3 Steps to Get Rid of Cancer

Before I share the 3 steps to get rid of cancer let’s cover some details about cancer. First of all, cancer is nothing new. They’ve been digging up ancestors that go back thousands of years who following tests were discovered to have cancer. Most of them died with it and few of them died from it.

That being said, my purpose is not to diagnose or treat cancer or to offer you any medical advice. This is something that is personal between you and your doctor or between you and your maker or higher power. I only offer food for thought.

Where does cancer come from?

It comes from cells inside our body that go haywire and start waging their own war against the body from the inside out. Cancer is not a disease, a virus, or anything that can be tossed at you from outside yourself that you catch.

There are things that aggravate cancer within and cause it to wage this war. To do so, cancer requires resources to survive, thrive, and wage war.

Cancer cells are hungry for basically two things,

          1. Stress
          2. Toxins

These two ingredients combined are the perfect breeding ground for cancer.

As you may have noticed, we all are surrounded by these ingredients 24/7, so it’s no surprise that it is in close second place as the leading cause of death in the USA, as heart attack is number one, but not by far, cancer is spreading so rapidly, it could easily outrun heart attacks in the very near future.

Alternative methods of dealing with cancer are plentiful, but your doctor will insist that any of these are akin to “snake oil remedies” designed to fool you into forfeiting your cold hard-earned cash. Yet, people swear by many of them, and a Google search will turn up some 295 billion results.

Getting rid of cancer is not that hard if you have enough time to reverse the process. The less time you have, the more radical of an approach you will have to take.

Should you take chemo and radiation? That’s what your doctor will tell you to do, not just because it is so expensive (and therefore, profitable) but because that is how he was trained in medical school. Plenty of other people have gotten rid of cancer without chemo and radiation. I have been known to say that “you cannot poison yourself to health,” yet, according to the statistics, depending on where you find them, 2 to 14 percent of cancer victims are “cured” from cancer by taking chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

So, what can you do to get rid of cancer if you have it?

        1. Stop feeding the cancer toxins.

How do you do that? Change up what you put in your body.

            • Breathe clean air
            • Drink clean or purified water
            • Eat only non-toxic food
        1. Feed your body what it needs for optimal performance
            • Food designed for a human’s optimal performance
            • Not supermarket easily obtainable heavily processed food or fast food
        1. Create a healthy body state that does not support cancer growth
            • Live a stress-free lifestyle
            • Live in an alkaline-rich (high pH) body
            • Live in an oxygen-rich body environment

That’s it. In other words, making these three changes in your life,

1. Eliminate toxicity
2. Eat proper food
3. Live a mindful life

will get rid of your cancer if you have enough time.

Note that these are not weapons to battle cancer or anything else. You don’t need to fight for your life, just give your body the proper care, nourishment, and attention that it needs to live and thrive, then cancer can no longer live there. You get rid of cancer and you live on without it.

The 7 Keys to 3 Steps to Get Rid of Cancer

If you need help drilling down on these items, such as,

        1. What are sources of clean air?
        2. How do I drink pure water?
        3. How can I eat non-toxic food?
        4. What foods are designed for human optimal performance?
        5. How can I live stress-free?
        6. How do I increase alkalinity in my body?
        7. How can I live a mindful life?

I can help you do that.

If you have less time, if the cancer is running rampant and there is little time left to change your life, you will need to consider other, more aggressive, alternatives, and there are many of them to be found.

How to find the best one for you?

Find someone who was in the same position that you now find yourself in and ask them what they did to get rid of their cancer. Then, look for and ask someone else. Even though we are all human, each one of us is very unique, so what works for one person might not work for you, keep searching… you may find the right fit for you.

If you do not, well, 2 to 14% may be better than zero percent, but if it were me, I’d rather find a better way, avoiding the profitable poison therapy, which offers little hope, but admittedly some hope. And some hope is better than no hope.

Cancer of Giving

‘Tis better to give than receive.

That’s what they say.

Cancer of giving give from abundance not lack 20 ways to fund giving

So, the most benevolent of us often finds ourselves giving and giving upon giving for the benefit of others, while we sacrifice ourselves to death. It is not uncommon for these massively unselfish individuals who would give you the shirt off their back, the shoes off their feet and even their rent money to develop cancer and die. In some cases, the cancer and the idea of passing from life to death is comforting because the patient feels as though their reward for their selflessness waits on the other side.

Yet, not all who give of themselves unselfishly get sick and/or contract cancer, some actually are flourishing as others deteriorate suffering from a variety of ailments.

So what’s the difference?


You are the difference. How do you feel when you give?

Givers who give from abundance and joy give from a cup that is full… and they may have multiple full cups to give from. These are they happy, healthy givers. Giving from one cup – which may be low – may be emotionally financed from another overflowing cup.

In this way, you could have two people both with the same amount of money in the bank. They both give all that they have in their bank account to help a family who has lost everything due to their home being burned to the ground. One is enthusiastic, energized and happy about the gift, while the other is discouraged, depleted and depressed about the gift. Though I have used money as an example. I’m referring to giving of anything, like time, attention, talent, belongings, location, etc…

Those who are constantly asking, “What can I do for you?” and those who are inclined to offer unsolicited acts of kindness are superheroes in our society. But if your giving is not making you feel good, then you may be practicing unhealthy giving and this unhealthy giving could be killing you.

Self-sacrificially giving to make you feel better about yourself (if you’re not feeling well, suffer from feelings of inadequacies or unworthiness). while there may be a temporary surge of feeling better (it does make you feel good to help someone else) the longer term effects can exasperate your health and wellness.

All resources are not created equal, some balance sheets have a greater value than others but combined they could represent a healthy portfolio from which healthy giving could flow, even if one account is low, the other accounts can subsidize the giving.

20 Ways to Fund Your Giving

These various accounts represent things other than the cup the gift originates from. In example, here are twenty cups that could help you finance your giving to others, such as (1) Food/Shelter/Clothing, (2) Self-confidence/esteem, (3) Optimistic Outlook on Life, (4) Good Health, (5) Loving Family, (6) Good Friends, (7) Cuddly Pets, (8) Transportation, (9) A Good Job, (10) Low (or no) Debt, (11) Worry-free, (12) Creative Thought Processes, (13) Enthusiastic Hobby and/or Ongoing Projects, (14) Reading Good Books, (15) Trying or Learning New Things, (16) Extra Time on Your Hands, (17) You Treat Yourself First, (18) Open to Receiving, (19) Happiness (present and past) and (20) Gratitude.

It is the combined balance of all these accounts which fuels your ability to participate in healthy giving.

If you are giving due to lack of any of these accounts, the results can be destructive to your body, soul and spirit.

Does it mean to stop giving?

Well, if your giving is killing you or making you susceptible to attracting cancer or other diseases, it may be time to cut back on your giving until you’re able to build up balances in other accounts first.

This is an exciting journey.

Manage what you can in the best way possible for living a better life.