I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me Thank You I Love You

I often have the opportunity to attend classes which center around emerging technologies in health, wellness, personal growth, and healing. I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love you. Is a mantra that appears to be showing up in the common vernacular of healers and teachers of all kinds.

It’s showing up in all areas of life, logic, personal growth, and expansive thought. From practitioners to masters, they are all adopting this phrase as one of the tools in their toolbelt for life-changing results in their clients and loved ones.

This magic phrase hails from Hawaii and is referred to as ho’oponopono by locals. Dr. Joe Vitale (who you might remember from The Secret) was responsible for introducing and popularizing the ho’oponopono concept across the United States, by observing and reporting Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s use of the technique.

I have run across many variations of the ho’oponopono phrasing, but the one that appears to be gaining the most popularity among the healing community is,

I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

That’s it.

Reportedly, Dr. Len changed the lives of criminally insane patients by performing his ho’oponopono ritual by placing one hand over his heart, the other on the file of the patient, and mindfully repeating the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you,” over and over again, then moving on to the next file.

Some notable components of this modality are that it requires no knowledge of the patient of the process taking place, the doctor conducting the exercise had never met the patients, and only soulful intent while repeating the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you,” was necessary to achieve the incredible results throughout the asylum.

Among the healing community, following a treatment session, it is becoming more common to use the ho’oponopono technique, as if sealing the work with a sacred kiss by repeating the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

There is a pseudoscience behind how the process works. Vitale and others offer training to certify practitioners in the use of this life-changing process, but this is not necessary for anyone to tap into this incredible healing gift from the heavens.

I have found, after learning about this technique and using it only for a short while, how easy it is to apply ho’oponopono at any time to any situation or circumstance.

This technique is available to you, right now. There is no need to take a course or to be certified to wield this powerful healing modality. You can witness the life-changing effects without even knowing how it works. This really can be your personal secret weapon for healing yourself, your loved ones, complete strangers, or the world, just by

  1. Placing your hand over your heart
  2. Mindfully repeating these words
    1. I’m sorry.
    2. Please forgive me.
    3. Thank you.
    4. I love you.
  3. And allow the love energy flowing through your heart with your pure intention do the work.

Of course, you may seek out classes, certification, or at the very least check into the work of Dr, Joe Vitale and his book, Zero Limits for more information, but don’t let the lack of information keep you from trying it out for yourself.

You can apply this technique to anyone or anything, from a politician to a natural disaster. Whenever you hope for someone to have a better life, or want to see an entire shift in consciousness. Anytime you feel quickened or upset or would like to see something different, you can use your heartfelt intention and repeat the words, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you,” and make the world a better place.

Thank You for Loving

If you’re an Earth Love Angel, I thank you for loving.

I am surrounded by people who vibrate at the frequency of love (which is 528 Hz according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz). The lives of these people actually resonate at the love vibration, as they love life with every heartbeat. At every opportunity they look at all life brings to their attention through the eyes of love. They are tender, compassionate, empathetic, do not pompous, nor do they judge others.

If you are one of the earth’s love angels, living your life in love, then you have an honorable place at the table of true lovers. You are love personified and your love is infectious. As you live your love life you inspire others to believe such a love exists. Thank you for loving with everything you’ve got.

Thank you for love

Thank you for love that inspires others to believe that true love is possible, ever present, and motivates them to take action. To do the deep inner work of finding the resonance of love which resides in all of us but is rarely tapped into.

Seeing your love in action inspires all of us who see you living your love life out in the open to join the love revolution by living our lives more in love, greeting everything in life which presents itself to us with an open heart pouring love out of endless supplies directly from the source of love which is the energy permeating all matter and space.

Thank you for love and all love’s endless possibilities.

Thank you for your love

Thank you for your love, the love shared between you and me, as well as all others who are blessed enough to bask in your presence. Your love inspires me to rise to new heights of living a life of love.

Your love not only reflects my love but magnifies my love exponentially, for which I am forever grateful. Thank you for your love which helps me to see all the love I could be.

May love fill your heart with gratitude

May love fill your heart with gratitude for the love in all of creation, love of family, love for your friends, love for everyone, those who hurt you, love that never ends.

You are so blessed to have all the power of love tenderly placed within you, which when accessed plugs you directly into the source of all life and love. This connection is sacred and more powerful than any weapon ever conceived of.

With this love, you can become empowered with the eternal love that never ends. You can love yourself, and others, in such a way that the angels bow in honor of the love you are becoming.

How blessed are we to be able to have such a powerful love?

May this love fill your heart with gratitude for being blessed with such a love as this, as I am grateful for the love that we share, whether we are separated by land or air. I am forever grateful for the love, and the love that you are.