Haunted by Ghosts of Life

Ever feel like you’re being haunted by past experiences of your own life?

It’s as if ominous ghostly specters are floating around you at all times haunting you, reminding you of past occurrences that hold you back or keep you down. The ghosts of your past find ways to remind you of things that have happened before, especially when you’re about to experience a breakthrough or contemplate a potential opportunity to change your life for the better. You are reminded that you are unworthy or damaged goods because of the past experiences.


It’s possible these ghosts of your life’s past started to accumulate since an early age. Maybe an injustice at school where you were belittled or bullied, or you felt an absence of love and as if you were not good enough, and for some they get even more intense as we continue to grow into high school and beyond.

Maybe a romance gone bad or sour business venture caught you off guard resulting in a gnarly ghoul who keeps you from moving out in faith and love to achieve your highest and best.

Whatever the reason, you have these unfriendly ghosts hovering around you, ever reminding you that things did not turn out either nicely or the way you had planned.

ghostbustersI know a ghostbuster (who even teaches classes and certifies other ghostbusters) whose process of dealing with ghosts is to lead them to their higher destination. Once they’ve graduated, they’re not stuck anymore and they’re no longer interfering in the lives of the living. They just didn’t know any better, the same goes with the ghosts from your past haunting you.

If these ghosts keep persisting to keep you from living a better life, then it’s time for a little ghostbusting for you. You could seek some outside coaching, counseling or therapy; then again, you may be able to battle the ominous specters on your own.

When ghostbusters deal with ghosts, they try to start at identification and that’s there you need to start, too. Create a profile of your ghost, when did it first appear? What incident is it connected to? What does it moan, chant or whisper to you? And when does it rear its ugly head?

If you didn’t already know this,

The Ghost is Dead

It is no longer among the living, but it does not know that. Nothing that happened in the past that is no longer happening has any life in it. It is dead and buried in the past.

The ghost strives to survive due to its struggle to live and torturing you makes it feel as though it is alive. And the ghost’s intention is good, though misled. It thinks by keeping you in fear, it is protecting you from evil.

The ghost has led you to believe that the incident(s) or series of circumstances it represents are bad. It’s up to you to lovingly present a case to the ghost that though the event appeared to be bad – and, certainly it was bad – the experience and the learning that you gained from it was highly beneficial, not only to you, but armed you with skills and abilities to relate to others in a similar situation.

You may find it helpful to write out your story on paper and refine it, being certain to list all the good things that resulted from the bad thing that happened.

Trust me, the ghost is watching your work intensely and reading every word. It may even try to taunt you while you’re conducting this work, but don’t give in. Push through and show the ghost your completed report.

Thank the ghost for trying to protect you all this time. Let it know that you understand that its intentions were good in trying to protect you, but you don’t need its protection anymore. In fact, to tell it the truth, all this protection has actually prevented you from achieving you highest and best.

Thank your ghost for all its effort to protect you, but now it is time that both you and the ghost be set free. As you destroy the list, tell your ghost that you love it and send it to the light.

Start living your life ghost-free

If another ghost rears its ugly head, apply the same procedure when you and your ghost are ready to move on.

Demon Hunters and Ghostbusters

Having been exposed to (and worked with) professionals in the paranormal, I am convinced now, more than ever, that all things are possible. Things that (I thought) defy logic, rational explanation and scientific qualification or verification (to varying degrees) exist all around us.

All the stuff of fanciful or science fiction and horror stories appear to be true though exaggerated for print and screen for our amusement. So true, in fact, that the government spends millions of dollars researching and weaponizing it.

demon hunters and ghostbusters

Meanwhile, in the private sector, there are individuals whose calling in life includes mitigating the damages of this paranormal activity surrounding any of us, or all of us, at any given moment.

You might say, “That can’t be true. If all that stuff was existed, I would know about it,” like I did.

I applaud this perfect state of ignorance that I once held tight to with my naïveté in full regalia. Take my advice: stay there.

To hear these individuals tell their story, few of them sought out the awareness of the paranormal. In most cases, the paranormal activity in which they currently specialize sought them out against their better judgment or will.

This one thing remains true:

Seek and you will find

This is to say that those who decided to specialize in specific paranormal activity our of pure curiosity and succumbing to the burgeoning researcher and scientist within, discovered and found themselves embroiled with the very thing they were investigating.

Their stories led me to conclude that not only

All things are possible


Everything is

It appears that “anything that you look for, you will find,” is the truest of all truisms.

If you look for ghosts, you will find them. This proves true for anything from aliens and multidimensional travel to demons and Bigfoot.

It’s as if nothing exists until you look for it, then once you do – if your intentions are focused on finding it – it (whatever it is) enthusiastically appears for you to experience fully. Likewise, if you seek to disprove the existence of any or all of these things, the data comes bubbling up to support that which you seek.

That said, your attention is better spent elsewhere – anywhere – rather than to explore the paranormal yourself.

Paranormal activity aside, the same is true in real life within and around the interactivity of our human interactions and communication, one with another.

If you’ve been hurt or abused and hold within our heart the pain of said abuse, you will find abusers wherever you look. This is a different kind of demon hunter, but not quite as dissimilar as you might think at first blush.

I run into this type of demon hunter all the time, and they come in all ages, shapes and sizes, so you may not be able to determine one until you see them discovering the things they are afraid of everywhere, all around them, in everyone they meet. It’s as if they are being haunted by their own ghosts.

They continually find themselves being victimized asking, “Why is everyone out to get me?”

Certainly, you could demonize anyone from politicians to saints; ergo if you look for it, it will appear and be real to you – possibly even more real to you than anything you’ve witnessed – now, more than ever.

The question remains:

Is it better to seek and find?


Is it better to look away and remain naïve?

I find it’s better for me to choose when to look and when to look away; for some things can be so complicated and compelling so as to become an obsession leaving me wanting even more, thereby distracting me from my calling of helping others achieve their highest and best.

In this respect

‘tis better to correctly discern when and where to look

Because if you do, you will surely find it.

Weaponizing Spirits Aliens and Ghosts

Take a look at all the science experiments that our government and its agencies such as the CIA, NASA, Department of Defense, FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (not to mention independent covert projects) spend billions of dollars researching and you might find the off-the-wall and unbelievable crazy television shows depicting weird science, is exactly what they invest their research dollars on behind closed doors.

weaponizing spirits aliens ghosts government paranormal cover up conspiracy

Starting with UFOs (and their related technologies), extra terrestrials, psychokinesis (affecting matter using only the power of mind), teleportation, parapsychological phenomenon, remote viewing, non-human entities (ghosts, spirits, demons) the list goes on and on… all the while, we’re expected to believe this is all nonsense, as our government continues to conduct cross-dimensional and interstellar travel/communications and weaponize every paranormal phenomena (not just the killing of goats with one’s mind).

This is not just fodder for sci fi movies armed with visual movie magic, in fact in any given group of 100 people in the United States, someone (probably several) will have a personal account regarding spirits, aliens, ghosts or UFOs (though depending on the group, may be reluctant to share their personal account).

While mind-reading may be the playground for gypsies, street-side psychics and carnival exhibitors, our government may have the wherewithal to extract thoughts directly from both your conscious and subconscious mind and listen-in with you being none the wiser. And the technology exists, whereby planting thoughts in your own voice – only heard from inside your own head – are clearly recognized and accepted as originating from within your own mind.

I may, or may not, have second-hand knowledge about some or all of the aforementioned phenomena, all I’m saying is that all the stuff we’ve been led to believe is hocus pocus, fantasy, science fiction and/or parlour tricks is being researched, experimented with, utilized, deployed and weaponized at great expense every day by our government.

The possibilities and potential abuse of these fringe technologies or paranormal sciences is alarming to say the least.

It’s no longer a question of whether these things are real or not, though the powers that wield them would prefer we stay ignorant of their existence (for either obvious or nefarious reasons).

It begs the question: How is it possible to know what portion of someone’s life is being affected by natural occurrences of these phenomena or possibly part of testing on an otherwise unaware public?

For the curious inquirer, an overwhelming amount of data, personal accounts, scientific studies and declassified documents are within a few keystrokes tickling Google’s fancy. The only problem with searching Google is that it has been flooded with a lot of bad information. Sources say the government is behind the false flood of erroneous data in a conspiracy effort to encourage a logical person to rationalize the entire idea is utter poppycock.

How to know what is real and what is pure craziness is anyone’s guess… but you can bet your bottom dollar, some of it is so factual that it’s worth billions of dollars spent every year by our government to harness it.

While society is battling over whether an American population with the right to bear arms is prudent or not, what about the invisible powers that could be weaponized all around us? These weapons leave no DNA, no powder burns, no residue and no trace whatsoever.

Would it surprise you to consider the government might promote the idea of exposing the general populace to substances and elements that might prevent our minds from harnessing the same powers that military psychic assassins possess? If so, could you blame them?

What if you could literally kill someone with a thought?
You can.

Just food for thought…

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