Look for the Bright Side

I know, there are times when that’s the last thing you want to hear, you’re tired, frustrated, had it up to here, and just can’t take anymore… Okay, I’ll give you that. I’ve felt that way, too. But, let me ask you this; when you’re feeling down, how would you like to kick Mr. Nego Me-Gotto in the butt?

I mean, you’re letting Mr. Nego Me-Gotto have his way with you, and if you dare, you can make a stand send him running like the sniveling freak-show that he really is. But you have to have the guts to stand up to him and… smile.

As simple as it sounds, smiling is something that happy people have in common, and it’s terribly contagious. And by smiling, you may very well infect yourself with the happy virus. Just the act of smiling signals the release of happy hormones, which make you feel better and enhance your immune system.

People who are smiling, attract happier people, and more positive life circumstances.

Look for deeper meaning when your life is interrupted by situations or circumstances are not congruent with the life you had planned to live. If you can pull back your perspective, such as viewing from the air, overhead, like from the view of a helicopter, or even higher, if necessary. Consider what is really going on, not just how it is affecting you in this moment. It may have you learning more and educating yourself about issues that have a greater impact which you may be playing a role in.

Learning more about the situations and circumstances which are placed in motion by others claiming to have your best interests at heart, digging deeper into the motivations of the sources who have set about all the things into motion resulting in your experience, may give you more insight into what is really at work behind te scenes of our society.

Even though what you are experiencing may be negative, you may agree that your participation in this particular aspect of the system at play is a blessing. A blessing in that your eyes were opened to something you were previously unaware of and someone else in the same situation may not have fared as well as you.

This is an empowered perspective, without which you’re more likely just to feel like a victim. Once you’re aware of what’s actually playing out, you can play your part in the scenario with grace and valor, paying attention to details that others might easily overlook.

Unaware victims are more likely to jump to conclusions or over-react making things even worse for themselves and the conditions overall.

Seeing a more complete view of a situation changes everything, and creates a paradigm shift. See Paradigm Shift for an excellent example of a paradigm shift based on gaining access to more information, which changes everything. This is just one small example; imagine being able to approach everything that appears to be negative on the surface in this manner. The more information you have and the ability to view everything that appears to be bad from a wider perspective leads to a greater understanding of the energies at work. Recognizing their effects as they intersect with our lives, enables us to see how we all play a part in this passionate play of life.

Our positive vibration and flow can be interrupted by incongruent events, circumstances or subjected to a non-complimentary influence of other people, which can cause discomfort. There is a tendency to keep score of these unfortunate moments. Tracking them and the people or situations associated with them can have them stacking up. The cumulative effect of tracking these events stores up negative energy in our holistic system, causing stress in our body, mind, and soul.

Left to accumulate and grow, tracking these negative instances will drain your positive energy, cause stress and compromise your immune system, leaving you lethargic and prone to illness. The alternative is to let them go as quickly as possible and keep moving forward positively. These rapid recoveries and positive momentum will help to safeguard you against fatigue and potential depression.

Certainly, there will be situations and circumstances, that cannot be avoided and must be dealt with. By letting go of the smaller negative issues that come up in life, you will have more positive energy reserves and stamina for facing the major challenges which may appear, like the warrior that you are.

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