The Dream Slapdown

So, you’re expressing your concerns about being dissatisfied with life as it is, and you’ve got an idea. An idea which feel like so much potential is out there waiting for you, if you could just go forward in this moment of inspiration, the world could be yours for the having. Then, the dream slapdown!  Someone you admire, who is a self-proclaimed expert, offers cautionary advice to break the trance of your forbidden exercise in entertaining false hopes and dreams.

“Who do you think you are? You don’t have the pedigree. You’re not a Bezos, Gates, Musk, or Zuckerberg. You cannot possibly cross the threshold. You didn’t go to some Ivy League school, like Harvard or Stanford. You’re not entitled. You are nothing but a worker bee. The best you could hope for is to get a college degree so you can make a few extra bucks than some other poor sap.”

Like a slap upside the head, you think, “Oh, yeah, what was I thinking?” as you settle back into your mundane life as one of the ninety-nine percent of workers who feel emotionally disconnected from the performance of their function in life. You rejoin the ranks of those whose dreams fade to black as they move through life unconsciously.

From this perspective, there is very little upside and trying to make it from where you are to where you might like to be in those brief moments when you allow yourself to imagine how good life could be? It is utterly impossible to make such a leap. The roadblocks are tremendous and impermeable.

It’s an uphill battle at best, and you simply do not have the resources necessary to take on such an adventure which you will ultimately fail at and stand embarrassed before your peers who will taunt you with relentless, I-told-you-sos.  So, why even try.

Those of us who work so hard to get ahead? We work our selves down to nothing, and for what, a meager bit more than our neighbor? And at what cost?

What if you fall victim to the keeping up with the Joneses wheel of misfortune? Well, at least there’s repose in the idea that you can file bankruptcy every few years, then start the cycle all over again.

Is it possible to break the cycle of being a slave to the media and money moguls? Yes.

In order to do so, you’re going to have to decide to change your life drastically and get as far away from the rut of slavery as possible to prevent your falling back into it.

You will need capital, a decisive sense of purpose, and energetic power to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Capital: You will need to spend less money than you earn, so that you have something (albeit, it doesn’t have to be much, but you must have something to start).

Purpose: Connecting your project with your heart, making it something meaningful, doing what you love, and having a sense of doing something that makes a contribution will help sustain your commitment to follow through when the going gets rough (and it will).

Energetic Power: Energetic power comes in many forms from the people we associate with and the financial resources we are able to direct (whether ours or someone else’s) to meditation/prayer, and a personal presence which has the ability to sway the attention and focus of others.

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