Are You a Victim of This Life?

Have you ever stopped long enough to look around to see that everyone and everything around you is telling you what to do, what to believe, and what to think? Are you a victim of this life?

From birth, you’ve been programmed to think small. You’ve been allowed to exercise your imagination as a fanciful kid’s toy and as you’ve matured you’ve been taught that if you think it’s anything more, then you’re a fool.

Every once in awhile your imagination presents to you a glimpse of the life that is waiting for you, then your programming kicks in, as you responsibly brush those thoughts aside, and slip back into the thought prison that’s been created for you. This prison of deception restrains you from exercising your full potential and reaching out to enjoy the life that is your divine birthright.

You think you’re unworthy, not educated enough, or were not born into the right family… all the things they want you to believe, yet none of these things are real. Your limiting beliefs are the prison bars that separate you from the life you are sacredly entitled to. And these thoughts are not yours, they’ve been strategically planted there to diminish you, to restrain you onto a life of service, as a slave to the system.

You have been tricked into believing that you have no special gifts, skills, or abilities. Even though sharing your gifts, kills, and abilities are the primary reason for your existence. That’s your reason for your being here in the first place.

Abundance and joy are elusive because you’ve been programmed to shrink down in fear of taking the risks necessary to reach out in faith and create for yourself the amazing life that is waiting for you. You fear what might happen if you make a mistake or fail, and you’re ready to bail at the first sight of resistance.

And when you’re feeling like something’s just not right, rather than think it through, you reach for comfort food, drink, smoke, drugs, magazines, videos, or other media to distract you and keep you numb to the endless possibilities that await you, if you could only break the spell you’re under.

You are enveloped in a sea of apathy, where you are exposed to so much information and distracted by so much stimuli that there is little hope of connecting with your higher self. Any thought of dissatisfaction is met with news that dictates that your life could be worse. This is to create that knee-jerk reaction which keeps you small.

Yet, there is this still small voice inside you which can be heard above all the noise of the constant barrage of programming that yearns for something more, and you think to yourself, “There must be more to this life than this.”

This is your divine spark of life that remains pleading that you take hold of your sacred authority and start living the life you were meant to live, to grasp and embody your purpose, message, passion, and mission in this life, to be the man or woman you were called to be in fullness and grace.

You are not a single-celled organism, you are a powerful creator, with the power of the whole world in your hands. This is your birthright.

Living life to its fullest is not an easy path to take. There will be resistance and challenges along the way, but you can do this, if you really want it.

Social Prison of the Mind

If you know someone who is comfortable inside the box dictated by our socially engineered lives, after you have spent some time in exploration outside the box, sharing your ideas, feelings, and data obtained outside with someone inside, this conversation can be difficult at best.

Society imprisons us by structural cages of thought which are more effective high levels of containment than any bars of any cell in any prison. When you put a prisoner behind bars, he or she longs for the life which exists on the other side of the bars.

How more effective would it be if you could make the prisoner believe that life on the other side of the bars would cause him or her to burst into flames and experience painful longsuffering death. If you could do this, then managing prisoners could be very easy. If effectively administered, with this level of fear, you would not even need bars at all.

You could paint a line on the floor and condition a prisoner to believe that crossing the line will cause him to burst into painful flame. Just in case the prison thinks there is the potential of a greater life on the other side of the line, all you have to do is to show him a dancing flame with a soundbite of agonized screaming, and the fear is reignited. The prisoner rejects the thought of life on the other side of the line.

After a while, you can even eliminate the line as a boundary, because the prisoner knows anything “over there” is flaming pain and death.

While this may sound ridiculous on the surface, this is the life that peoples of the world live in the prisons of their minds every minute of every day.

Social engineering constructs the invisible cells of our minds which are the highest level of containment, reinforced by fear. To keep you from thinking outside the cell or box, the boundaries of the perimeters are shown a dancing and screaming flame on the television, or via some other media, to keep us afraid of thinking outside the box.

There are so many sequential layers of the fear. Fear of not being accepted or loved. Fear of not being clothed, fed, or a roof over your head. Fear of pain or being punished. Fear of being prevented from having the experiences you desire.

Speaking of desire, even what you want can be dictated by the social engineers. How impressive is that?

There are socially-engineered acceptable methods of getting what you want. Any method of attaining those things which you desire outside the commonly held view of what is acceptable is confusing or rejected by those who safely reside inside the social prison.

Some methods will be punished by law, and others are disregarded as freak accidents, such as being hit by lightning or winning the lottery.

Acceptable methods would include, going to school, followed by secondary education, working very hard in a professional trade for which you have paid to be trained, and keeping one’s self focused on the things you desire, in a high level of debt, while maintaining a reasonable credit score.

This is the society of consumers which has been socially engineered.

Managing a consumer’s indebtedness can be a difficult balancing act, so there has been a mechanism initiated by the engineers whereby if a consumer has gotten out of control, every once and a while, an indebted consumer can start the cycle over again by filing bankruptcy, because having a hoard of active consumers is far more critical to the operation of the social machine than actually paying one’s debts.

Yet, every now and then, someone gets a glimpse of life outside the box.

Even though it is frightening, more and more of us, are questioning the socially-engineered prisons of our minds and daring to explore life outside the box.