them so incredibly valuable, even priceless, to the greater community around them.

When you become aware of someone’s unique abilities, please take the time to compliment them on their specialness. It may be the only encouragement or recognition they get. Why? Because the world we live in today has left us all so frantically trying to manage our waking hours in such a flurry of activity that we (feel like we) don’t have the time to spend our limited time (or attention) on someone who would have little or nothing to offer us in return.

Certainly, we do have to focus on our own stuff as we’re growing, changing, and evolving into the better version of ourselves, but our growth must include the encouragement of others around us, otherwise, we would be just selfish narcissists.

Would it be too much to ask if you witnessed someone exercising their ability to do or say something that sets them aside from the rest of the pack to encourage them with a compliment? Even if all you say is something rudimentary, like, “Hey, that thing you just did was so cool.”

I meet a lot of people at various stages along their walk of life who report they contemplated, then decided to make massive, more positive changes, in their life due to the slightest encouragement of someone they barely knew. That life-changing person could be you.

Encourage others without being critical. Try not to follow a compliment with a “but.” You can gently encourage others to do better without discounting your original compliment.

There’s no need to point out someone’s shortcomings (most people beat themselves up enough already).

Celebrate someone when you see them doing something good or expressing their individual gifts.

Do encourage others to stretch themselves to reach higher by complimenting them helping them to recognize their strengths, abilities and consider the unlimited potential they have while supporting them to do even better.

Step back, and watch them grow.