Cosmic Speakeasy

On the other side, where you go after you die, there is much more going on than you know. It’s not only the place you go after you’ve lived your life, but there also exists the place you are before you are born. In-between lives you may find your way to your own cosmic speakeasy.

The vastness of dimensions, existences, and experiences which await you on the other side of life is nearly incomprehensible from this side of life. Many people have had glimpses into what can be experienced on the other life by near-death experiences (NDE) or via other methods.

The documentation of these experiences which have resulted from these glimpses vary widely and are highly disregarded by the mainstream of society as fanciful folly.

If you’ve known someone intimately (possibly even residing within your own skin) who has had one of these glimpses, it is likely that their/your experience, while it seemed very real at the time, was held back and hidden from other so as not to be the subject of attack or ridicule.

There is a great deal of concern about what takes place on the other side and many people and/or groups of people who subscribe to a particular experience, claim that it is the only possibility, believe in it profusely, and are willing to defend it with their very lives. These people are offended by the thought that another possibility might exist.

You might think that I believe in reincarnation. While I honor the idea of reincarnation and feel it is a valid part of what happens, I think the idea is an oversimplification and its concept is too narrow to embrace the vastness of possibilities which are also very real.

Let it be known, almost all possibilities exist, and if someone has thought of it or has had a glimpse of it, there is a good chance that this is a real part of what exists on the other side of life. While we honor all peoples and their beliefs, to think there is only one eventuality following or in-between life is silly.

There is a good chance at some point you may find yourself in your very own cosmic speakeasy on the other side.

Cosmic Speakeasy

Some of us on the other side find these little hideaways where we gather with other souls whom we travel through lives in tandem.

Following a life journey (which seems like it takes only a few days from the other side) some of us gather at our little cosmic speakeasy with our friends to talk and share our experiences of the last life, compare it to other lives, plot and prepare for the next journey.

These groups of intimate souls on the other side could be a group of any number of souls, say from 10 to 100, more or less.

In-between lives, these groups of souls plot and conspire about the experiences they would like to have on their next lives’ journey. You may have played the victim is your last life and might like to play the victor in the next, or you might agree to play the villain in someone else’s life story.

The conspiring to live the next life in the cosmic speakeasy is not unlike a grand writers room, where souls who are deeply connected to each other gather to in effect write scripts and assign parts to play in the next life’s screenplay.

When you are launched into your next life’s episode, most (if not all) of your memory is wiped of any prior lives or any time spent in-between lives.

Even so, if you are part of the evolving human being who is becoming more aware than your pre-evolutionary contemporaries, you may begin to recognize your soul mates from your cosmic speakeasy on the other side.

When initially running onto a cosmic speakeasy soul mate, you might ask, “Have we met somewhere before?” and indeed you may have.

Not everyone is a part of a cosmic speakeasy as there are a great many things going on, on the other side of life, but many of us are.

And who knows? Maybe you are a member of my soul group which gathers at our cosmic speakeasy.

If so, I will see you there.