Sending Love to the World

My local community, the country where I reside and the world have come to represent far less than my hopes and dreams for a better world for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

One look at the media and news headlines clearly reveals what we have come to.

It would be easy to succumb to apathy and just reside ourselves to accept being comfortably numb.

Even so, there are people all around the world who are awakening and motivated to take a part – no matter how small – to make the world a better place.

I have faith that my efforts combined with the efforts of others to agree and support the idea of a better world for future generations where we will realize a luxurious peaceful planet.

One thing we could do is to agree together to send our intentions, thoughts, energy, meditations and prayers to the world in a concerted effort.

Sending Love to the World


sending love to the world 2016Christmas is one of the most loving and caring time of year for many of us. Unfortunately for so many others, it is the worst time of the year with increased depression, domestic violence, homelessness, crime and suicide.

This year, my friends and I will be joining together to send love to the world in an effort to offset some of the negative energy infiltrating our world at what should be a peaceful, love-filled time of the year.

We will be taking time out of our holiday festivities starting at midnight on Christmas Eve and continuing to take breaks throughout Christmas Day, December 25th to send love to the world in any way each of us sees fit. Some will in silent repose intently focus of sending positive heart-felt empowered energy to those less fortunate, while others will meditate or engage in prayer. The method doesn’t matter as much as our intent and agreement to be unified in this energetic effort.

If you are uncertain about how you can join us energetically this Christmas, you can join me any time from midnight Christmas Eve to midnight Christmas Day, in my video guided meditation at

Sending Love to the World

We are awakening, our world is changing and as we agree together to take action in efforts, like Sending Love to the World, we are changing the world in a positive way.

We are not accepting the limitations and separations imposed upon us by society which keeps our energies diminished. We do not allow ourselves to be separated by geography, politics, religion or other thought patterns. Our intense love and hope for a better future binds us together in a way that cannot be untethered. In this way, we are one.

Our peaceful, loving efforts to create and promote a better world for future generations will be rewarded, when we as a united loving force for good and our combined energies reach critical mass.

Please feel free to join us and invite others to join us in

Sending Love to the World

This Christmas, and if you are so inclined, every day thereafter.

Sending love to you and yours this holiday season, and every day,

~ David M. Masters

Christmas the Best and the Worst

Christmas Brings Out the Best in Us

You just gotta love Christmas. It brings out the best in us. We feel inclined to spread good will among men. We are likely to give to those less fortunate and shower family, friends and loved ones with cards,

No other time of the year is focused on making dreams come true, especially for the young (and the young of heart).

Christmas Love

If you have an inkling to love, the increased love or the season will infiltrate all life’s circumstances around you and you will feel a tendency to love more, with more passion than other times of the year.

Seeing the anticipation and tears of joy in a child’s eyes when opening a gift wished for fills the heart in so many ways.


Christmas Brings Out the Worst in Us

Christmastime also imposes an incredible amount of pressure on individuals and families around the holiday season. We might find ourselves battling the crowds in an effort to find that perfect gift (and may be willing to battle it out with another shopper for the last one in the process). While we are s[reading good will, we may find ourselves cussing out someone for taking the parking spot we intended on getting for ourselves.

Christmas can be used as a disciplinary weapon against our children, because, after all, Santa knows who’s been bad or good. And if you’ve been bad, you will receive no present from Santa Claus. (Ugh.)

Christmas Crime

In an effort to make sure everyone has a good Christmas, criminals are not on their best behaviors as they take advantage of Christmas celebrators who are less security conscious during the holidays will see increased rates of theft and burglary.

Interestingly enough, the pressure, stress and strain finds individuals challenged and at odds with those around them, leading to increases in assaults and domestic violence.

Christmas Is Offensive

Christmas is an American tradition based on Christianity. In early American culture Christianity may have been the predominant religion, and the benefit to retailers at the end of the year is priceless.

Since then, America has become much more diverse and people represented by other religions don’t get it. And even among the Christian religions, some find the commercialization of the holiday and the inclusion of Santa Claus offensive, with some refusing to celebrate at all.

Christmas Is Depressing

The holidays increase the load on mental health resources, more than any other time of year as we tend to be more lonely, blue, depressed and maybe even suicidal at Christmastime.

What’s the Christmas Answer?

I am not the political or religious person who could even offer a solution. Christmas is a messy subject in America. This tried and true American tradition has become such a cluster of chaos and confusion, I cannot imagine a suitable solution.

Fortunately, I personally don’t have any issues with the holiday, myself. I enjoy celebrating the birth of Christ and embrace the idea of Sending Love to the World during the holiday season in an effort to help mitigate the negative energy associated with the season.

If you feel differently, I honor you and your right to celebrate or not and I offer you my sincerest apologies for this holiday which has unfortunately gotten out of control.

What do you think the answer is?

Suicide for Christmas

On Christmas, this year, people will opt to end their lives. Though it has been rumored that this is when most people commit suicide, the tragic truth is that suicide rates are far more consistent all year long.

While the holidays represent the best things in life to those of us with family and friends, there are others who face life’s greatest challenges at this time of the year. Suicide is a very real growing concern in the world in which we live with one person choosing to end their own life every minute including one veteran suicide each and every hour around the clock.


The holiday season is the most tragic of times for someone to opt-out of this life as we know it by committing suicide on Christmas Day, followed by another surge of self-inflicted death on New Year’s Day.

Such a tragic state of affairs when there is so much love in the air.

What will I be doing this holiday season?

I will be joining with friends to set aside time to make the world a better place by

Sending Love to the World

I am not in the least bit suggesting that you not do other things to reach out to those less fortunate during the holiday season. Indeed, we should continue to help in the every same ways we have in the past, but this year consider augmenting your efforts by

Sending Love to the World


My friends and I will be taking time out of our Christmas Day festivities to take breaks in order to Send Love to the World.

How to Send Love to the World

The idea consists of taking out a few minutes starting at midnight Christmas Eve through midnight Christmas Day to send love to the world. Amidst all the holiday spirit of love and celebration my friends and I will be consciously excusing ourselves to send love to the world.

sending-love-to-the-world-december-25-2016-sendinglovetotheworld-comSending love to the world can take any form you like. It is not a religious activity, but can be if you so desire. It is a decision to take a break from holiday festivities to send mindful thoughts, say a prayer, sing a song or meditate – in any way you see fit – for the benefit of others who may be struggling at the very same time.

I believe this concerted effort of my friends and I will help to raise the overall vibration (which is already high at this time of year), enough so as to be able to help someone consider staving off their feeling that life is too painful to have hope for a better day, at least one more day.

I know that when I’ve felt like I just couldn’t take it one more day, and death would be a pain-free alternative to life… not killing myself has allowed life to show me how amazing it can be.

I would hate to see someone rob themselves from the opportunity of enjoying the best this life has to offer by just giving it one more chance for one more day.

If I’ve ever learned anything, the importance of allowing one more day is the greatest opportunity offered any of us, which more often than not, we take advantage of every waking day.