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Wrapping up the month of March, here’s a quick screen shot review of the month’s news. Let me know which ones you like the most. Thanks for your input, -David M Masters

Do you believe in angels
Do You Believe in Angels?
7 Steps to get out of your way and get what you want
Get Out of Your Way
There is more unseen than seen The unseen is waiting for you
Believing in Things Unseen
Love is a Terrible Thing to Waste
When Things Couldnt Get Worse They Do and then butterrflies emerge from caterpillars
When Things Couldn’t Get Worse, They Do and then…
Quantum mechanics theories and mysteries
Quantum Mechanics Theories and Mysteries
Guard your heart and mind Defend your right to live laugh love
Guard Your Heart and Mind
You want to live how long shocked baby how long do you want to live
How Long Do You Want to Live?
thought is precgnition you can see the future
Thought is Precognition
To blog or not to blog my favorite blogs
To Blog or Not to Blog My Favorite Blogs
Are scientific discoveries a distraction Take the high road Be Open
Scientific Discoveries and Distraction
Media Distraction Challenge
Media Distraction Challenge
Vegetarians vs Carnivores
Vegetarians vs. Carnivores
We are doers we are heroes God bless the doers
God Bless the Doer
If I had a dollar for every person
If I Could Just Get One Dollar from Every Person…
Love is all there really is everything else is an illusion
Love is All There Really Is
You are my favorite super heroes
Acts of Kindness Superheroes
Beware Individuality Psychosis DSM IV mental illness disease question authority
Beware Individuality Psychosis
operation cookie drop girl scouts cookies jaycie wakefield thankyouaaron
Girl Scouts Operation Cookie Drop Supporting the Troops
The best way to help someone in crisis is to listen to them until they are done sharing
Listen: Help Someone in Personal Crisis
Your highest and best specialize on purpose determine define specialize
4 Steps to Specialize on Purpose
Everything is connected everything happens at the right time everything is perfectly perfect
Everything is Connected and Perfect?
You are such a blessing to others offering love support and assistance
What Can I Do for You?
Which kind of cat are you cat personalities purr sonality
What Kind of Cat Are You?
Im not interested in what you say about me unless its true
What Are They Saying Behind My Back?
The war that we wage is not against flesh and blood
Looking for a Fight?
Question How does it make you feel when someone tries to bully you
Should Believers Be Bullying?
Anything is possible youre almost there Everything is
Anything Is Possible… Everything Is
Cant we all just get along
Can’t We All Just Get Along
Dave Michael Valentine with acoustic guitar
Sing Your Song
I am whats wrong with the world
I Am What’s Wrong With the World

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