March 2019 Image Directory

Wrapping up the month of March, here’s a quick screenshot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Aliens are Here! Flesh vs Spirit Evolving What’s in Your Movie?
Take the Blame You Are Evolution I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me Thank You I Love You

My Life is Going Nowhere

Fear is Impatient What’s Important to You?
It’s Not Real! When Do You Get Programmed? Edify Others
DON’T (fill in the blank)! Limiting Unlimited Possibilities Stop! Prison Bars
I Don’t Know About Human Trafficking in America How to Stop the Latent Abuse It’s Hard to Talk to People
Cutting Cords for Freedom and Peace Your Deepest Darkest Secrets Getting to Know Yourself
What Are Your Personal Values? He’s So Successful He Sucks


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