That Moment When Everything is Perfect

Then there is that moment in time when everything is perfect. Everything in life, the world, the universe is in perfect harmony. Sure, there could be things going on that appear to be bad, even evil, other things that don’t make sense and you wish you had access to more information. You could be surrounded by uncertainty, dysfunction, and chaos everywhere you look, but In this sacred moment, everything is perfect.

I experienced such a moment when my latest granddaughter was born.

Even though the world had not changed. There was no pervasive love vibration amongst all peoples, no worldwide peace, no curtailment of the powerful trying to control and manipulate the less powerful, and people were still killing each other in the name of their country or what they believed in, still, there I was in this brilliant moment of sanctity.

I knew that everything was fine, even more than fine, I was able to sense a sacred harmony and balance is all things, in that moment when my granddaughter arrived on planet Earth.

Here she was, fresh from the other side, when moments ago when held in her hands and being the knowingness of all things. She chose to live a life journey in the arms of my daughter and son-in-law. And I am blessed that she chose me to be her Papa.

As I was high on all the biological chemistry taking place, everything was so sacredly impressive and for a while, I was able to see and feel that there was a sacred harmony in all things. Everything, even the injustices, and horrible things made sense to me, because of this. This is what life is all about.

It’s about creation and the willingness to go through the process to live, love, learn, share, and create, while experiencing a wide emotional range, sampling all this life has to offer.

How exciting for my daughter and her husband to be starting this new chapter in their life together?

How much more exciting for my new granddaughter, who is starting her fresh, new journey, with a blank slate? I love her so much, more than words can express, and I barely know her.

(She has my DNA in her mix. I hope my contribution is a blessing for her, her parents, and families to come.)

How will her journey unfold?

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

It’s moments, like these, that make me want to live a thousand years or more. I am so fascinated by being able to see all the possible paths those whom I care deeply about have chosen as their method of experiencing everything this life has to offer.

I don’t want to miss a thing.

I believe this world has a bright and sunny future, and I will do what I can to encourage others to raise the bar for all the grandchildren in all the world.

One man cannot do it all, but all the grandparents in all the world, if we all could just do just one thing for a better world for our grandchildren, the world will change dramatically, for them.

Here comes the sun…


Blessings Easier Found at Higher Vibrations

When you’re expanding your perspective, and finding ways to find the blessing in all that life has to offer, think about surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded, or who are at least mostly positively aware and relatively happy; the happier the better. This is an excellent way to keep your frequency at a higher vibration. It’s easier to maintain a higher vibration if you’re in harmony with other people maintaining a higher vibe.

Just like being in the presence of people maintaining a higher vibration, the same is true for surrounding yourself with people maintaining a lower vibration. Their base frequency will affect your vibration and you will notice you sinking to their level. So, be mindful of what kind of company you keep.

Be thinking about and finding ways to keep yourself in your higher vibration. Make opportunities to do things that feel good and help you to maintain the frequency you want to maintain. Some people find meditation, positive affirmations and creative visualization excellent resources for maintaining their higher frequencies. The more time you spend in this vibration, the easier it is to maintain it; and making this your new normal vibe, establishes it as your new set point.

Having a good idea about what’s really important to you, can keep you from getting sidetracked and emotionally involved with issues and circumstances which are literally none of your business.

I sometimes get distracted by something that truly is not my ministry. I can get all worked up, emotionally invested and take on responsibility for things that are not a part of my personal mission. By keeping in tune with my mission and message it helps to keep me from getting distracted, and deferring to the folks whose mission it is, is always taking the high road, and this helps to keep me on track.

Remember that doing good works for others, supporting them in their works, and helping those less fortunate, not only makes them feel better but makes you feel good too. Doing a good deed can not only make you feel better, but it can boost your immune system for up to eight hours. Doing good deeds or unprovoked acts of kindness offer healthy rewards to both the giver and the receiver.

You can also raise your vibration as well as someone else’s vibration by complimenting them. Just take the time to notice someone doing something good, and step out in faith, edifying them by letting them know you noticed and offer them a little praise. Praise goes a long way in raising your vibration, as well as keeping you looking for the bright side.

As you continue to look for the blessing in all things, you are developing a valuable skill sought after by many an executive and CEO: Problem-solving. As you’re more able to pull back and solve irritation and problems for yourself, you will also be developing the same skills that may be used in other situations and circumstances. Although, you need to remain humble, only offer your insight if it is requested. Practice humility in all things and you will be more respected. You don’t want to be perceived as an arrogant know-it-all.

And not all people who fall victim to suffering choose to do so, it might be that you can teach them (again, only if they are open to the idea, and you proceed with humility) how to pull back from the strain and see the blessing, or allow for a higher purpose to come through otherwise difficult scenarios.

You are the champion for a new way of looking at the old world. Keep practicing; it gets easier as you go.

God bless you in all that you do.

Look for the Bright Side

I know, there are times when that’s the last thing you want to hear, you’re tired, frustrated, had it up to here, and just can’t take anymore… Okay, I’ll give you that. I’ve felt that way, too. But, let me ask you this; when you’re feeling down, how would you like to kick Mr. Nego Me-Gotto in the butt?

I mean, you’re letting Mr. Nego Me-Gotto have his way with you, and if you dare, you can make a stand send him running like the sniveling freak-show that he really is. But you have to have the guts to stand up to him and… smile.

As simple as it sounds, smiling is something that happy people have in common, and it’s terribly contagious. And by smiling, you may very well infect yourself with the happy virus. Just the act of smiling signals the release of happy hormones, which make you feel better and enhance your immune system.

People who are smiling, attract happier people, and more positive life circumstances.

Look for deeper meaning when your life is interrupted by situations or circumstances are not congruent with the life you had planned to live. If you can pull back your perspective, such as viewing from the air, overhead, like from the view of a helicopter, or even higher, if necessary. Consider what is really going on, not just how it is affecting you in this moment. It may have you learning more and educating yourself about issues that have a greater impact which you may be playing a role in.

Learning more about the situations and circumstances which are placed in motion by others claiming to have your best interests at heart, digging deeper into the motivations of the sources who have set about all the things into motion resulting in your experience, may give you more insight into what is really at work behind te scenes of our society.

Even though what you are experiencing may be negative, you may agree that your participation in this particular aspect of the system at play is a blessing. A blessing in that your eyes were opened to something you were previously unaware of and someone else in the same situation may not have fared as well as you.

This is an empowered perspective, without which you’re more likely just to feel like a victim. Once you’re aware of what’s actually playing out, you can play your part in the scenario with grace and valor, paying attention to details that others might easily overlook.

Unaware victims are more likely to jump to conclusions or over-react making things even worse for themselves and the conditions overall.

Seeing a more complete view of a situation changes everything, and creates a paradigm shift. See Paradigm Shift for an excellent example of a paradigm shift based on gaining access to more information, which changes everything. This is just one small example; imagine being able to approach everything that appears to be negative on the surface in this manner. The more information you have and the ability to view everything that appears to be bad from a wider perspective leads to a greater understanding of the energies at work. Recognizing their effects as they intersect with our lives, enables us to see how we all play a part in this passionate play of life.

Our positive vibration and flow can be interrupted by incongruent events, circumstances or subjected to a non-complimentary influence of other people, which can cause discomfort. There is a tendency to keep score of these unfortunate moments. Tracking them and the people or situations associated with them can have them stacking up. The cumulative effect of tracking these events stores up negative energy in our holistic system, causing stress in our body, mind, and soul.

Left to accumulate and grow, tracking these negative instances will drain your positive energy, cause stress and compromise your immune system, leaving you lethargic and prone to illness. The alternative is to let them go as quickly as possible and keep moving forward positively. These rapid recoveries and positive momentum will help to safeguard you against fatigue and potential depression.

Certainly, there will be situations and circumstances, that cannot be avoided and must be dealt with. By letting go of the smaller negative issues that come up in life, you will have more positive energy reserves and stamina for facing the major challenges which may appear, like the warrior that you are.