How to Connect to Your World

God has given you everything that you need to enjoy all the best things this life has to offer by learning how to connect to your world. Your world was pre-loaded with soothing and healing energies that you may access just by placing yourself in the natural energetic fields which can be found in certain places and circumstances.

Waterfalling: Enjoy a natural negative ion shower

So, where are these places where you can nearly feel the love of the angels swirling around you? You can schedule a visit to a natural body of water, as a beach or lake, and you can maximize your connection to the planet by kicking off your shoes and walking with your feet in the sand. This is a tremendous bonding of your human body with the earth’s mother, and you can feel the efficacy of it immediately.

Granted, you may not live near a large body of water, so do not give up. Next, look for a place where you can find naturally growing grass in the dirt of our planet. Remove your shoes and walk barefoot on the grass. It is best to balance your body above your feet and move around in the grass. Feel free to take breaks to sit, and grasp the grass with your toes, then get up and continue to ambulate barefoot in the grass. The best effects can be noticed walking on the naturally moist grass, either from the morning’s dew or a fresh rain.

How to connect to your world requires removing any synthetic barrier that may exist between you and the earth, which is a lot less common in our present-day culture than it was for our ancestors. And all you need to do is to bare your feet. No cheating here, if you really want to experience the fullness of the energetic cleansing. That means, no socks, no flip flops, or sandals. No walking on the path or boardwalk, get those bare-naked feet into the sand or in the grass.

You spend so much time separated from your world, that you probably don’t even remember what being connected to it feels like. We’re separated from the world by wood, concrete, and asphalt, especially in the city, and natural bodies of water and grass growing from the earth may be hard to find. Grass can grow in dirt separated from the earth, and you will not be able to plug into the planet’s energy if it is disconnected. You might be able to recreate the feel of natural grass, which can be therapeutic, but you will not tap into the energy.

This energy is verified and measurable by the scientific method and has been identified as negative ions. These negative ions permeate all body tissues, blood, bone, and brain barriers, soothing the holistic being and boosting your immunity and these effects are increased as more connective exposure is achieved over time.

You will also find the air and the wet surface of the earth (even if separated by synthetic barriers) after a storm completely energized with the mother earth’s naturally negative ions. Get out in nature’s remnants after a storm connects with your flesh and you can feel the soothing heartbeat of your world.

If you are stuck in the city and have no way to get to bathe in natural negative ions, science has provided ways for us to access negative ions, which even though they are not necessarily naturally connected to the world, science reinforces that the same benefits can be realized by exposing yourself to negative ions, in whatever way you can find to get yourself into this powerful field of energy.

One way could be to get a grounding mat. You can stand barefoot on the grounding mat that is plugged into the ground circuit of your home or office, and you find yourself bathing in the flow of negative ions. Other methods of getting in touch with negative ions include using a negative ion pendant, or having a Himalayan salt lamp nearby,

If you are using any of these other methods to shower yourself in negative ions on the office or at home, think about removing the producers of positive ions from the room that you’re trying to use to charge yourself with negative ions. As you may have guessed that they will cancel each other out, and there may be little or no negative ion flow for your body to absorb.

Items that produce the counterproductive positive ions found in Electronic Magnetic Fields (EMF) include phones, entertainment centers, computers, televisions, tablets, smartwatches, and other electronics, especially those that may be connected to Wi-Fi.


Earthing or Grounding

How can you protect yourself from being attacked by energy frequencies that have a negative effect, even promoting deterioration in your body, mind, and soul? If you could be stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, without any electrically powered devices like televisions, phones, and computers, no fluorescent lighting, toxic textiles (carpeting, upholstery), unsafe paint, and/or air pollution, the sources of harmful energy frequencies (positive ions). Your island in the ocean is a powerful generator of natural energy that neutralizes harmful energy frequencies that you might be exposed to. So, living on an island, surrounded by beaches, is a good place to live if you want to battle the dangerous energy fields that you might otherwise be exposed to. Other great places that are positive energy generators are waterfalls, dense forests, and anywhere immediately following heavy rain and storms.

Earthing or Grounding

Another way to neutralize the effects of positive ions is by Earthing or Grounding. This is basically walking barefoot on the Earth, in the grass, on the sand, in the forest, on the dirt, anywhere that you are not separated by some unnatural insulator, like concrete, pavement, etc. When your bare feet contact the Earth in this manner negative ions flow up through your feet and through your whole body, just by making a sole connection to our planet.

This is why you feel so good when you kick off your shoes and walk around at a park or on the shore. It doesn’t take long, about 15 minutes, for the human body to be fully charged by negative ions. If you’re feeling off, or not well, you don’t have to be barefoot in the park all day, about fifteen minutes will be enough to keep you charged for the while day.

Your Body’s Ground

Your body is actually specifically designed to be grounded to the Earth. Not unlike electrically-powered devices that are designed for grounding which are manufactured with a separate wire for connecting to an electrical ground source, your body is premanufactured and equipped with a grounding gel in the Dermis layer of the skin. This grounding substance collects and stores negative ions for use throughout the day. It takes about 15 minutes to fully charge this grounding substance of the body. So, taking a 15 minute barefooted walk in the park or on the beach will last all day and even help you sleep more soundly at night.

What to Expect from Earthing or Grounding?

This therapeutic science 15-minute holistic activity of Earthing yields many health benefits, such as

  1. Reduces inflammation
    1. for those suffering from joint inflammation
    2. in a variety of health conditions
    3. nearly instant, noticeable results
  2. Decreases pain
    1. pain from injuries or wounds
    2. pain from illness or disease
    3. emotional pain
  3. Decreases stress response
    1. feel stress reduction quickly
    2. sustained stress relief throughout the day
    3. increases cognition
  4. Increases heart rate variability
    1. strengthens heart health
    2. alters breathing
    3. optimizes blood pressure
  5. Improves sleep
    1. sleep more soundly
    2. through the night
    3. increased REM
  6. Improves cortisol rhythm
    1. normalizing day/night rhythms
  7. Improves wound healing
    1. reduces discomfort associated with regeneration
    2. increases recovery rate
    3. increased blood cell activity
  8. Reduces blood viscosity
    1. oxygen transport and delivery
    2. increased blood flow and perfusion
    3. increased vasodilation

Earthing assists in relieving sleep disorders, such as, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and helps reduce risk of sudden onset events, like heart attack and stroke, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you’re not feeling well, Earthing will help you to feel better, it will boost your digestion, and boost your natural immunity, and so much more.

How to Earth or Ground Yourself

Grounding yourself to the Earth requires a bare skin connection to the best negative ion charged source possible to charge the grounding gel that resides within the dermis later of your skin. Any bare skin surface will do, bare feet are the most convenient and therefore the most popular. No cheating, here, bare feet means bare feet. No socks, sandals, or flip flops. Just bare-naked feet on the Earth’s surface.

No insulation between your bare skin and the Earth. No carpet, AstroTurf, wood, concrete, asphalt, or other material separating you from the natural Earth.

What can you do if you live in a high-rise in the city? If you are finding it difficult to find some Earth to get grounded to, there is an alternative. You can get yourself a grounding mat (available on Amazon) that you can stand on with your bare feet for charging your grounding substance.


Take Your Shoes Off

I am still that little child that found security in having his feet bound by a warm pair of socks and tight-fitting shoes. That little kid had the occasion to see the feet of older individuals who preferred the barefoot life, and to him, this visual impact of seeing those feet was tragic. So unlike the beautiful feet, he had seen in advertising and on the television. He vowed his feet would never look like that.

The appearance of a well-disciplined and cared for, perfect foot, he decided at this early age, would be the feet he would sport for life. This is a commitment to his feet he would maintain throughout his adult life.

Later, in his late teens, he adopted a preference for the ministerial sciences from a Christian perspective and heard stories about Jesus and His feet. In loose-fitting sandals, he walked over 21 thousand miles. His feet must’ve… ee-yeww… what a sight they must’ve been.

Then, there’s the documentation of the washing of Jesus’ feet. This story has a different effect depending on the recipient of the data (if you know what I mean) but for me it was icky. Then there’s the whole foot-washing fest with the disciples… Really?

By some act of God, I made it to the ministry with my feet safely and securely bound tightly in my socks and shoes, even safe in the house always with my feet hidden in slippers or at the very least fully socked.

I continued my journey, evolved and expanded, all without having my bare feet ever touching terra firma. I have been through many different spiritual trainings and disciplines since then, and it has been quite a journey, all with my feet covered (except for baptism, one foot-washing escapade, and a firewalk, which I pulled off successfully, and no one knew how truly traumatic these episodes were for me). There is no courage without fear.

I have been living in what might be considered the wilderness, surrounded by acres of magnificent forest in the Pacific Northwest, and three weeks ago, my bare feet wandered outside, and now I am having glimpses of something that was missing from my past.

Yes, this was the first time my feet ever actually touched the earth that I can remember. And since then, I can barely keep my shoes on.

Now, mind you, I still care about my feet and I have no intentions of going off the rails, like some kind of wild Mick Dodge, but I get it now.

I share this story with you, because there is hope for you.

It is highly unlikely that you have issues with your feet and shoes, like me, but there is something that you have resisted along your journey, that for whatever reason, due to social programming, or some other personal blockage, has been keeping you from moving forward in something that continues to call your name.

You do what you can to avoid it, but keep moving forward, thinking this is unnecessary, even ridiculous. Nonetheless, it harkens to you.

I took my shoes and socks off, on my own terms, knowing it would not kill me. I tried it, and it was lovely.

I am smart and take precautions in my bare feet, for I must have the tenderest of all feet, yet here I am taking bare baby steps to “earthing,” connecting to the energy of our planet intimately, in a way I had previously been unable to experience.

I have heard and known about this for many years, and I have literally danced all around it, until this time in my life when I feel like the time has come for me to engage in Mother Earth’s mambo.

So, what is your barefoot moment?

Is now time for you to

Take your shoes off

And try something new?