540 Million-Year-Old Parasites Are Stealing Your Life Force!

In my line of business, you never know what you’ll learn from a client. For instance, I had a client diagnosed with Morgellon’s disease. She reported symptoms of internal parasitic attacks, particularly worms. Her doctor conducted tests, all of which came back negative, leading to a diagnosis of Morgellon’s disease. Consequently, she was prescribed medication to numb her senses and alleviate the sensation of being attacked by parasites.

This led me to ponder the prevalence and impact of parasites. There’s a common saying among holistic practitioners, often echoed in various writings found among government agencies (though difficult to find), suggesting that “all disease is caused by pathogens,” including parasites and worms. This notion can be quite perplexing.

Intrigued, I decided to experiment by taking a small amount of boron, a remedy my grandmother used to “clear the body of bugs.” Without understanding the science behind it, this was my starting point. Within a few days, I noticed signs of an awakened bug population in my body.

This prompted further research, including revisiting files from a colleague I worked with a decade ago who ran an antiparasitic and deworming program. I undertook his program and engaged in a three-month battle with “body bugs” I hadn’t known existed.

In hindsight, I wonder if I should have left well enough alone. These parasites weren’t bothering me, and I was blissfully unaware of their presence. However, their impact on conditions associated with aging and their consumption of nutrients intended for my body became apparent.

The three-month ordeal was challenging, with moments of discomfort and distress. When attacked, some parasites fight back while others retreat and hibernate, waiting out the offensive.

It’s astonishing how adaptable these organisms are. Parasitic worms found in sea fossils date back 540 million years, giving them ample time to evolve, learn how to adapt to different life forms, and efficiently exploit their hosts’ resources. Their long history has enabled them to adapt, evolve, survive, and thrive without killing their hosts, maximize their environment, and spread to other hosts and alternate organisms by the most effective means possible.

Given their prehistoric lineage, parasitic worms have a significant evolutionary advantage over us. They are smart. Their ability to evade detection by doctors, who may dismiss symptoms as psychological, underscores their resilience. A referral to a psychiatrist and a prescription to “normalize” your thinking is often the outcome.

These parasitic worms of prehistoric origin are believed to have consciousness and maintain a connection to the host’s brain, enabling them to cause the host to experience cravings for foods that the worm is thrilled by. This idea of parasitic worms having superior psychic consciousness has ancestral origins. I heard about this worm consciousness from Wayne Rowland, who maintains that it is relevant and true today and hugely ignored by medical science (ten years ago).

In the United States, parasites are often thought to be a problem in third-world countries. However, conducting a comprehensive parasite cleanse and deworming can reveal shocking results. While I won’t delve into the grotesque details, such information is readily available online for those interested.

Everyone’s experience with a parasite cleanse is unique, reflecting the diverse population of body bugs each person harbors. Some may undergo a thorough cleanse with minimal discomfort, while others may not be as fortunate. The presence of parasites is nearly universal; if you’re breathing, you have them.

Parasites can be acquired from processed food, meat, vegetables, fruits, other people, and notably from pets, who are notorious for transmitting parasites typically found in the animal kingdom to humans. Don’t you just love ’em? (smile)

That said, I feel empowered now, knowing that I have dominion over the parasites in my body. Not that I ever expect to be fully clean of them. Still, I know how to manage them and keep their populations at a manageable minimum. From here on out, I will conduct a 30-day annual parasite cleanse and deworming for regular maintenance.

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