Haunted by Ghosts of Life

Ever feel like you’re being haunted by past experiences of your own life?

It’s as if ominous ghostly specters are floating around you at all times haunting you, reminding you of past occurrences that hold you back or keep you down. The ghosts of your past find ways to remind you of things that have happened before, especially when you’re about to experience a breakthrough or contemplate a potential opportunity to change your life for the better. You are reminded that you are unworthy or damaged goods because of the past experiences.


It’s possible these ghosts of your life’s past started to accumulate since an early age. Maybe an injustice at school where you were belittled or bullied, or you felt an absence of love and as if you were not good enough, and for some they get even more intense as we continue to grow into high school and beyond.

Maybe a romance gone bad or sour business venture caught you off guard resulting in a gnarly ghoul who keeps you from moving out in faith and love to achieve your highest and best.

Whatever the reason, you have these unfriendly ghosts hovering around you, ever reminding you that things did not turn out either nicely or the way you had planned.

ghostbustersI know a ghostbuster (who even teaches classes and certifies other ghostbusters) whose process of dealing with ghosts is to lead them to their higher destination. Once they’ve graduated, they’re not stuck anymore and they’re no longer interfering in the lives of the living. They just didn’t know any better, the same goes with the ghosts from your past haunting you.

If these ghosts keep persisting to keep you from living a better life, then it’s time for a little ghostbusting for you. You could seek some outside coaching, counseling or therapy; then again, you may be able to battle the ominous specters on your own.

When ghostbusters deal with ghosts, they try to start at identification and that’s there you need to start, too. Create a profile of your ghost, when did it first appear? What incident is it connected to? What does it moan, chant or whisper to you? And when does it rear its ugly head?

If you didn’t already know this,

The Ghost is Dead

It is no longer among the living, but it does not know that. Nothing that happened in the past that is no longer happening has any life in it. It is dead and buried in the past.

The ghost strives to survive due to its struggle to live and torturing you makes it feel as though it is alive. And the ghost’s intention is good, though misled. It thinks by keeping you in fear, it is protecting you from evil.

The ghost has led you to believe that the incident(s) or series of circumstances it represents are bad. It’s up to you to lovingly present a case to the ghost that though the event appeared to be bad – and, certainly it was bad – the experience and the learning that you gained from it was highly beneficial, not only to you, but armed you with skills and abilities to relate to others in a similar situation.

You may find it helpful to write out your story on paper and refine it, being certain to list all the good things that resulted from the bad thing that happened.

Trust me, the ghost is watching your work intensely and reading every word. It may even try to taunt you while you’re conducting this work, but don’t give in. Push through and show the ghost your completed report.

Thank the ghost for trying to protect you all this time. Let it know that you understand that its intentions were good in trying to protect you, but you don’t need its protection anymore. In fact, to tell it the truth, all this protection has actually prevented you from achieving you highest and best.

Thank your ghost for all its effort to protect you, but now it is time that both you and the ghost be set free. As you destroy the list, tell your ghost that you love it and send it to the light.

Start living your life ghost-free

If another ghost rears its ugly head, apply the same procedure when you and your ghost are ready to move on.

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