All We Need is Love

You are taking your love relationship to the next level, and you’re convinced that, “All we need is love,” but you’re going to need more than love to truly bond with each other in this critical phase which moves you to the most meaningful of romantic relationships. You’re willing to say to your partner, “I love all of you,” and mean it with all your heart, and if your partner loves you just as much, how do you grow together even deeper? Is it possible to, in a sense, become one flesh? Can you break the boundaries of a normal relationship and potentially become more connected than other couples?


You’re ready to take your love relationship to a whole new level, and you know, as a couple all we need is love. Not the sophomoric, “All You Need is Love”, like the Beatles promoted, or the immature, “We don’t need money, we can live on love,” that parents have heard from their children who have fallen head over heels in love. <sarcasm>Yes, two can live on love… half as long.</sarcasm> Young love can easily forsake the responsibility and reason which should also accompany true love as well, and just let their emotions run rampant.

Not to be confused with young love, you know you’re ready for something more meaningful. You can see love all around you and you’re willing to let go and love with all your heart. You’re willing to set aside your pride and let the protective walls fall down, as you reveal your true self to your partner in unguarded openness, and brutal honesty, tempered by compassion.

This is a two-way street. Don’t even think you can survive this kind of relationship, if your partner is not reciprocating. You do need to proceed with caution when taking your relationship to this deeper more mature phase of love.


If you really want to make a go of this and move into greater relationship, it takes two, baby, and if you’re partner is onboard, it is possible to entertain the idea of unconditional love.

Unconditional love sounds good at first blush, because it’s what we all want. But when we’re challenged with the idea of giving it, that is a completely different proposition.

Unconditional love means I love you no matter what. You know that’s how you want to be loved. I want you to love me no matter what. Regardless of what I do or say, I want you to love and respect me anyway, because I am just doing the best I can. My intentions are good, and I would never intentionally do anything to compromise our relationship.

And it’s easy to see this from your perspective, but when your partner feels this say, you are suspicious, your feelings are easily hurt, you take it personally, get upset, and accuse your partner of disrespecting you and the relationship that you share.

This is love, but it is not unconditional love.

This is that immature, “I love you if,” kind of love. I love you if you do this, I love you if you don’t do that. But to love someone unconditionally, means, “I love you no matter what you say. No matter what you do.”

When most people hear that initially, they recoil and burst out with a resounding, “Oh, hell no!”

Because you feel like you’ve dome that before. You loved. You let your guard down. You trusted your partner, and where did that get you? Likely you were hurt, betrayed, you suffered and your heart was broken.

But the desire for true love still lingers within the recess of your heart, longing for something more deep and meaningful, a soul-to-soul heart-to-heart connection with that special someone.

If you think you’re ready, you might consider attending an Awakening to True Love Workshop, which represents that kind of love that surpasses Hollywood’s love, or any other type of love that you might have experienced in the past.

Be forewarned, this expanded type of love is not for the weak. In fact, when you emerge on the other side of this workshop, you will be an entirely new you, ready to take on love and the world in an entirely, more empowered way, full of happy expectation and pure love.

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