Everything is Connected and Perfect?

While traversing the path we choose along our life’s journey, it’s easy to get surprised, distracted, frightened or angry when obstacles arise, seemingly out of nowhere.

It happens to us all, and we can choose to experience the negative impact of suddenly facing a situation or circumstance that we could not have possibly anticipated.

I like to start by considering what all things have in common. That everything that we can access via our five senses is composed of the same elements, of a similar origin.

Everything is connected everything happens at the right time everything is perfectly perfect

Everything is connected

If the earth is basically a closed system, the atomic and molecular components (basically) are formed and reformed into anything and everything that we can see, touch, taste, smell and/or hear. Sharing the same molecules (though assembled differently) makes the pebble on the beach my shirt-tailed cousin.

In this way, I am related to everything in, on and around our planet (and even the universe). My relationship with the individual components (or assembly of molecules) varies. My relationship with the pen I hold in my hand and my son are quite different, yet it is all connected. In fact, the conscious force that bonds all molecules and maintains their particular assembly permeates everything – living or not – all things seen and unseen; everything.

Everything happens at the right time

Most will agree that timing is extremely important in our relative experience, here on this planet. Babies are born at just the right time, a cake is best when baked at the right temperature for the right number of minutes, etc… Being able to agree on the mutual measuring of time and calibrating each one to the other, helps us to maximize our interactions while we are here.

So, here we are living out our lives, getting up on time, eating on time, traveling to and from work on time, showing up at theaters on time, going to sleep on time, like we’re all part of this planet’s clockwork.

Then something unexpected interrupts our timeline experience. An accident, loss of something or someone, an act of God…

How can everything happen at the right time? Even the bad stuff?

Yes; there are no mistakes.

What, then, is the purpose of seemingly bad things that happen at unexpected times?

Everything is perfectly perfect

I know at first thought, this might be difficult to wrap your head around, but hang in there with me and consider this:

Everything happens for a reason, at the perfect time, for the perfect outcome, every time; period.

Granted, we are surprised when some things occur that we had not previously anticipated and may be associated with a painful – or enjoyable – experience at the time of occurrence. Even so, everything is always getting better.

You know this is true by reviewing your own experience(s) along your life’s journey thus far.

Invariably, in my life, when I’ve experienced some tragic moments in my life… it always led to something different – and in most cases – something better! I couldn’t see it at the time, but there it was, something far better waiting just around the corner.

Something so much different, that had I continued uninterrupted on the path I was traveling at the time, I would never have been able to intersect with it. It would have been impossible.

Now, when something unexpected happens (after the initial shock) I try to pull myself together and very early on, these days, I begin looking around for the amazing thing that will come from this.

This gives me the wherewithal to embrace a greater sense of peace, to

Relax, love and enjoy the show.

Everything is connected, everything happens at the right time, everything is perfectly perfect; so relax, love and enjoy the show.

Think about it

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