Quit Now Don’t Quit

Most people have had a dream, maybe even pursued it or gave-it-a-go once… The virgin attempt did not go as planned, so they gave up; quit.

One might resign one’s self to the belief that some people were just destined to be pawns in the game of life, thinking

“If I thought for a moment that I might have been beckoned by a higher calling, answered the call, and failed; why wouldn’t I conclude that I was not one of the chosen ones and just give up?”

Dont quit

Do you think Paul M. Zoll just woke up in the middle of the night with an idea of building a mechanism that you could surgically implant into a human body that would shock the heart into beating properly when necessary churned out a working model on the first attempt?

How many attempts do you think it took Percy Spencer to come up with a machine that would heat your food using microwaves?

What if Wilbur & Orville Wright had given up the first time they crawled out of the wreckage of their first attempt at flight?

What if Josephine Cochrane quit after her first attempt to create a device that would free housewives from having to wash dishes in the sink failed?

What if Les Paul would have given up when his first experiment at trying to create guitar that could be amplified without a microphone went up in smoke?

I can tell you the answer to what if.

If these individuals would not have answered the call to see their vision come to life, and pursued it with such dedication to not let countless failures dissuade them…

Someone else would do it.

When an idea desires to be born into our reality, nothing can stand in its way. The idea appears in the minds of many individuals at the same time… Many people can participate in the birthing process… and it can go through many stages before someone answers the call and is willing to accept the commitment to endure the birthing pangs that will bring it to life.

Sometimes, the idea is born as a futuristic story, like the nonsensical science fiction which has become present day science. Things that could not have been rationally conceived of, were making themselves known via minds that could do nothing more than document their visions in fictitious stories.

When laser technology was making itself known, Arthur L. Schawlow accepted the challenge as did Gordon Gould and Charles Hard Townes, all at the same time.

How many times have you (or someone you know) come up with an original idea… thought it was a good one… only to see it appear in the marketplace, with no credit to you (or the person that you know who had the idea)?

That’s a perfect example of how the universe evolves.

Have you been given a vision that yearns to come forth?
Did you try previously and fail?
Is your idea still waiting, or have you been given a new one?

Fear of failure is the mechanism, more often than not, keeping us from wanting to accept the call.

Plus, there’s no real responsibility; if I don’t accept the call, it will just go to someone else. It’s not like the world will suffer due to my reticence.

Here’s the rub:

You have come to this world for a reason.

You have a special purpose.

Are you ready to live the life you were born to live, contributing your innate skills and talents to the larger community, proclaiming your message to the world?

Are you a part of the growing populace awakening to answer the call?

Isn’t now the right time to start singing your song?