Your Sacred Love Energy

Beyond three-dimensional love, there is a more powerful energy that can be shared between two lovers who are awakening to true love. On this higher dimension of love, your sacred love energy swirls within the heart clockwise waiting to be released and given to a sacred other. When the sacred other receives the love energy from the lover he or she swirls the love energy with his or her own love energy and gives it back to you, it grows into a powerful passionate sacred fire.

When two awakening lovers continue to give and receive this love energy sharing, it grows and can become more powerful than our burning sun. This is when two people are truly making love, and this is the most powerful creative energy in the universe.

What if one of the lovers fails to return the love in fashion?

For whatever reason, one of the lovers may receive the love given but may not swirl the love received with his or her own love and return it. This breaks the cycle of exponentially compounded love energy. The love remains and the enthusiastically sharing lover may not even notice the love not growing exponentially.

Often, this is a temporary state. When the other lover is ready, the swirling, growing, reciprocating love resumes, and this is love’s healing bliss.

What About Unrequited Love?

There may be an inability for one of the lovers to be able to participate reciprocally at all, the reasons are vast such as an inability to raise their love vibration to a level to initiate or participate in this level of vibrational love exchange, a transitionary phase of life that has left them unable to connect in this way, or perhaps maybe your unequally yoked, possibly with an energy vampire that will suck all the love energy he or she can extract from your being.

In any case, you may have found yourself giving your love to someone who doesn’t have the ability to, or will not, cooperate in your calling to create exponential universal love. The best thing that you can do is to detect this early, the earlier the better, so that you can do something about it.

When reciprocated, your source of love energy is endless, and if you both are tapped into God source energy, it is infinite. When unrequited, you are giving of your love energy, just as you would normally, only while you are giving, you are not getting the amplified love in return to add your love to give in the next wave, so you add twice as much of your love and swirl it up and send it out again.

And it feels good. It feels amazing to be giving your authentic love unreservedly to another being, and using your imagination, you can feel that love being swirled, amplified, and returned in synchronous harmony, and you are in heaven, and can’t wait to do it more, and more… Only, your partner is taking it all in and giving nothing back. Since it is feeling so good to you, you don’t notice.

This is not the same thing as knowing that your partner is going through a trial or challenge that has him or her in a weakened state. Of course, you, well aware of the circumstance, would gladly serve heaping helpings of love-enhanced God source energy to your partner in the hope that you might be able to offer love, healing, and support to your lover. You may give and give and give unrequited love transfusions in an effort to save your partner in times of trouble. But this is something completely different.

Here, you have someone draining you of your precious love energy reserves, maybe maliciously. Left unchecked, you could be drained completely, until there is no love, and very little life, left in you.

As soon as you have an awareness there is a terrible mismatch in your energetic love exchange, it is time to have a serious talk, and be thinking about the possible necessity of curtailing the relationship altogether because this could be a very toxic situation for you, especially if there is any malevolent intent at work here.

And I know, with all this talk about love swirling, you’re thinking about this taking place during the act of making love, but know, that love-making does not require sexual activity. Of course, in its highest form, love swirling is at its highest and best amidst two lovers exchanging in the most connective state of sexual intimacy, but it is not in the least bit restricted to this type of activity.

The love-swirling exchange can take place during a kiss, when holding hands, or even during a brief eye-joined love lock from across a crowded room. Love is not limited to time and space, it can be sent and received by two lovers whose hearts beat as one. This is great love.

In all its magnificence and limitlessness, “love” is a powerful energy sought to be had, used, and possibly abused by others who would gladly take it from you, and if the result is to leave you loveless and potentially lifeless on the floor, so be it.

It is up to you to protect your heart and your love.

If Love Leaves

And if your lover leaves, it makes sense, if you don’t understand why your lover has left, to hold sacred space and send love to your lost love, with the hope that he or she will come back to you to resume your love relationship or move on to the next phase of love together.

No one would blame you for using all the tools that you have available to save a love that you believe has so much potential, this is admirable and it’s the kind of love that inspires us and we all desire to have, but exercise caution in holding sacred space and sending love to the lover who has left.

If your lover has left for dishonorable or nefarious reasons there may be no coming back, and even if you could conjure enough love to bring your tainted lover back, you could find yourself in much worse shape.

Probably one of the worst things you could do is to send what energetic love you have to the lover who has left you, leaving you with nothing left, and doing so will cost you your natural immunity, leaving you vulnerable to ill health, greater risk of disease, and even a disruptive premature end of life.

In your lover’s absence, it is far better to focus your love on yourself and build your own energetic love reserves. By doing so, you are honoring your love and your lover who has left, so that if he or she returns, you have some high-quality love energy to share, which may be the most valuable life-saving commodity to offer if the lost love returns.

In the event your lost love does not return, you will have plenty of love energy that will attract your next big love like a magnet.

Unrequited and lost love are hugely complicated issues and I by no means expect this to be the only thing to consider, as there are multitudes of issues and possibilities to consider in these situations, but this is intended only to address one of the components: The care and feeding of your love.

It is your precious love, tend to it as though it means everything because it does.


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