Join the Witness Protection Program

We all have a vague awareness of the Federal Witness Protection Program (WPP) or Witness Security Program (WITSEC) which has provided safe harbor federal witnesses in exchange for the full disclosure of their open unbridled testimonials.

Participants in the Witness Protection Program are given new names, birth dates and identities. Often they maintain their original first names, or names that retain their original initials. They are lightly coached and assisted in creating an effective back story and some false credentials to back up their story and sent to (edited) an undisclosed location in the United States to assume their new life.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that action, right?

I mean, imagine… What if you could get a free pass to participate in Master’s WPP camp?

You asked for it, so hold onto your hat. Here we go… Imagine…

Your boss is being investigated by the Feds for some unscrupulous activity. You are approached by a handler who informs you that you have the option of participating in the WPP, creating a new identity, and starting a new life in a new location. You must not let on that you are participating in the program and must keep playing the part, and going on about conducting your normal life without a word to anyone.

In the Master’s WPP, you get to pick your back story, profession and credentials. You will receive a limited amount of coaching/encouragement and you will be transported via a black Escalade with blackened windows to your new location with a stipend to pay for six months’ expenses. In this six months, you are expected to network, find gainful employment or start your own business (which you must self-fund) and assume your new identity in your new community.

Get a writing instrument and a piece of paper, open up a document or notepad and get ready to start writing or typing…

What will your new identity be?

(You are not limited by your answers to these questions. This is your shopping list for your handlers to take care of the details for you… And it all must not be able to be linked to your current identity and be completely fictitious, so make ‘em good.)

What’s your new name?

How old are you?

What’s your back story?

Include details, like: Where were you born/raised? What was your family life like? What were your parents like? What kind of schools did you go to growing up? What were your youthful accomplishments?

What is your area of expertise?

What would you like your credentials to look like?

What graduate schools or college(s) did you attend and what did you study?

What does your work history look like until today?

What was the status of your immediate household until today, and what will it look like from this day henceforth?

What will your transition stories look like?

For your old life exit: What is your story to support your sudden departure? For your new life entry: What is taking place in your life at this moment that makes you want to move to this new location? These are two completely different stories.

What kind of job are you looking for or business you would like to start?

Be as imaginative and descriptive as you can.

Don’t worry about the details. Your handler will take care of massaging and refining the story to help you achieve the best possible outcome in launching your new life.

Five, four, three, two, one… Go!

Now, are you ready to say, “Goodbye,” to your old life and, “Hello,” to the new you?

I am so blessed. This is the kind of work that I do with my clients every day (okay, not every day, but often). No, I don’t have a witness protection program, and I don’t encourage people to make fraudulent credentials. But, I most certainly go through this exercise, then help people step into their new identities and start their new lives. And this work has been very satisfying for me.

You can do this today. You don’t need my help, or anybody’s for that matter.

If you participated in this exercise, the resulting answers indicate who you really are. Potentially, this is the real you that lies dormant within you, subdued and imprisoned by your history (which I promise is based on lies, but you might not be able to see that right now, and that’s okay) and yearning to be released.

Will you do it?
We’ll see.