Where Am I? Lost?

You’ve stepped out of the fog of socially acceptable “normalcy” to forge your own individual path creating leading to a higher vibratory life’s journey. It’s exhilarating, as you continue to grow, change and see things from new, fresh perspectives.

You’re having such an enjoyable time of it, then you stop to survey your surroundings, finding yourself in unfamiliar territory, your first reaction is to panic as you realize that you don’t know where you are and you haven’t even left a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back to safety.

Other fear-based emotions start to set in, you feel your vibration descending and you’re wondering if this whole journey is all it’s cracked up to be?

Where am I? Lost?

Although you might not be able to see it on the surface, but this place, while it might appear to be desolate, scary, maybe a little dangerous, is the most amazing place that you can find yourself in, because you are in a state-changing transition position.

Of course, when you find yourself in these unfamiliar surroundings, you can retreat in fear of what lies ahead (which there’s no harm in that) or you can do what you can to gain your composure, center yourself as best you can, and with as much a calculable sense of direction as possible, keep making your way forward, in anticipatory expectations of something so amazing coming your way.

It is reasonable to expect to leave some of your old self behind, this triggers your sense of danger because a part of you will be dying as you move beyond this inconvenient and uncomfortable place.

This part of you does not want to be left behind, and there’s a part of you that is frightened about leaving it behind due to its having been a part of you for so long. It’s hard to imagine going on without it. That’s why so many people, take it by the hand and retreat to find a way to sustain it, and that’s okay, if you’ve determined it’s not your time to move on.

No one can tell you when it’s time for your transition, only you can know when you’re ready to take the leap.

There’s a part of you that knows you’re not alone in all this, and certainly this is very true, God, the creator of the universe, and everything terrestrial, extra-terrestrial and beyond is there with all the power, support, and has placed all the tools, skills and special abilities to make it through this trying time.

When I find myself in these dark places, I immediately start to look for something more amazing on the horizon and I start making arrangements and calculations to navigate toward it, not matter how my feelings might be telling me just the opposite. This is counter-intuitive and not come easily for me. I have only learned this due to my own experiences of being in my deepest darkest unfathomable depths in my life; and every time, “every time,” something so amazing was waiting for me on the other side of transformation. And, when I felt God was not there, may have never been there, ever, He and all his angels were surrounding me all along; just hard to imagine when you’re in that dark place.

Knowing this doesn’t make the pain or suffering of the transition process any less so, but if you’re like me, there is an enthusiastic expectation that things will get better. Not only better, but so exponentially better, it’s hard not to be excited about the possibilities, even when you’re in the depths of despair.

This moment, though it feels like it could last forever, is temporary, even though it could last for several days to a few years for the transformation to take place.

Don’t give up.

I know it’s hard to wrap your head around the idea of there being any quality of life waiting for you beyond this experience, but it’s always true that,

All things work together for good

Nothing could be more true, even when it seems like the most unlikely possibility.

These is not an empty quote, affirmation, or phrase used to just get you through this rough spot.

What can I do?

You can offer up as little resistance as possible and allow that part of you to come up, so that you can deal with it and allow it to die off. Stay strong, faithful and true to you and your purpose in this life.

Don’t lean on your own understanding, you can’t muscle or think your way through this process as it is a method which can only be positively navigated by the heart and soul. Have faith that your angels are there, will not let anything you can’t handle to take place. They (your angels) will allow you to face your challenges face-to-face knowing what is waiting for the newly expanded version of yourself, while never leaving your side.

Surrender to the process allowing things be what they are and keep moving forward in the best way you can.