Blessing Social Media is Good 4 U

When life seems to be a relentless struggle for survival, it’s so good to have someone in your corner. In this day and age when face-to-face relationships are hard to manage, social media has arrived on the scene to help fill in the gap. Even when we are warned about the dangers of social media as it gets blamed for the deterioration of human interaction, the truth is, it has also saved the lives of many.

For those who need to find someone in their corner with whom they can resonate with, regardless of your social status in the real world, you can find someone empathetic to your situation, cause, or plight.

In this way, social media plays an important part in the social matrix of your life. When you desperately need someone on your side, who can see things from your perspective, can feel what you’re feeling or has walked a mile in your shoes, social media can give you access to the people you need for support, when it would be difficult to do so in the real world.

I know when I have been at my lowest, and it seemed like there was no one there, I was desolate, alone, and felt as though there was no hope, or reason to go on, social media bridged the gap and helped me get through the toughest of times.

People, although virtual, were there to care, understand, love, and support me, when the rest of my life in the real world was crumbling all around me.

With all the negative press that social media gets (much of it warranted), there is another side to it as well. This virtual instant access to others can help build up and support the human condition as well.

Certainly, as with anything with huge positive potential, it can be abused and used with negative intent, but on the other side it can have incredible potential for making the world a better place.

Social media is a powerful medium which can either impact the world for good or for evil, and it appears that in order to keep its effectiveness, it must remain neutral. It’s up to you to decide how you will wield the awesome power of this electronic networking tool.

Social media is a microcosm of the totality of life on our planet. All types of people, philosophies, personality types, and beliefs are represented, and for the most part are able, and encouraged, to share their thoughts and feelings freely.

You may not always agree (and there is no reason why you should be required to) and you always have a choice in how you will represent yourself via social media. You can choose to fight, counter-attack, bless, or love. It’s up to you.

It may serve you well to think about how you are showing up in social media.
Are you representing yourself as the person you would like to be remembered as?

I know when Aaron was killed in Afghanistan, his social media was a worldwide representation of who he was, and it still survives him, even today.

I have many friends who have since passed away and their social media accounts give us all something to look back on to remember, honor, laugh, and reflect on the impact they have had on our lives when they were here.

Someday, after I am long gone, the virtual footprints of my social media interactions may be all that remains.

Just remember, your social media might represent the kind of person you are (or were) when you were here, on your life’s journey.

How would you like to be remembered in your social media?

You Are a Blessing to Me

This life has been so magnificent and I have met so many people along the way. Most all of them have brought something valuable to the table and many of them have taught me the most invaluable lessons.


I must say, while I adore each and every one of you, my favorites have got to be the friends who have been there and have never left me.

I mean, I have had very deep and meaningful relationships which I anticipated lasting forever, yet it lasted for only a limited amount of time. While those individuals have gone on to pursue other lives and lifestyles, I often think of them, wonder how they are doing and send them light and love.

No one knows better than me, that when you are embroiled in a hectic lifestyle in tune with your mission and purpose, there is less time to entertain the people whom I have had the benefit of crossing paths with along the way.

We meet where our paths intersect, exchange niceties, interact, offer each other love or abrasion, kindness or dissension, or the invaluable passing of knowledge and/or enlightenment. Oh, what a life…

It’s weird. I never really stop caring for friends whom I’ve bonded with in the past. Maybe because I have issues deep within – possibly abandonment issues – that spill over into other areas of my life.

For whatever reason, I form these longstanding attachments, even if the other people have moved on.

As I continue to grow, I understand the necessity of others to clear the way and not to be distracted by others, especially those who are on a different path… and my path feels so unique, that I am thoroughly excited and pleased to encounter another human being with similar resonance along the way. Though it is not long when our paths begin to veer off into different directions. And this is how it should be.

There are no accidents in this life. Every person I meet comes into my life with an explicit purpose, and it is up to me to uncover what the purpose each person will play in the overall ongoing performance of my life, which (if I could tell you all the stories, you would agree) has been the most intense experience.

The finely tuned and orchestrated symphony of people moving in and out of our lives along the way helps us to grow, mature and appreciate each and every one of the precious moments, each bearing its own unique gifts.

i-am-so-grateful-to-have-met-so-many-people-here-with-whom-i-resonate-you-have-truly-blessed-me-i-love-youYou might ask, “What if a relationship ends badly?”

It may take a great deal of courage and forgiveness to be able to do the work of seeing the value and love in an otherwise negative experience, but it is so worth it.

I have been guilty of holding a grudge in the past, only later to be able to see the blessings that I was unable to see in the moment, possibly distracted or overcome with a sense of betrayal or loss.


I am so grateful to have met so many people here with whom I resonate. You have truly blessed me. I love you.