I’ve Got a Special Purpose!

Who can forget Steve Martin’s enthusiastic proclamation of his, special purpose?

This scene is a comical introduction to one of the most meaningful components of one’s life.

Steve Martin Special Purpose Bernadette Peters The JerkIt’s as if to ask, “What is the point of my life if it has no meaningif I never

  • accomplished anything
  • left the world in a little better condition that when I arrived
  • shouted my individual message from the mountaintops
  • exercised by ability to carry out my special purpose?”

It’s not enough to get up every morning, get dressed, check the email, get into the car, drive to work, slave away at your job, to come home, give the money to others (maybe keep a little for yourself), watch a little TV or play some games, just to go to bed and start the cycle again the next day, and the day after that…

In some cases when I meet a new client, he or she may not know what their mission in life is; most of the time by the time I meet up with someone, they are already keenly aware of what their special purpose is and are already seeking out opportunities to get their message out, to make their mark, to leave something of importance behind when they leave this life as we know it.

One of the most impressive metamorphoses I ever have the privilege to witness is when someone suddenly discovers that there is something more to this life! There is little that thrills me more. (No, not because they’ve become a potential client, LOL)

Most of my life I’ve been blessed to be in the presence of individuals experiencing epiphany massively life-changing moments in their lives.

It’s one thing to attract individuals well on their way, it is entirely another when someone, who was previously unaware their life could have any meaning or purpose suddenly comes to life with an unparalleled enthusiasm to set the world ablaze with their special purpose.

How Can We Have a Sense of No Purpose?

If each of us comes to this planet with a unique set of skills, personal message and/or special purpose to share with the world, how can we possibly not know that we have such a destiny and it is waiting to be awakened from within?

There are so many speculative hypotheses concerning the “why” of our ability to sink into a complacent vibration of simply surviving and becoming content with just being a cog in the machine. They cover a massive variety of possibilities, everything from, “the devil made me do it” (or not) and conspiracies suggesting tampering with the water supply and chemtrails.

I have concluded that we are more the result of a well conceived and executed social structure that makes us feel a certain level of comfort and security by accepting our lot in life as being of little significance. Although some opportunities are available for those who seek a little more significance by investing in education or to be lucky enough to be born into a prominent and successful family.

Even so, there is a massive awakening taking place and every minute of every day someone else wakes from the silent slumber to discover the idea that there is something more…

There is something more

And that something is


Exercising your special purpose.