Are You a Victim of This Life?

Have you ever stopped long enough to look around to see that everyone and everything around you is telling you what to do, what to believe, and what to think? Are you a victim of this life?

From birth, you’ve been programmed to think small. You’ve been allowed to exercise your imagination as a fanciful kid’s toy and as you’ve matured you’ve been taught that if you think it’s anything more, then you’re a fool.

Every once in awhile your imagination presents to you a glimpse of the life that is waiting for you, then your programming kicks in, as you responsibly brush those thoughts aside, and slip back into the thought prison that’s been created for you. This prison of deception restrains you from exercising your full potential and reaching out to enjoy the life that is your divine birthright.

You think you’re unworthy, not educated enough, or were not born into the right family… all the things they want you to believe, yet none of these things are real. Your limiting beliefs are the prison bars that separate you from the life you are sacredly entitled to. And these thoughts are not yours, they’ve been strategically planted there to diminish you, to restrain you onto a life of service, as a slave to the system.

You have been tricked into believing that you have no special gifts, skills, or abilities. Even though sharing your gifts, kills, and abilities are the primary reason for your existence. That’s your reason for your being here in the first place.

Abundance and joy are elusive because you’ve been programmed to shrink down in fear of taking the risks necessary to reach out in faith and create for yourself the amazing life that is waiting for you. You fear what might happen if you make a mistake or fail, and you’re ready to bail at the first sight of resistance.

And when you’re feeling like something’s just not right, rather than think it through, you reach for comfort food, drink, smoke, drugs, magazines, videos, or other media to distract you and keep you numb to the endless possibilities that await you, if you could only break the spell you’re under.

You are enveloped in a sea of apathy, where you are exposed to so much information and distracted by so much stimuli that there is little hope of connecting with your higher self. Any thought of dissatisfaction is met with news that dictates that your life could be worse. This is to create that knee-jerk reaction which keeps you small.

Yet, there is this still small voice inside you which can be heard above all the noise of the constant barrage of programming that yearns for something more, and you think to yourself, “There must be more to this life than this.”

This is your divine spark of life that remains pleading that you take hold of your sacred authority and start living the life you were meant to live, to grasp and embody your purpose, message, passion, and mission in this life, to be the man or woman you were called to be in fullness and grace.

You are not a single-celled organism, you are a powerful creator, with the power of the whole world in your hands. This is your birthright.

Living life to its fullest is not an easy path to take. There will be resistance and challenges along the way, but you can do this, if you really want it.

I Want My Life to Have Meaning

There comes a time in your life when you look back at your life and you think, “I want my life to have meaning,” with an inkling to want to have made a difference, to desire to know that after living your life you will have made a contribution, leaving behind some proof of your existence.

This is the still small voice inside your heart reaching out to you. It has been all but silenced by all the trying to find a place to survive in this life without being a total outsider.

You learn not to listen to your heart as it is overpowered by the thoughts and voices of everyone else, your family, friends, teachers, authority figures, mentors, and the constant barrage of the media, telling you who and what you should be.

Then, when you experience a moment of silence in your life, you hear your heart’s voice utter, “I want my life to mean something,” and in that moment you want your life to have meaning.

What does, “I want my life to have meaning,” mean?

It means you are awakening to the idea that your life has a divine purpose, message, passion, and mission (PMPM) and it’s so true. You came to this earth to make a contribution, to make a difference, but society has squelched the greater part of you as you remained small in an effort to not make waves or upset the social landscape too much.

You instinctual spark to make a difference, live a better life, your best life, and make the world a better place, was probably quickly silenced by your negative self-talk, or brushing the idea aside as you resigned to live a life in an effort to just get by.

This time, before you push the idea out of your head, take time to sit back and imagine what your life could look like if you hadn’t been born into the family, raised in the town, trained in the schools, faced the challenges, suffered the tragedies, lived the life you have lived ‘til now.

What could your life look like if you could have it any way you wanted it?

You get accustomed to seeing your life as just the way it is, but you can change your life dramatically any time you want. You don’t have to work at the same job, live in the same place, or even be the same person you have trained yourself to accept as your life.

Dare to visualize what your life would be like if you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

It’s never too late for you to change your life, if there is still life in you to be lived.

What would your new life look like? Where would you live, if you could live anywhere? What would you do, if you could do anything you wanted? Who would your friends be? How would you spend the free time in your life, if you had it? What would you like to change about the world?

Getting a grasp of what your life could be like, what meaning and impact your life could have, will empower you to not only see the unlimited possibilities which lay before you but enable you to take inspired action toward making your personal vision a reality.

If every day you ask yourself, “What step(s) could I take today that will bring me that much closer to the life I want?” will reveal to your conscious mind things that you could do, even the smallest of steps move you closer to where you want to be.

Writing them down, so that you can review and refine them later can turn these ideas into goals. A conscious written goal can easily be achieved if you keep bringing it to your awareness. Soon a path, a map, will emerge, and you will see yourself using these as stepping stones leading to your new life of meaning and purpose.

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step.

Hold your head up high and keep moving away from that part of your life which represents the prison you’ve succumbed to in the past.

You’ve taken the first step toward achieving your highest and best.

An amazing and meaningful life awaits you.

Start Living Your Best Life

The time has come, you’ve lived your life up until now, just as everyone expected you to. Suddenly, or a little over time which has grown cumulatively until the moment when, you’ve awakened to idea that things are not the way they appear to be, and you realize that now is the time to start living your best life.

You’ve lived a life which has been worth living. You’ve found ways to garner some sense of meaning amidst all the chaos in life. There have been moments which have been good, and you’ve found ways to make yourself feel happy, but these moments are few and far between.

You’ve done your best to maximize your experience throughout this life no matter what stood in your way. You’ve persevered and persisted to live a better life. Yet, something inside you has caused you to feel that something is seriously wrong.

Today, you realize that the world and everything you’ve come to believe ‘til this moment was far from the truth. Truth, if there is such a thing, is elusive and hidden by society and family, and you’re just not going to let other people tell you what to do, or who you are.

You decide to make a stand for yourself, your individuality, and resolve that the time has come for you to exercise your independence and freedom to be the unique you, which is your undeniable right.

You’ve lived a good life, you’ve endured pain, tragedy, and struggled to make it this far. Now it is time to

Start Living Your Best Life

When you start living your best life, you start living life on your own terms.

No one can tell you what to think, what to believe. You’ve realized that nearly everything everyone else believes is a falsehood designed to make them, the herd, easier to control, and they blindly follow the leader, as sheep to the slaughter.

This one thing you know, you’re opting out of the herd.

It’s not uncommon for you to feel both excited and anxious about dropping out of the rat race, for your whole life has been lived among that style of life which has kept you distracted by the media, societal structure, and games people play. There is a sort of addictive dependence which you have learned to feel attuned to, so there will be symptoms of withdrawal when you start to pull away.

At this moment you realize that your best life does not come from gaining the acceptance from others or living in such a way that incites approval or jealousy from others who long for a level of success (misery, infirmity, victimhood, or spirituality) which keeps us from truly connecting to other human beings.

Live a Better Life Your Best Life

Your best life is fully independent which engenders a yearning to connect with others, and the world in an authentic co-creative manner, in an effort to have a positive impact on our planet. You seek independence without separating yourself from others as you look to honor other human beings for whomever they are as you realize that you, just as they, are only doing the best you can with what you have.

As you start to understand your Purpose, Message, Passion, and Mission in this life, the idea of living your best life takes on new meaning. You are getting to know the empowered you which was your birthright. The one you were meant to be in the first place, that you which you were fully aware of when you were very young, but since have had beaten out of you by socialization or education.

In this sense today truly is the first day of the rest of your life as you take the steps necessary to get in touch with yourself, the source of all life, and the peaceful, harmonious connection to the world at large as you

Start Living Your Best Life

Composite Hybrid Approach to a Better Life

Looking after yourself will take a composite hybrid approach to a better life, assuring you have the resources to stay on the top of your game.

Whether you’re a soccer mom, an emergency room nurse, firefighter, law enforcement officer, or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you best be taking the time out to look after yourself.

Think about it, yes people depend on you to deliver the goods, and look good while you’re doing it, but what resources are you drawing upon? You are drawing water from your well.

What if your well runs dry? Then where will you be?

What about all those people who depend on you? Where will they be?

It’s up to you to make looking after yourself just as much, if not more of, a responsibility as “being there” for others. If you don’t, your days of service may be numbered.

Your body is the gift you were given to do all the great things that you do. Without proper care and maintenance of your body, you will not have the resources to deliver the goods. So, take some time out of every day for the care and nurturing of your physical temple.

Composite Hybrid Approach to a Better Life

You’re going to have to mix up your daily routine to come up with a composite hybrid approach to a better life that works for you. Your special mix of diet, exercise, relaxation, maintenance of a sound mind and heart is all up to you, and subject to change at any time.

Even so, keep in mind that neglecting yourself is unhealthy and will cost you big time in the long run.

10 Steps to a Better Life

Some of the components of your composite hybrid approach to a better life should include the following elements,Emotional Release

1 Emotional Release

You can’t be holding back and burying your feelings. You need to find ways to let it out and deal with your feelings or else they will eat away at you and make you subject to contracting a disease or declining faculties. Team up with someone you can trust with your innermost details, and/or write out your frustrations in a journal. Find your own way to get them outside of the hidden recesses of your mind, heart and body.

2 Get Comfortable in Your Skin

This is not a competition, of a race. The only person you are competing with is you. Take your eyes off of other people. Do not judge yourself or compare yourself to anyone else. This is about you, your own personal best. It’s not about anyone else. Be the best you can be and don’t fall prey to your own negative thoughts, don’t put yourself down, or be envious of anyone else. This life is not about them, it’s all you.

3 Joy Break

Take some time out each day to do something you love, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You are your own supporter, no one knows you better than you, and you should be the first to see that you are spending some time “in the zone,” whatever that means to you. You deserve this; especially if the bulk of your day (or life) is spent in service to others. Find something you enjoy, and take a joy break at some point in your day.

4 Yuk It Up

Find some humor throughout your day. Put a smile on your face (even if you don’t feel like it). The more you smile, the happier you will be. When things go awry, don’t get down, get up. Find the humor in the faux pas and give it a giggle, if not a full-on belly laugh. This will keep you on the bright side of life.

5 Look on the Bright Side of Life

Work on maintaining a positive outlook on life and all things. It’s easy, when you’re juggling a variety of tasks, and seeing something not going as you planned in your work, or even in the world, to start throwing stones and getting upset. These feelings of angst are not healthy or supportive of your improved higher lifestyle of increased productivity and performance. Being positive, maintaining a positive perspective and remaining in a positive vibration builds your immune system and creates new neural pathways in your brain increasing creativity and lightning-fast problem-solving abilities.

6 Make Time to Grow

Cut out some time from your day to nurture your own self-growth. You can listen to a challenging or uplifting podcast, read a chapter in a book, take a jaunt to the gym, practice yoga, meditate or spend time in prayer. Whatever resonates with you, take a little time each day to promote your own personal growth.

7 Diet and Exercise

It’s the dreaded D&E (believe me, I know. I wrote the book on Don’t Diet or Exercise, literally). But if you want to live a good life in service to others, you need the energy and raw materials it takes to have the vitality to be able to have the energy to “be there” when others might have thrown in the towel. So, take some time to exercise (it doesn’t have to look like exercise, you just have to move your body and breathe. You could do that dancing, taking the stairs, or briskly walking to and from the bathroom or parking lot). Eat more healthy food and take some vitamins and nutritional supplements.

8 Review Your Life

This is not a part of your daily routine but should be a routine which exists in the hybrid composite of your life. Taking the time to sit back and take a look at your life, where it’s been, where it’s leading you and what you’re doing on a daily basis is healthy. And it might alert you to the knowledge of the possibility that your life has gone astray, you have wandered off track, and the path you are on may not be able to get you to where you want to be. It might be time for a change.

9 Have a Goal

You get more out of life if you have a goal. In fact, the more goals you have, that you set and achieve, the greater fulfillment you will get out of life. How many goals? Mark Victor Hansen says, “You can never have too many goals” (and he should know, he has thousands of them). So, take some time and start thinking about the things in life you might like to accomplish, things of any size, small (easy to achieve) and large (more challenging) and set out to knock ‘em down, marking them off your list, one by one.

10 Make Adjustments Along the Way

I remember, in driving class, my driving instructor said, “Never hold the steering wheel in a death grip, pointed where you want to go. Keep it fluid, ever adjusting, loosely and comfortably moving you toward where you want to go.”

Whoa, who’d have ever known what a key to life that would end up being?

So, take Brian Johnson’s advice (no, not the lead singer for AC/DC, the driving instructor), don’t live your life in a death grip. Loosen up and keep it moving in the general direction you want to go, and make the journey as comfortable as possible, always making little adjustments along the way.