Forgiveness It Ain’t Easy

Want to know what the best thing you can do is? Forgive someone. When you forgive someone for something, your body heals, your love and your ability to love unconditionally grows. Forgiving makes you a better person, impacts your life, local community, and the community at large. Forgiving supports your living a better life, is part of living your best life and makes the world a better place.

Forgiveness, it ain’t easy – but there’s nothing better

Forgiveness is not for the faint at heart. It’s serious, meaningful business, and it’s not easy. It hangs in a delicate balance between good and bad, right and wrong, happiness and sadness, love and fear.

You spend your whole life trying to do the right thing while protecting yourself from things that make you feel bad. Though never seen by others, you are most sensitive to your emotions. They give your life meaning and are the most intimate part of who you are as a person.

In matters of the heart, you protect yourself with invisible walls of protection, an emotional force field. This protective force field consists of the elements of fear, to protect you from potential pain or danger, and may include self-righteousness, or a sense of superiority as well as disrespect, spite, anger, or hate. All in an effort to avoid the breaking of your heart.

If being emotionally hurt or betrayed is the worst thing that can happen to you, potentially wounding you far worse than any superficial wound on the surface which could be seen and treated on the physical body, the wounds suffered by your bleeding heart can be more painful, private and longstanding.

You can try to ignore these negative feelings, keep them bottled up inside, but all that does is allow them to fester, grow and eat away at you, like cancer. Left to their own devices, will cost you the potential of having a long and happy life. Harboring unforgiveness will be the death of you, and it is the invisible Grim Reaper for more people than could possibly be counted or imagined.

You are not an emotionless being. You were created to have these emotions, they are here not only to teach you, allow you to grow and flourish, but without them, you would never know all the beauty, grace, and happiness this life has in store for you.

The key is in managing and maximizing your emotions by learning to forgive, and the more you forgive, the more benevolent, loving, caring and enjoyment will be gleaned by living out your life in a higher vibration of love and tolerance.

You are more than your body, more than your emotions, more than what you see in the mirror. That higher, sacred part of you is your primary focal point in this life. Being able to take your eyes off your external experience and turn them inward and upward is your sacred gift.

Besides healing wounds held in the Fort Knox of your soul, forgiveness cleanses you from the specters of your past, helps you live freely in the now, and paves the way for your bright future.

Forgiveness is not as much about the other person as you might think. It is about you, your ability to forgive and move on in love, uninhibited by unforgiveness. There is no need to reconnect with the offender, especially if the offense was abusive in nature, no requirement to contact them, or notify him or her that you have forgiven them.

Forgiveness is your gift from and to you, affecting all the energies and people around you in the fields of love and light.

Forgiveness is a powerful force for good, banishing fear and promoting love for a better world.

As you learn to forgive, you will immediately see changes in the world around you. Your relationships will take on more meaning and grow deeper with an increased sense of connection. Your creativity will soar and love will abound.

The more you forgive, the more you can trust, and be empowered to experience greater degrees of freedom, health, and all the good things this life has to offer, wrapped in the warm blanket of love.

Forgiveness; it’s not easy, but it’s the greatest and most beneficial soul-work of all.

Fear not, and be willing to do the deep inner work for a better world.

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