Only Visiting This Planet

Ever feel like you don’t belong here? Like you’re from another planet?

Do you occasionally look around at all the people around you – and all their stuff – and ask, “Who are these people?”

When you see a falling star do you make a wish or wonder

When you see a falling star

Do you make a wish?

Or wonder

“Are they coming to take me home?”

I am not here to contradict anything you might believe about yourself of your origin. Whatever you believe is absolutely true, though, just for fun, you might like to consider:

You are not from here and you are not from another planet.

You are from another place far above the cosmos, where you can see all the universes at the same time and from this perspective, the multiverse looks like a huge display at the museum of science, where you can walk around and see everything in real time.

It’s a challenge to fathom from this vantage point because here we live in linear time, where outside all that we know (and have yet to discover) time does not exist, as we know it.

This is where you are from.

One of the attractions at the museum of science includes selecting a life to live on any of the inhabited planets. It is a full immersion experience where you will feel all of the feelings and you may not opt out of the ride once you start it. It will feel like you’ve lived an entire lifetime, and on your planet of choice, you will have lived an entire life but in the museum of science, the ride only takes approximately five minutes.

Using my imagination, I pretend this is where I am from:

While I am living this life, here, on planet earth, I feel at peace with the idea that the greater part of me is off-camera, so to speak, back at my point of origin, lying in a recliner, possibly with a headset hooked up to some large equipment (though I realize this kind of technology is likely not necessary, it just makes it easier to wrap my head around it by visualizing it this way from this vantage point).

With this pretext in mind, sometimes, when I am going through the most intense, dangerous or ironic plot points in my life, I will break character, look into the unseen camera, assuming that the greater part of me is watching from afar, and I’ll say something, like, “Who writes this stuff?”

Okay, back to real life; that was just a fun little diversion.

The truth is, if

All Things Are Possible

Either they are, or they are not; it’s up to you to decide whether they are or they are not.

If all things are possible, then all of us/each of us can come from, and go to, anywhere.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re not from here, you’re probably right.

Elon Musk says we’re all characters in one big video game.

Where are you from? Only you can decide what you can live with. Maybe you’re just from dust to dust and that’s all there is to it. Certainly there are those here on this planet who do have that origin and finite life, you could be one of those.

Or you could be one of the many other possibilities.

Think about that for a minute, or not.

Believing in Things Unseen

Ever wonder if there’s some force that animates all the life around us?

Ever wonder if you have any effect on the source, or if it’s all just predetermined fate?

Have you ever asked the questions (either aloud or silently to yourself):

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Why am I here?

If you have, you are not alone. There are many of us asking those questions and thanks to emerging science we are starting to get answers, though you may not be able to access the scientific facts as they come to light.

Why? – Because there are those who would like you not to know this information. There are people who are charged with managing us, the masses of the earth’s peoples that continue to grow and expand. They cannot have us knowing that there is the possibility that we are more… three-dimensional beings living simultaneously alongside other dimensions teaming with vibrant life.

It is not my lot in life to convince anyone of anything, though regularly while conducting my work with clients it is part of my function to challenge a client’s belief system; not to persuade the client in one way or the other, only to get him or her to consider there might be other possibilities that may not have been considered previously. This awakens one’s sense of wonder.

Wonder is the bane of the controllers’ quest for power.

We, as a people, are much easier to manage if we are taught by wrote, example and trained to believe, act and react in certain ways; and this training starts at birth as we are trained by parents who have been trained and shuffled into learning institutions who have been heavily programmed to deprogram your sense of wonder.

What if we were surrounded by power that was so great that it could only be imagined but even our imaginations have fallen under the power of the controllers. The mere though – let alone mention – of the idea of supernatural power elicits the pre-programmed response, “If I can’t see it, it is not true.”

Then, if someone insists that a certain unfathomable idea might have some merit, the pre-programmed response escalates into questioning one’s mental acuity and/or sanity. Certainly such a person would run the risk of being crazy, labeled a kook or insane.

If they can only keep us thinking that a thing must be seen to be believed; they retain control.

I have always wondered if there was something more… Even in my youth (I know; the pre-programmed response would try to blame my early exposure to marijuana fog or hippie communes leading to brain damage, so as to discredit any experience or factual data that I might try to deliver, nonetheless) I knew there was something so incredibly bigger than we had been told was going on.

My early foray into the ministry was my first attempt to find out more. I was full of wonder, starving for the truth and open… so very open. So open, in fact, that the ancient texts that I had access to were not enough to quench my thirst.

Why? – Because no matter how advanced or open-minded the reign of thought within any particular model, each expounded thought was placed neatly within a box – the box was secured and protected. Yes, this new revelation is the highest form and it stops here. This is our definitive truth.

Immediately, my feathers begin to ruffle, “Are you kidding me?” Surely this is a joke. Didn’t you just explain to me all the series of revelations that have been revealed to man via God or science, and how it superseded all thought up until that point of revelation?

Is it just me? – Or is the fact that you just said, “This is it!” sounding a little like the unenlightened folks that you ridicule for embracing their beliefs in the same manner?

Could there be more?

Maybe I am not normal (dear God, please don’t let them ever make me the N-word) but I have the wonder of a hundred men.

Do I believe in things unseen?


There is more unseen than seen The unseen is waiting for youAlong my life’s journey I have witnessed things – and connected with people who have witnessed things – that could never be rationalized… Or is that true?

Far be it from me to say that a thing is this, or that, or limited in any way; leaving the door open… for even more…

Could it be that it’s not just me and a chosen few?

Could it be that there is a growing awakening among all the people who are readying themselves for the nest step of human evolution?

And does even the thought of such a possibility make anyone, who thinks it is their duty to prevent this evolution and to control us, shake in their boots?

Consider this:

There is more unseen than seen; so much more that you can’t even conceive of it.

The unseen is waiting for you.