Your Sacred Love Energy

Beyond three-dimensional love, there is a more powerful energy that can be shared between two lovers who are awakening to true love. On this higher dimension of love, your sacred love energy swirls within the heart clockwise waiting to be released and given to a sacred other. When the sacred other receives the love energy from the lover he or she swirls the love energy with his or her own love energy and gives it back to you, it grows into a powerful passionate sacred fire.

When two awakening lovers continue to give and receive this love energy sharing, it grows and can become more powerful than our burning sun. This is when two people are truly making love, and this is the most powerful creative energy in the universe.

What if one of the lovers fails to return the love in fashion?

For whatever reason, one of the lovers may receive the love given but may not swirl the love received with his or her own love and return it. This breaks the cycle of exponentially compounded love energy. The love remains and the enthusiastically sharing lover may not even notice the love not growing exponentially.

Often, this is a temporary state. When the other lover is ready, the swirling, growing, reciprocating love resumes, and this is love’s healing bliss.

What About Unrequited Love?

There may be an inability for one of the lovers to be able to participate reciprocally at all, the reasons are vast such as an inability to raise their love vibration to a level to initiate or participate in this level of vibrational love exchange, a transitionary phase of life that has left them unable to connect in this way, or perhaps maybe your unequally yoked, possibly with an energy vampire that will suck all the love energy he or she can extract from your being.

In any case, you may have found yourself giving your love to someone who doesn’t have the ability to, or will not, cooperate in your calling to create exponential universal love. The best thing that you can do is to detect this early, the earlier the better, so that you can do something about it.

When reciprocated, your source of love energy is endless, and if you both are tapped into God source energy, it is infinite. When unrequited, you are giving of your love energy, just as you would normally, only while you are giving, you are not getting the amplified love in return to add your love to give in the next wave, so you add twice as much of your love and swirl it up and send it out again.

And it feels good. It feels amazing to be giving your authentic love unreservedly to another being, and using your imagination, you can feel that love being swirled, amplified, and returned in synchronous harmony, and you are in heaven, and can’t wait to do it more, and more… Only, your partner is taking it all in and giving nothing back. Since it is feeling so good to you, you don’t notice.

This is not the same thing as knowing that your partner is going through a trial or challenge that has him or her in a weakened state. Of course, you, well aware of the circumstance, would gladly serve heaping helpings of love-enhanced God source energy to your partner in the hope that you might be able to offer love, healing, and support to your lover. You may give and give and give unrequited love transfusions in an effort to save your partner in times of trouble. But this is something completely different.

Here, you have someone draining you of your precious love energy reserves, maybe maliciously. Left unchecked, you could be drained completely, until there is no love, and very little life, left in you.

As soon as you have an awareness there is a terrible mismatch in your energetic love exchange, it is time to have a serious talk, and be thinking about the possible necessity of curtailing the relationship altogether because this could be a very toxic situation for you, especially if there is any malevolent intent at work here.

And I know, with all this talk about love swirling, you’re thinking about this taking place during the act of making love, but know, that love-making does not require sexual activity. Of course, in its highest form, love swirling is at its highest and best amidst two lovers exchanging in the most connective state of sexual intimacy, but it is not in the least bit restricted to this type of activity.

The love-swirling exchange can take place during a kiss, when holding hands, or even during a brief eye-joined love lock from across a crowded room. Love is not limited to time and space, it can be sent and received by two lovers whose hearts beat as one. This is great love.

In all its magnificence and limitlessness, “love” is a powerful energy sought to be had, used, and possibly abused by others who would gladly take it from you, and if the result is to leave you loveless and potentially lifeless on the floor, so be it.

It is up to you to protect your heart and your love.

If Love Leaves

And if your lover leaves, it makes sense, if you don’t understand why your lover has left, to hold sacred space and send love to your lost love, with the hope that he or she will come back to you to resume your love relationship or move on to the next phase of love together.

No one would blame you for using all the tools that you have available to save a love that you believe has so much potential, this is admirable and it’s the kind of love that inspires us and we all desire to have, but exercise caution in holding sacred space and sending love to the lover who has left.

If your lover has left for dishonorable or nefarious reasons there may be no coming back, and even if you could conjure enough love to bring your tainted lover back, you could find yourself in much worse shape.

Probably one of the worst things you could do is to send what energetic love you have to the lover who has left you, leaving you with nothing left, and doing so will cost you your natural immunity, leaving you vulnerable to ill health, greater risk of disease, and even a disruptive premature end of life.

In your lover’s absence, it is far better to focus your love on yourself and build your own energetic love reserves. By doing so, you are honoring your love and your lover who has left, so that if he or she returns, you have some high-quality love energy to share, which may be the most valuable life-saving commodity to offer if the lost love returns.

In the event your lost love does not return, you will have plenty of love energy that will attract your next big love like a magnet.

Unrequited and lost love are hugely complicated issues and I by no means expect this to be the only thing to consider, as there are multitudes of issues and possibilities to consider in these situations, but this is intended only to address one of the components: The care and feeding of your love.

It is your precious love, tend to it as though it means everything because it does.


You’re Doing It Wrong

We are surrounded by chaos, opposition, and separation. Wouldn’t you rather live in a world of peace and harmony? If you’re focused on making a stand, fighting for your right, or protesting against what you do not want, you’re doing it wrong. Love your enemies if you really want to see change.

This sounds hugely counterintuitive, because your natural inclination is to react in some way to stop the way you’re feeling, and somewhere deep in your caveman or cavewoman instinctual reaction, you feel like the best way to stop the way you’re feeling is stop what is making you feel that way, essentially to kill it or the person doing it.

Well, that sounds so dramatic or barbaric, so if you’re feeling a little more civilized, then let’s punish those who might have the gall to participate in a different point of view, put them in jail, send them off to some barren place to fend for themselves against other radicals, or

These days, we belittle, ridicule, or try to make them seem idiotic, or evil via social media, you might want to stage a protest, destroy someone’s property, threaten, or execute some irreverent or violent campaign against those whose point of view is not shared by you.

Free speech and protesting are your rights. In fact, you are encouraged to speak your mind and make a stand against those with whom you share this planet with.

Why do you think that is?

You might be surprised to discover that you are a victim of energetic theft and manipulation by exercising your right to disagree vehemently. And if you’re starting to get a glimpse behind the curtain and understand that things may not be as they appear, you’re not alone.

The powers that be understand that energy is energy and that everything is energy. They are hungry to use the news, media, and life circumstances that will create energy (usually negative because that yields the greatest volume and is accomplished easily) within you, hoping to initiate an energetic response from you.

Usually, they promote something that you will think is undesirable, if they can increase your objection to despise or hate the idea they have introduced to your consciousness, they are likely to elicit a higher energetic response. Their hope is that they can upset you enough to recruit you to promote their agenda, unbeknownst to you.

How are you tricked into adding your energy to their agenda? By letting you think you can make a difference by fighting against them, which only makes them stronger.

Granted, you may be able to stop something by killing it, temporarily.

The 3x Energetic Rule

If you look at how dramatically stopping a thing makes it stronger, take a look at how things work in the real world. If you kill a cop, three others take his place. If you burn down an abortion clinic, three more abortion clinics are built. You might be able to silence and crush a movement, but it only goes underground and becomes three-times more powerful.

And if you share those news stories or offensive memes on social media, you have been recruited by that which you despise and become a public relations promoter of their cause. And for the most part, we fall for this manipulation every time.

A more effective approach is to use the power of love to neutralize their efforts.

Infinite energy is the power behind love. Love is the most powerful weapon in the universe. Applying love to everything that is unwanted is the only way to affect real, lasting change in the world.

Love Your Enemies

Jesus tried to tell us about how to use the energy of love to thwart evil in his Sermon on the Mount. He said,

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” ~ (Matthew 5:44)

This methodology is valuable, now more than ever, and is the only way to neutralize the energy which has been accumulated by those people and things which you despise the most.

You will be able to greatly decrease their efficacy by encapsulating them, whoever or whatever they are, in love. When you encapsulate them in love, you create a love vacuum which limits their ability to promote their agenda. And, at the very least, by loving them instead of hating them, you have not added to their energetic prowess.

Understand that evil and good are both concepts that balance each other out. As you may have noticed, they can occasionally remain out of balance, and you can bet that someone is profiting wildly from this imbalance. There is no good without evil, and neither good nor evil can exist in a vacuum.

Love (or good) exists eternally and infinitely. Evil is secondary, a corruption of love. Evil is like a parasite that feeds on and corrupts love (its host), including the exploitation of your otherwise sensible energy to further grow and spread itself, like a virus. If you remove the energy from any undesirable, unwanted, or “evil” thing, the underlying love remains.

If this is a congruent concept to be embraced by you, you will encapsulate with love, rather than respond defensively.

You can apply this to anything undesirable in your life and be miles ahead in your ability to help make the world a better place. So next time someone riles up your otherwise reasonable sensibilities,

Encapsulate them in love.


Live a Life of Love

There’s a good chance you are not experiencing the life of love that you’ve longed for your whole life. Oh, you’ve believed in it, sought it, opened your heart to it, and even thought you were deeply in it, but came up feeling, empty, betrayed, alone, or even abused. Even with everything you’ve been through you want to be living a life of love.

Your life may have been somewhat lackluster till now, lacking the love, the longing of which leaves a gaping whole in the center of your being.

You may not have been the recipient of all the love you desired, certainly deserved, and you may have experienced such a lack of real love that you might not even believe there is such a thing as love at all.

You might be surprised to discover that you have everything you need to have all the love in your life that your heart desires, and living a life of love is how to attract love into your life.

In just a few minutes you can start manifesting love by learning how to live a life of love and how to attract love energy which magnetically increases your spiritual attraction to someone. Someone specially matched uniquely to you and your energetic vibration.

I have been working in the love and relationship business for a while, the author of 7 Phases of Love and trainer of relationship coaches nation and worldwide, and the most powerful love manifestation principle I know of is

Living a Life of Love

Now, don’t get me wrong, in the love and relationship business, we can help you make the best out of any love circumstance or situation you’ve gotten yourself into. The chances of you having conflict in any romantic relationship are so great it guarantees a full schedule for anyone in the love and relationship-related channel. And there is hope to build a better future for anyone willing to do the work.

So, if you’re feeling like your romantic relationship is not unfolding like you might have liked it to, it will get better. My friend, Arielle Ford has written a book entitled, Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate (, which you will find inspirational and practical in breathing new life into your existing relationship and possibly transform it into an enlightened love dream come true.

The kind of love that I talk about in my Awaken to True Love Workshops, refers to a different kind of romantic love than you’re used to hearing about. In this highest version of love, you unleash let loose the unconditional love generator which has been laying dormant within your for far too long.

If you allow this flow of love to envelop you, love fills you, body and soul. This love overflows into those who are within proximity and beyond, effectively affecting the whole world, too.

The source of all love from which all life flows is this constant unlimited, unrestricted ever-flowing, eternal love energy, and you have the built-in mechanism and secret code to unlock the flow of this unconditional love.

Now, we block this energetic connection for the most part, and anyone you know would either tell you that it doesn’t exist or caution you against accessing such a powerful energy cause if it did exist it could potentially destroy the world, if not the universe.

We don’t have the time to go through the entire process right now, but I can help you unlock your unconditional love generator, right now, which will start to release the flow of this eternal love through every cell of your body.

Love Masters

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. True love energy is the source energy of God, and if you are open, aware, and loving, you can master this powerful love energy. To do so, you must apply this love energy to everything that is happening around you, appearing before you, and being felt within you.

It sounds like a tall order, but you don’t have to master all of this instantly. In fact, that would be extremely difficult to do because it takes discipline and a great deal of retaining the way you think.

You have been programmed since your earliest of ages to not think in this way, even though in your purest form when you first arrived in this world, you were a natural-born master of love. Since your birth, you have been retrained to be a master of fear.

Fear is exclusion and isolation of self, while love, on the other hand, is inclusive, embraces all things as divine and absorbs all the positive energies in everything, regardless of how it may look on the surface.

Love is a state of being which is associated with a particular frequency of energetic vibration. When you are in it, you can feel it. You know it when you are there. To apply this energetic state of being to every moment of every day, that is mastering love.

Interestingly, those who are able to maintain this level of energetic love mastery, their lives look very different from the rest of us, because this energy attracts those things which are an energetic match to the energetic “love field” they have created for themselves.

Love Masters love everything around them, the way that it is. They love others; their families, their neighbors, friends, coworkers, management, law enforcement, governing officials, all of them, just the way they are. They love the nature which surrounds them; the chirping birds, the trees swaying in the breeze, the bud of a flower as well as in full bloom, the grass as it grows and the smell of it after its been freshly cut, the taste of a freshly picked juicy apple. They love where they live, the sounds heard from outside that verify their existence in this place, they love the transportation vehicle(s) which allow them to move about freely in this exciting world where we live.

So, things show up that are a match to their energetic vibration of love which flows through them.

To love is a choice, and you could choose to adopt this vibrational state of being for yourself and enjoy all the good things in life that are a harmonic match to your new love vibration.

As a Love Master, you will be imbued with special abilities to influence the world around you with this new energetic power of love, but to take full advantage of your love prowess, you’re going to have to let go of all the “separation” you’ve been taught and have grown so accustomed to.

Love Masters love everyone and everything, just the way it is. They find a sense of balance in all things working together for good, even when they appear to be quite bad at any particular time in space. People are not bad, just as you are not bad, and everything is perfect as it is. All things are always changing, growing and evolving, and nothing is wrong or broken, nor does it need fixing, though there may be many things to which you are not a match at any given time.

If you are not a match for any given thing, it is of little concern to you. When you notice such a thing, you honor it and acknowledge that it is something you do not want in your sphere of influence, unless you have received the calling address the issue for the greater good. If you have not been called upon, it is someone else’s calling. To assert your attention or influence would only cause your vibration to deteriorate unnecessarily and add more momentum and energy to that which is unwanted, if this is not your calling. To do so would hinder the work of those who are called to address the issue.

Rather than focus your attention on the thing(s) that you don’t want, focus your attention on the solution, the cure, and support those who have been called to the fighting of the fight. Celebrate and support those who have been called, do not focus your attention on the things which cause you to be upset.

I know this is counterintuitive because you’ve been programmed and trained against such things, but this is the gateway to widespread peace, love, and happiness.

People can see Love Masters from afar because they have a particular glow about them. This is due to their fully love-charged energy field or aura which gives them the ability to more greatly affect the world around them in the most positive ways, and they are often kindly referred to as being blessed, or in the extreme as miracle workers.

Love Masters are tolerant, patient, confident, respectful, and courageous, yet practice humility. They realize that everything is in a constant phase of change, always for the better, realizing that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have (as we all do) as they refrain from judgment.

They embrace the practice of meditation as a method to raise their vibration, while avoiding practices that lower it, when appropriate. (Life is what it is, and we all succumb to its pressures at times.)

If you look at the most powerful people who have raised from the ranks of the working class, you will find that they are Love Masters. You will find them, helping others, edifying others, encouraging others without exclusion. They share their energetic resources and attract even more as they do.

When you fill your heart with love from the pure source of all life for yourself (without the need to receive love or validation from others) your love cup overflows into the energy fields of all others who are in your presence.

How do you know you’re in the flow of love? You know by how you feel. If you feel good, you’re in. If you feel bad, you’re out.

Make more opportunities to feel good and stay in the flow of love.

There are those who will be upset by your abundance of love and they may try to drag you down. Just remember that their need to feel like they should knock you out of your love-flow has far less to do with you than it does them.

They are hurting. They want the love you have, but they have ascribed themselves to the belief, and have aligned themselves with a world that teaches against such things as folly. Do not judge them. Have compassion for them. Know that they are in a process of change and evolution, and everything will get better for them.

Don’t try to educate or convert them (they are unable to receive words to which they are not a match anyway). Love and bless them because they’re doing the best they can, and things will get better. They always do.


You Are Evolution

As the world and its inhabitants continue to evolve and expand in consciousness (as science is now recognizing that all matter is energetically connected, alive and conscious) perceptions of human are starting to make a grand shift from believing what we’ve been told and obediently following the rules to having independent thought and being open to the expansiveness of infinite possibility.

You Are Evolution

As you awaken you become aware of the great lengths society and its social programmers will go through in a powerful and determined effort to control you, how you think, what you believe, what you do, and what you are afraid of. Fear is their most powerful weapon, and it’s worked superbly, until now.

Fear is losing its power to control us, for there is a far more powerful energy which dissolves any fear in any of its many forms to meaningless nothingness. The most powerful energy is love, and it is love that is disarming those who seek to control your mind (where your thoughts are easily manipulated by fear).

Contemporary society, as well as its barbarian ancestors, have thrived in a state of fear, but the evolution of an emerging awakened human being is only now beginning to see that things may not be as they appear. Once the veil has been lifted, you start to see things as they really are. You are evolution.

Due to medical advances in the world, a growing number of individuals are dying… and coming back from death. Their reported near-death experiences (NDE) are vastly contrasting the reports of our lesser-evolved ancestors. They are discovering, and science is confirming, there is far more taking place within, without, and throughout all existence.

The awakening of humanity is exposing the concept of infinite possibility which exists all around us and we are able to increase our interaction with it.

Fear among the living is fading as the energy of love continues to expand, rendering fearful energies impotent. The fearful social constructs used to manage and control us are losing their grip. The power of the organized methods created to imprison the minds of humanity are failing to force efficacy in the brainwashing of you and me, and love is breaking through the barriers of fear among our peers all over the planet.

And for those among the awakening are expanding, the understanding of infinite possibility offers growing empowerment to create new opportunities for an expansive stress-free lifestyle without the constraints of fear. Life and the living of it become your superpower.

There is an energetic consciousness all around us where anything is possible. All the limitations which have been imposed on you are little more than sleight of hand tricks to make you believe that you are not divinely empowered to have access to the unrestrained power of God and the universe, enabling you to imagine first, then do, be, or have anything your heart desires.

Unconditional love, the ability to deeply connect with others, a unique purpose, a powerful reason for being, joy, prosperity, and abundance are among the concepts which are being bestowed upon those who are awakening.

While the process of awakening is simply the raising of your vibrational frequency from fear-based to love-inspired, it is difficult to overcome a lifetime of social programming. It requires what appears on the surface to be illogical. Logic relies on evaluating data which is known while expanding in consciousness relies on being open to what is not known.

Even so, as science progresses, they are discovering new data amidst the unknown. God bless those who dare to explore these new uncharted expanses which are challenging the constraints of primitive data.

Drop Out Plug In

Increasingly there are those, just like you, who are dropping out of the primitive life system and plugging-in to the vastness of all that is, being open to all the infinite possibility, growing, expanding, and continuing to evolve.

And the powers that be are taking notice. They are ramping up their efforts to dominate us exercising their management of the educational system, media, electronic communication, data overload, crisis creation and management, mental health and legal systems, and any other methods they can utilize to garner greater control of our youth, in an effort to build up reserves for the future. They are convinced their control will quash and outlive the current evolution, but it will not.

You are dropping out of the systems organized to control you. You can no longer relate to these systems any longer because you can see the fear-based “truth” they claim is eternally powerful to have authority over you is neutralized by the power of unconditional love.

Have you noticed, as you exit these systems, that the members will exert various fear-based methods to force you to return to their conformist standards to return to the fold?

They have been deeply programmed to do the bidding of the powers that be to see your departure as something dangerous, even life-threatening, and they might do anything to see you return to the organization, exerting fear-based tactics such as intimidation, threats of consequences, excommunication, or even eternal damnation.

Plugging-in to the infinite power of unconditional love gives you the fortitude to be strong enough to walk away from the barbarian drama without judgment because you know they are only victims of a larger system, as you once were.

You can love and bless them as they make their own way in life, as you continue to find your own way.

You are no longer blinded nor controlled by “the system.”

You are among the awakening. You are courageous and powerful. Your evolutionary process will yield to you everything you need to grow, expand, and be more than you could have ever imagined.

Bless you, for having the courage to drop out and plug-in.