You Are Qualified to Teach

You are qualified to teach even if you think you’re not. This should be exciting news for you. Regardless of what others have told you, if they haven’t resonated with what I am about to tell you, consider not listening to others who might not have your best interests at heart.

You might be surprised to discover that you may be more qualified than a college graduate to teach.

That’s right. Today you are going to discover why you are so qualified and learn what sets you apart from other classically-trained instructors, and come to realize that this, your accepting your call to train and help others, may be a part of your life’s journey, and could be not only a part, but possibly the main reason, for you’re being here. Helping and teaching others may be your purpose in this life.

See, everyone that comes to this planet comes with a unique Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission in life. When you embrace the idea that you have come here with sacred purpose, you can approach life differently, take a more active roll in your life, having huge impact in the way your life unfolds for you, and live a better life, your best life, and make the word a better place.

If you search within yourself, you have an inner knowing that there are some things that when you do them, that they come easily to you, and they may not come easily to others. You will also find that people are attracted to you to ask your advice on certain things. These are not just clues.

They are your higher self, that part of you that knows you have a mission, attracting your sacred work to you, which is your calling. Regardless of what life you’ve lived, or didn’t get to live, and in spite of the drama and trauma you’ve endured, your calling still remains, and this part of you is yearning for release.

Then there’s those things that turn you on and light you up brighter than the sun. These are the things that you are supremely passionate about.

Some activities that you engage in are actually fun. In fact, time just seems not to exist when you are doing things that resonate with you, as well as those things that you are passionate about. You achieve the greatest degrees of personal satisfaction in the doing of these things.

All of this indicates that you have huge potential, that is, if you can line yourself up with your calling.

That’s what we’re doing here, today.

Not only will you achieve a greater sense of doing the right or thing feeling satisfied that you are being true to yourself, even if you’ve second-guessed yourself – as so many of us do – but you can enjoy financial rewards by following the call and achieving your highest and best.

Today, we’re putting the naysayers on notice, including those voices inside you that are keeping you from rising to achieve your highest and best.

There are those who secretly do not want to see you succeed. And they will whine, complain, and try to tell you that you are not worthy, do not have what it takes, you’re underserving, don’t have an expensive education, or a family name that commands respect everywhere you go. So, you’re not good enough.

And what you’re hearing when people try to block your special gifts and abilities, is not even about you. It’s about the social programming which they and their parents have been exposed to since birth. You can’t blame them for that, because the rich and successful people don’t want you encroaching on their quality of life.

They see you as servants, put here on this Earth to do their bidding, and most of us fall for it, every time. But, you, you are awakening, and even if only for a moment, you will start to see that things are not always as they appear.

Inside you is a teacher who longs to reach out and help others, and who better to help them than someone, like you, who’s actually been there? You did not get your education out of a book. No, you know what works and what doesn’t work the hard way.

Think about it. Who would you rather learn from? Someone who is leading you through course material to get a pay check? Or someone who knows the material better than anyone from the inside out?

I know what you mean. I took a college business class from a math teacher. That was brutal. Not that the math teacher wasn’t qualified. He had impressive degrees and tenure, but he had no real experience in the field of business. From that point on, I knew it made a difference, so I sought only to take classes from teachers who were the most qualified. And the most qualified does not always mean the most educated.

If so, your life will not make sense until you embrace your teaching mission.