Cutting Cords for Freedom and Peace

Throughout your life’s journey, you have relationships with other people who connect to you. You can feel it, as if you were connected by an energetic tether, and you are. It’s time to start cutting cords for freedom and peace for both of you.

An etheric cord between two individuals is like a tube where energy flows back and forth between two souls. You can feel it, like an emotional connection, which tugs at your heart and drains your love energy.

When you love someone, you become connected by an energetic cord.

In the beginning of the relationship your cord is connected, and this helps to solidify the relationship as you share this deep sense of connection, which in a perfect world, if all people were honest, open, loving, and caring as you could believe they might be, would be a good thing. But, for the most part, people are far more selfish than we might like to admit.

The relationship runs its course and you each go your separate ways, but this energetic cord remains.

This is why, when you’ve had a love relationship with someone, you feel deep emotional connection and/or negative impact, from fond memories to tragic broken-heartedness, or just being sidetracked by daydreaming or wondering where he or she is now.

When someone causes trauma in your life, you are also connected or “corded.”

If the person you are corded to lives in a highly negative emotional state, he or she may be getting the positive life force energy they need to survive from you, because you are still connected.

There are others who are virtual highly negative black holes that literally feed off the energy of others via these etheric cords. Even though they may not be currently active in your life now they continue to drain your life force energy, like energy vampires.

In descending order, you are joined by powerfully connected cords to sexual abusers, any sexual partners, lovers, children, spouses, siblings, parents, and close friends. You will also develop these connections among your mentors, clients, employers, teachers, casual friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.

Therefore, the need for cutting cords for freedom and peace.

Cord-cutting is a therapeutic technique utilized by spiritual healers and energy workers which sets both parties of the cord free from the life-draining connection. Proper cutting of the cords also includes the open end of the cords be connected to source energy so that no one suffers from the process and the energy of pure love is provided to both you and the person you were connected to prior to the cutting of the cord.

Your mind, which may have developed an addiction to the connection, may recoil at the idea of separating the cord, especially if the cord exists between you and someone you want to keep in your life. Fear not. The person can be a fully engaged part of your life, only prevented from draining your energetic flow.

But if it’s someone you want to leave your circle of influence, they will more easily fade away from your presence if they are no longer connected by this cord.

There are many techniques used for cutting cords for freedom and peace and you may elect to cut specific cords or many cords.

I have witnessed and participated in the wholesale cutting of all cords in one immense ceremony, but I think this is less commonplace.

Personally, I started with the most negatively impacted cords, then progressed to more, even disconnecting all of them, then reconnecting the ones I wanted to if I wanted to keep them connected.

Disconnecting yourself from being emotionally and energetically drained by others and cutting cords for freedom and peace can be a powerful step forward enabling you to manage your own sacred space as you journey forward into your own spiritual growth, expansion, and evolution.

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