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Wrapping up the month of June, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

perception purpose prosperity empower attraction lightning strikes awakeningPerception + Purpose = Prosperity polarization enitlement victim mentality you don t know me tolerance intolerancePolarization and Entitlement confused subliminal messages mind control subliminal advertising subconscious mindConfused? Subliminal Mind Control
My own worst enemy self sabotage vs positive thinkingMy Own Worst Enemy why do people commit suicide depression suicide suicidal thoughts commit suicide why do people kill themselvesWhy Do People Commit Suicide? spiritual awakening god holy spirit spiritual gifts spirit science enlightenmentSpiritual Awakening
The Secret law of attraction rhonda byrne positive psychology self improvementLaw of Attraction Positive Psychology dangers of social mediaDangers of Social Media dysfunctional family children and family marriage divorce social services abusive relationshipDysfunctional Family
anxiety depression agoraphobia ptsd ocd panic attackAnxiety Depression Fear enter the counter leader growing underground enlightenment love peaceEnter the Counter Leader You are human evolution in action sui generis dnaReprogramming Your Own DNA
Make money doing what you love i get money doing what i loveMake Money Doing What You Love life sucks or not your choiceLife Sucks serving target market customer avatar laser focus advertisingWho Do You Serve?
unbelievable truths science fiction technology that became realUnbelievable Truths What is love if true love dies romantic love signs your marriage is overWhat is Love If True Love Dies? We interrupt this program emergency broadcast system distraction law of attractionWe Interrupt This Program
I say yes to my highest and best inclusive law of attraction exclusive decision makingSaying Yes to your highest and best disappointment stop the drama find the treasure look for something betterDealing with Disappointment my life meaning of life purpose driven life how to change your lifeMeaning of Life
dating over 40 how to find a good man you attract what you areDating Over 40 soul mate relationship truth soulmate broken heart lonely awakenings the truthRelationship Truth and the Soulmate List It might be late but the best is yet to comeBroken 50 Years Old and Alone
Unworthy Self Doubt BreakthroughUnworthy Self Doubt Breakthrough actual non photoshopped picture of levitating man on public streetThings Aren’t Always What They Seem let it be mindset no need to engage in negativityLet It Be
deer crossingDeer Crossing The right kind of life coach counselor therapist consultant for youThe Right Coach for You Awakening there is more to this life than this purpose message mission meaningAwakening There is More to This Life

June 2016 perception purpose prosperity polarization entitlement subliminal mind control spiritual awakening


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