So You Think You’re Spiritually Evolved, But You’re Negative

In an age where spiritual enlightenment and personal evolution are becoming attainable goals, it’s beyond fascinating, if not concerning, to observe a paradox among some individuals. They profess to have ascended to higher states of consciousness or spiritual being, yet their actions and behaviors seem incongruent with such claims. A peculiar dichotomy emerges as they immerse themselves in negativity, condemning others and perpetuating cycles of hatred and division. How can one reconcile these seemingly conflicting narratives?

Many of those who claim to have reached elevated states of consciousness paradoxically indulge in consuming and propagating negative news, fostering resentment towards authority figures, and even expressing desires for harm to befall them. This behavior begs the question: How can individuals genuinely claim to have transcended to higher levels of consciousness while simultaneously engaging in actions that perpetuate lower vibrational states?

The root of this contradiction may stem from a misunderstanding of what it truly means to evolve spiritually or reach a higher state of consciousness. It’s essential to recognize that spiritual growth isn’t merely an intellectual pursuit or a matter of proclaiming oneself as enlightened. True evolution involves a profound transformation of one’s perspective, attitudes, and behaviors, leading to a more profound sense of compassion, understanding, and interconnectedness with all beings.

The allure of negativity and the tendency to vilify others can be attributed to various factors. In some cases, individuals may feel disempowered by the complexities of the world and seek solace in assigning blame to external forces. Others may succumb to the seductive nature of sensationalized news and gossip, feeding into a cycle of fear and outrage. Social and cultural conditioning also significantly shapes individuals’ perceptions and influences their responses to adversity.

Individuals must embark on a journey of self-reflection and inner transformation to bridge the chasm between claiming a higher state of consciousness and engaging in lower vibrational activities. Here are some steps they can take to realign their consciousness with their proclaimed ideals:

  1. Practice empathy and compassion: True spiritual evolution involves cultivating kindness and compassion towards all beings, including those with whom we may disagree or hold grievances against. By seeking first to understand the perspectives and experiences of others, individuals can transcend the limitations of the ego and foster a sense of unity and interconnectedness.
  2. Choose positivity and constructive action: Instead of dwelling on negativity or engaging in divisive rhetoric, individuals can choose to focus their energy on positive endeavors and constructive action. Whether through acts of kindness, community service, or advocacy for social justice, they can contribute to creating a more harmonious and compassionate world.
  3. Cultivate mindfulness: Mindfulness practices such as meditation can help individuals develop greater self-awareness and clarity of thought. This heightened awareness enables them to observe their thoughts and emotions without being consumed by them, fostering a sense of inner peace and inclusiveness.
  4. Let go of judgment and attachment: To truly evolve spiritually, individuals must learn to let go of judgment and release attachments to fixed beliefs or ideologies. By embracing a mindset of openness and acceptance, they can foster greater flexibility and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.
  5. Seek wisdom and guidance: Embarking on a journey of spiritual evolution can be daunting, but individuals need help to navigate it. Seeking advice from spiritual teachers, mentors, or wise elders can provide valuable insights and support.

Claiming to have attained a higher state of consciousness is not merely a matter of rhetoric or proclamation but requires a genuine commitment to inner growth and transformation. By transcending the allure of negativity and embracing love, compassion, and understanding, individuals can bridge the chasm between their professed ideals and their actual behaviors. In doing so, they can cultivate a more congruent and authentic shift in consciousness, leading to a life of greater harmony, meaning, and purpose.

Are You Spiritual or An Ass?

Think about what your definition of spiritual is. Is it someone who is connected to a higher source of love and light (in its most general terms. No disrespect, here)? Or does your ideal of being spiritual refer to someone who is proud about how much they know and sees others as lesser in some way because they are not as spiritually advanced as you?

When people around you are looking for your spiritual appearance, they are looking for one common indicator: Love. How is your expression of love showing up?

Based on their observation of how it appears that you love, they will either believe that you are either a spiritual person or an ass. Think about how others see the demonstration of your faith in terms of love, how might they see you based on what they can see?

Are You Spiritual or An Ass?

No one knows how you feel on the inside, in your heart, about those things that are the most important to you, but you can’t blame them by assuming that you are either spiritual or an ass based on the things you do or say, the way that you act out in the 3D world.

I know a lot of people who are very spiritual, extremely faithfully inspired and living a life dedicated to something that is so divine in nature, but they work their faith in a mechanism which is based in the flesh. If this is you, then you have a somewhat militant perspective of your faith, and your exercising of it looks like it is based on discipline and submission, instead of love and acceptance.

So, it doesn’t really matter what you say about what you believe to others if what they witness in your expression of your faith is anything but love.

Now, keep in mind, your heart may be full of love and your intentions pure, but if your representation is not perceived as love, then your expression, message, or presentation will be received by others as being anything but love, and therefore you may be considered to be an ass rather than someone who is deeply spiritual.

No one is saying that you are actually an ass, only that your expression of your faith is being received that way.

Hate Groups

We know there are a lot of hate groups running rampant in the world today. Look at the things they have in common; they are exclusive. That is to say, they exclude people who are not fully in alignment with their beliefs, and are disrespectful of outsiders, shunning them, or even worse.

Likewise, if your spiritual relationship is expressed as,

“I am right and anything else is wrong,”

You’ve just disconnected yourself from the rest of the population, whom you will rarely, if ever, potentially have a greater connection with. At the very least, your faith would be better served by dropping the exclusivity and militancy.

If those attributes represent a hate group, then a love group must be the opposite.

If you want to have others open to your message, mission, and feel the love you have inside, you need to find ways to express your faith that is more likened to a love group, not a hate group.

Trade exclusivity and militancy for inclusion and expressions of acceptance, now you can be more easily considered as a person who is a purveyor of love.

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

It will take some work, but it will take a conscious effort to see that the outward expression of your spirituality is in alignment with what you really believe.

So, love like it’s the only thing that matters

Because it is.


Spirituality and Churches

As government continues to grow in strength and power, ever expanding, creating new ways to control the masses by brute force, creating new laws, monitoring and tracking our every move in an effort to make citizens comply, or fear punishment, those who are spiritually-inclined are expanding also.

Freedom of religion in the United States has afforded us the ability to have a particularly influential role in the making of a better world for those of us who hold to the idea of a brighter future for our children, their children, and generations to follow.

We pray for a better life and a better world. People who live in the United States pray more than in any other nation, and even those who profess that there is no God, even 20 percent of those can be found in the practice of prayer.

Among the medical community, the effect of prayer for healing and recovery is unrefuted, even though it may be disregarded as “placebo effect” in study after study (even double-blind studies) the results are exemplary.

Churches have the most powerful impetus for change of the human condition. Every day the less-than-desirables in the United States, the criminals, those who helplessly succumb to addictions, abusers (both legal and illegal), and other problematic members of society incredibly change their lives with the least amount of recidivism thanks to American churches.

Churches make the world a better place by reaching out to the disadvantaged, giving them a reason to live and encourage even the least of us to reach out and help to make the world a better place.

Thanks to churches, we see the reduction in crime, divorce rates, poverty, homelessness, drug and other addictions, depression and other mental health issues.

Churchgoers have a higher sense of obligation to do that which is right, self-esteem, achievement among family members, and greater contribution to the community at large. They are more proactive, have happier, healthier families, increased immune systems, and greater life expectancy.

Spiritually-minded individuals who profess a sincere connection to a higher power that does not forsake the regular assembly of like-minded people (regular church attendance) live happier, more productive, law-abiding lives, are more understanding, compassionate and loving of themselves and others.

The statistics express markedly and exponentially higher degrees of success and satisfaction in all areas of life between those who attend or gather together three times a month over those who gather once a month or less.

Many of us spiritually-minded Americans who are ever-evolving into higher versions of ourselves may have negative associations connected to the idea of church or recognized religious gathering. The time has come for us to embrace the idea of religious freedom as part of the expansion of our consciousness.

Spiritual growth need not be a solitary journey. As we know there is greater growth and more power for a better world when we combine our abilities with other like-minded people on a similar path.

We must ever be cognoscente about proceeding with such an idea in caution to prevent the interruption of our efforts by an oppressive ruling government.

Even though the founders of our country protected freedom of religion by declaring “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” in the First Amendment to the Constitution, effectively establishing a separation between church and State, since then, there have been attempts to integrate the church and state, giving government the final say in certain affairs of the church.

The primary method to control the church was for the United States to offer the deduction of financial contributions for exemption from tax debt owed to the IRS via registration of the church by filing as a non-profit 501(c)(3) status. Churches volunteer to do so to increase the financial support of their members, but also become a corporation in the United States, clearly aborting the separation of their church from the state.

A church as a non-profit organization of the United States of America achieves the status of a state-recognized licensed church. Doing so may waive its freedom of religion, ability to remain separate from the state, and allows government intrusion.

You can see it in action, churches being violated, shut down, priests, pastors, preachers, and teachers being forced to testify in court, violating the penitent privilege. Churches, which may have otherwise been considered as “sanctuary” are now subject to having their perimeters breached in the name of the state, and so many compromises made by voluntarily making a deal with the state.

Is there a better way?

If you can look around your community and not find a church which would welcome an expansion explorer, as yourself, maybe its time to create such a venue.

Could you be a part of this spiritual awakening and expansion?

Let your church be the antithesis of all those other churches.

It is your privilege, and your responsibility, after a time of healing, if you are so-called. You might be the key to providing a safe environment for others to find themselves, do their own deep inner work, in any way they see fit while being loved and supported by others doing similarly individual work.

My wish for you, for all of us, is that there is a church where any one of us would feel welcomed, supported, without fear of not being accepted or threatened, nearby.

This is the next step.

Everything is Connected and Perfect?

While traversing the path we choose along our life’s journey, it’s easy to get surprised, distracted, frightened or angry when obstacles arise, seemingly out of nowhere.

It happens to us all, and we can choose to experience the negative impact of suddenly facing a situation or circumstance that we could not have possibly anticipated.

I like to start by considering what all things have in common. That everything that we can access via our five senses is composed of the same elements, of a similar origin.

Everything is connected everything happens at the right time everything is perfectly perfect

Everything is connected

If the earth is basically a closed system, the atomic and molecular components (basically) are formed and reformed into anything and everything that we can see, touch, taste, smell and/or hear. Sharing the same molecules (though assembled differently) makes the pebble on the beach my shirt-tailed cousin.

In this way, I am related to everything in, on and around our planet (and even the universe). My relationship with the individual components (or assembly of molecules) varies. My relationship with the pen I hold in my hand and my son are quite different, yet it is all connected. In fact, the conscious force that bonds all molecules and maintains their particular assembly permeates everything – living or not – all things seen and unseen; everything.

Everything happens at the right time

Most will agree that timing is extremely important in our relative experience, here on this planet. Babies are born at just the right time, a cake is best when baked at the right temperature for the right number of minutes, etc… Being able to agree on the mutual measuring of time and calibrating each one to the other, helps us to maximize our interactions while we are here.

So, here we are living out our lives, getting up on time, eating on time, traveling to and from work on time, showing up at theaters on time, going to sleep on time, like we’re all part of this planet’s clockwork.

Then something unexpected interrupts our timeline experience. An accident, loss of something or someone, an act of God…

How can everything happen at the right time? Even the bad stuff?

Yes; there are no mistakes.

What, then, is the purpose of seemingly bad things that happen at unexpected times?

Everything is perfectly perfect

I know at first thought, this might be difficult to wrap your head around, but hang in there with me and consider this:

Everything happens for a reason, at the perfect time, for the perfect outcome, every time; period.

Granted, we are surprised when some things occur that we had not previously anticipated and may be associated with a painful – or enjoyable – experience at the time of occurrence. Even so, everything is always getting better.

You know this is true by reviewing your own experience(s) along your life’s journey thus far.

Invariably, in my life, when I’ve experienced some tragic moments in my life… it always led to something different – and in most cases – something better! I couldn’t see it at the time, but there it was, something far better waiting just around the corner.

Something so much different, that had I continued uninterrupted on the path I was traveling at the time, I would never have been able to intersect with it. It would have been impossible.

Now, when something unexpected happens (after the initial shock) I try to pull myself together and very early on, these days, I begin looking around for the amazing thing that will come from this.

This gives me the wherewithal to embrace a greater sense of peace, to

Relax, love and enjoy the show.

Everything is connected, everything happens at the right time, everything is perfectly perfect; so relax, love and enjoy the show.

Think about it