Beware Individuality Psychosis

In my work I gravitate toward highly individualized, upwardly mobile, creators, inventors and businesspeople; kings and queens of unique perspective and thought, movers and shakers. They are less likely to ever be considered part of the status quo. Serving and supporting these people is part of my life’s work.

I believe I am attracting this kind of clientele due to my being a free thinker, spending the majority of my thinking time outside the box. While most of my clients need a support team of traditional rational thinkers, masterminding with more creative individuals has an exponential advantage.

Amidst the creative expression of new thoughts and ideas, there is a subversive movement spreading across America that would not condone such outrageous thought.

It begins (as it always does) with the children. The DSM-IV is the bible of the mental health industry. Thanks to current scientific research and sociological control methodologies, we have been able to diagnose three-times as many mental illnesses than only 50 years ago.

Crediting these current advancements, we can quickly-and-easily diagnose-and-medicate even the most difficult of children into submission and compliance. These advances in the mental health sciences are now spreading into maintaining compliance amongst prison populations and in the management of seniors en masse.

And you, yes YOU, may be next.

Beware Individuality Psychosis DSM IV mental illness disease question authority

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, if you are non-compliant with the current wave of thought promoted by media and high-ranking officials, you may be at risk of suffering from Individuality Psychosis and in need of intervention.

Be aware, if you display anti-social behaviors, like above-average creativity, skepticism, non-compliance and questioning authority, you may be at risk for being diagnosed with a mental illness. While mandatory intervention is not a commonly accepted process at the moment, it appears to be on the horizon, not far off.

It is creeping into boardrooms and political arenas across the United States as it is even becoming fashionable to be diagnosed with high-functioning mental illnesses and placed on designer prescription medication regimens. It is becoming an accepted – if not revered – part of rising up the corporate ladder.

… While the creative spark and inspiration that built this great country is dumbed-down, if not snuffed out.

The population of planet earth has doubled since I began my work of helping others achieve their highest and best, and I understand it must be a terrible burden on those who are trying to maintain some type of order amongst a rapidly growing population.

But do we really need to be drugged and managed like prisoners – or cattle?

I get it; schools are institutions that manage large groups of individuals, and it is easier to manage a compliant whole, rather than have to deal with a large group of individuals; not unlike prisons, mental hospitals and old folks’ homes.

But to try to wrap my head around the idea that someone is trying to herd my children as if they were wards of the state in a mental hospital, makes my skin crawl. And while it starts with the children, addressing the parents is the next step, with the idea that the disease is likely hereditary.

Is non-compliance really mental illness?

Don’t we live in a country founded by freedom-seeking rebels? What comes next, the thought police?

And, who decides what behaviors are acceptable?

What do you think?