Benefits of Negative Ion Therapy

For over 250 years, our world has been pumping pollutants into our atmosphere and dumping toxins into our water, and if that wasn’t enough, we are being showered in toxic electronic transmission frequencies that have been growing in intensity over the last 80 years.

There are very few life forms including flora and fauna which would not test positive for these contaminants, they have become a part of out world, and in the most industrialized areas, the pervasive effects can be easily reviewed, not by testing the air or the water, but by reviewing the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area in any geographical location.

What do you find?

  1. Decreased life span
  2. Weakened immune system
  3. Lack of energy
  4. Pervasive cancers
  5. Increase mental illness, sickness, and disease
  6. Irritability, anger, hatred in the rise
  7. Increased rate of aging
  8. More allergies and respiratory issues
  9. Loss if mental acuity and physical agility
  10. Reproductive problems and birth defects

Not only are the people suffering from the minimal quality of life and are not living longer, but the wildlife native to these localities is at risk of extinction as well. Our communities are deteriorating right before our eyes, and it’s easy to understand why people might feel hopeless, asking questions like, “What’s the point?” or, “What could one person do?”

One person may not be able to battle a system that is clearly out of control, but one person can be proactive and focus on what he or she could do to protect him or her-self from the meaningless destruction of quality of life. Some will move to remote properties and live off the land. These people are referred to as Preppers or off-grid. Others still remain in the cities, suburbs, and towns, and must find their own ways to find methods to safeguard themselves against the powers that place them in harm’s way every day.

We know that positive ions (which though they sound “positive” they are hugely negative and life-threatening) are produced in the body by exposing oneself to all this toxic energy and contaminants, and this is responsible for our rapidly declining health.

And it’s not just you who is suffering the effects of these positive ions, but it affects your children, and your pets, putting them as risk as well. There has been a growing awareness of the positive effect of negative ions on the human body for the last 65 years.

A basic interpretation regarding the benefits of applying negative ions to an environment flooded with positive ions can be found in stormy weather. When Mother Nature is having her way with us in terms of weather systems, the whole environment is heavily influenced, especially the human body, and you can see the effects by again measuring quality of life. People get headaches, irritable, suffer from lack of energy, depression, the immune system declines, and if the weather systems persist for too long, people get sick, they feel a resurgence of effects from previous injuries, and start going to their doctors and hospitals. Yet, when these same people are exposed to negative ions during the weather event, they immediately start to feel better.

Applying negative ions to a human body that is high in positive ions has an instantaneously noticeable and measurable effect. You can easily measure the effect, not by hooking you up to fancy equipment, but by how you feel. People who felt lethargic feel more energetic. People who had headaches or generally not feeling well instantly start feeling better, and those who are suffering from irritability start feeling more peaceful and serene, and it goes on and on (and on and on).

What are the most powerful ways negative ions can benefit you?

Better Sleep

Most people who suffer from pervasive positive ion energy have trouble sleeping at night and its one of the things that you are likely to notice soon after exposure to negative ions. You might think that this is based on anecdotal testimonials, which it is, but it is also backed up by science. For instance, in one scientific study conducted on athletes, they noted the positive effects of applying negative ions to competitive sports participants. They measured increased performance and shorter recovery times, but what they didn’t expect to find was that the athletes who were exposed to negative ions were experience better, deeper, sleep overnight. You can expect this as well.

Sufferers of insomnia and sleep apnea have also claimed to have enjoyed the better sleep provided by the negative ions.

Respiratory Recovery

People suffering from respiratory issues report rapid recovery from being exposed to negative ion energy. Negative ions are known to moderate blood pressure by dilating blood vessels which positively supports a healthy cardiovascular system, reducing heart attacks and strokes across the board.

Just by breathing the air, we are putting our physiology at risk by breathing in the toxicity all around us (which also is true for what we eat, drink, and otherwise expose ourselves to either intentionally or unintentionally) we are ingesting contaminants that find their way into the bloodstream, thereby clogging and disrupting normal blood flow, negative ions help to reverse these conditions.

Lungs also clear and benefit as well from other respiratory problems are reduced such as hay fever, emphysema and bronchitis, and others.

Increased Immunity and Viral Protection

More science measuring the effects of negative ions on human physiology measures greater immunity by stabilizing the ionic balance of the body. This harmonic balance allows the natural immune system to operate more efficiently. Which offers an increase of 40% protection from invisible viruses. And the approach of applying negative ions does not interfere with other medications, such as antibiotics.

What Other Benefits are Measurable?

Exposure to negative ions measurably increases natural levels of essential sodium and calcium, while promoting a greater alkaline pH balance. Not to mention countering depression and other negative mental issues such as irritability and angry outbursts by boosting serotonin levels in the brain.


Positive Ions Bad Negative Ions Good

What’s all this hubbub about negative ion energy? We are hearing a lot about negative ions being good for us, but on the surface, “negative” doesn’t sound very positive, does it? It turns out that when it comes to ions, you must just accept that positive ions are negative and negative ions are positive (kind’a how I think about some conditions of algebra), it just is what it is.

The world and all its technology produce ambient energy, toxins, and pollutants that bombard our bodies with positive ions, which is “bad” and we can counter these bad energies by interrupting the positive ions with negative ions, which are “good.”

I first found out about this from Japanese technology that is rooted in energetic material found to exist in that particular part of the world.

Remember that we are talking about energy. Everything is energy, you are energy, I am energy, the space between us, every cell of your body, the space between the cells, everything in the universe, and even the void of outer space is energy. Everything, even the rocks are made of energy. In Japan, 26% of the ground surface is covered by volcanic deposits including volcanic rock which naturally emits energy in the form of negative ions. If you are an energy-sensitive person, and you are visiting Japan for the first time, you may be able to actually feel the energy, and if you have energy sensing equipment, you can certainly measure it. The places where it measures the highest are where the greatest deposits of volcanic rock have settled.

The people from Japan mostly take for granted that they live atop these energetically charged negative ion-producing minerals from inside the volcanic rock. It feeds their soil with energy which enhances the energetic value of what is grown around it. The food that comes from this energetically charged soil has been attributed to playing a major role in the extensive health and longevity of the people who live there.

Their soil is enrichened by the minerals that exist in the volcanic rock that emits high concentrations of negative ionic energy naturally without any external power source. This is quantum science energy at work in a natural environment, allowed to do its work without the intervention of technology.

Since the Japanese live in an environment rich with this energy and eat the food that is born in and infused with this energy, they enjoy long, healthful lives, especially compared to their fellow beings that reside in other countries, such as the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In these other countries, they and the other people who live outside Japan, just do not live as long.

Traditionally, Japanese people have used this negative ion energy stone technology to aid in sports performance and to increase the healthful recovery from wounds and disease. They are credited with boosting intelligence, and personal performance, as well as treating a variety of negative emotional states and other physiological ailments.

Scientists in Japan were the first to reveal this energetic technology and they are credited with its discovery. After the release of this information, Japanese entrepreneurs began harvesting energy stones and exporting them as good luck charms, to aid in boosting the immune system, and in alternative healing modalities.

Now that we understand this technology, we can reproduce the results by combining all 70 natural mineral components with the highest precision to provide a constant flow of negative ions with unsurpassed output. This is how quantum science emerges and evolves over time. In the present day, we do not have to harvest from Japan’s Mother Nature.

This engineered volcanic rock is heated and cooled, increasing the heat until the moment that all of the mineral components meld perfectly and resonate with this powerful negative ionic energy in perfect orchestral harmonic resonance, resulting in a bio-ceramic form.

This specific frequency of ionic energy is said to easily pass through the body’s protective layers, infusing the bloodstream with negative ions that help to reduce stress and depression by boosting serotonin and elemental energy in the body. You can also expect to enjoy increased mental concentration and physical dexterity and performance.