Relationship Coach Certification

If you’re finding your family, friends, and even complete strangers coming to you for advice on relationships, it might be a huge clue that God has called you to be a relationship coach. Maybe it’s time to get your relationship coach certification and move forward, answering the call, which you can clearly see that is part of your purpose.

You might be a natural matchmaker or dating coach in the making. You may be drawn to a specific area of expertise, and knowing this is one of the keys to sunning a successful relationship coach business. Many people who are entering the love coach arena, spend a great deal of time and resources finding their niche or area to specialize in.

I think that you will find that your ministry as a relationship coach will be a method of metamorphosis, growing and changing as you do.

When I first answered the call to become a relationship coach, I started as a Christian relationship coach, which merged into marriage coaching, then as I integrated other modalities while expanding my ability to help others my services transformed into NLP relationship coaching after integrating Neuro-linguistic Programming, which led to my writing the book, “How to Save Your Marriage.”

You know what specific areas you should specialize in because you are being called to this field and people are already attracted to you and bringing their particular dating, marriage, and/or family issues to you.

So, ask yourself, what are these people coming to you for advice for?

This is how you will determine how to position yourself, at least in the beginning, in the relationship coach field of work. This review will help you decide (at least initially) how to market your relationship coaching services.

If you find yourself answering questions about what are certain signs in dating relationships, and if you’re finding the advice you’re giving is helpful and those people keep coming back to you, then, yes, you are (and should be) a Dating Coach.

Likewise, if you are being consulted from individuals struggling to manage and maximize their marriage experience, then you are (and should be) a Marriage Coach.

You may find people reaching out to you to help mitigate the damages, drama, and trauma associated with the ending of relationships, then you may have special skills pre-qualifying you as an amazing Breakup Coach, which is a growing trend among relationship coaches.

And if you find people coming to you for advice when they are finding themselves embroiled in highly dysfunctional or abusive relationships, you might be a Toxic Relationship Coach.

Here are some examples of ways you can brand and/or market yourself as a particular type of relationship coach:

Christian Relationship Coach Couples Coaching Dating Coach
Family Coach Family Business Coaching Family Recovery Coach
Love Coach Marriage Coaching Online Dating Coach
Breakup Coach Self-love Coach Toxic Relationship Coach

These are just some ideas about how you can use your relationship coach certification and monetize the gifts and abilities you’ve already been endowed with.

If you’ve been offering your services for free, don’t you think you should allow the universe to compensate you for exercising your gifts and abilities as a certified relationship coach?

Check-in with my friends at St. Paul’s Free University‘s Relationship Coach Certification Course and consider enabling yourself to turn your calling into a way that you can make money doing what you love, and by doing so, you can live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place.

Or, here’s another option:


Certified Relationship Coach

Apply cutting edge technologies to your soulmate, love and relationship coaching or counseling practice.


When two people get together things are quite enthusiastic in the beginning as both partners are united by similar brain chemistry which is Mother Nature’s secret cocktail which influences the race to actively breed and expand. After Mother Nature feels like her goal has been served, the chemistry subsides, and one or both members of the couple are left wondering what happened?

In a world where 60 percent of marriages end in divorce and only 21 percent of well-intentioned unmarried couples find their relationships sustainable following a three- to five-year period.

It takes a degree of work and intention for a relationship to grow and flourish over time.

This leaves a huge number of people seeking out professionally certified relationship coaches to help navigate the coupling minefield.

Certified relationship coaches help bring people together in a way that creates a successful sustainable relationship in a world when society actually promotes and profits from disposable relationships.

Certified relationship coaches are commonly referred to as “Love Miracle Workers,” but the real magic that happens within the offices of relationship coaches certified by St. Paul’s Free University around the world, is a result of one or both relationship members doing the “deep work” which creates miraculous results in a couple.

Even deeply wounded lovers who have declared they would never marry, find themselves having a change of heart following the healing of deep inner wounds, they might not even be able to recognize on the surface, and this is a common reason why most relationships fail. Because one or both partners do not have the capacity to open themselves to an authentic open and loving relationship.

As a certified relationship coach, you will be able to challenge lovers to do the deep work necessary to create a truly loving and fully supportive long-term relationship.

Couples find themselves in the offices of certified relationship coaches when their relationship is in a state of crisis. If you have St. Paul’s Free University certification, you need not be intimidated by relationships in crisis because you are keenly qualified to help a couple look beyond the surface issues which the couple faces as challenges that appear to be insurmountable.

Even when intimacy seems to fade, relationship coaches who are fully certified by SPFU, are qualified to reignite the fire of intimacy in an otherwise healthy and loving relationship. Intimacy is the emotional adhesive which ensures the successful longevity of love and passion in lovers in relationships which can survive the test of time.

Help your clients achieve their highest and best in the area of love and romance in their lives while discovering, “what is a soulmate?”

One of the hottest issues in service consulting is in the area of assisting clients in finding their one and only true love or helping them maximize their current marriage relationships.

Certified Relationship Coaches get the latest tips, tools, techniques, and methodologies that help to solve issues related to finding love, creating romance, leading to marriage or achieving marital relationship success and longevity.

Demystify how to find love, create and use the law of attraction for finding love in all the right places at the right times.

Clients take personal and spiritual responsibility for their own relationship success and become their own matchmaker learning to read and interpret the soulmate signs.

Get your certification from St Paul’s Free University and become the reigning expert in the field of true love, soul mates, romance and relationships coaching while earning CEU credits.

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