Considering Unconditional Love

Take a man from Mars and a woman from Venus (thank you, John Gray) and shackle them together with a contract and public declarations of “love” in front of family, friends, and other witnesses and what you have is the perfect recipe for disaster. And so it goes, day in, day out, every day.

The only people coming out on top of this contractual agreement intact are those who profit from the marriage’s failure, the attorneys, the legal system, the retailers, therapists, purveyors of booze and drugs (legal and otherwise), domestic violence programs, and legal institutions, among others.

Few people actually enter into the marriage with the intent to end it all in a furious blaze, yet it happens every day, and if you’ve entered into the institution with a prenuptial agreement, this signifies the preamble to divorce, a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

As divorce rates skyrocket leaving couples previously “in love” at each other’s throats battling for their own independence and survival in the shambles of the relationship, with little thought of what might have been missing, the one thing that could have turned the tables. The secret to a wildly successful love relationship can only be considered by the strongest, most advanced humans among us.

If you are a powerful, enlightened being, you might think about entering into the realm of true love. Not the Hollywood-inspired love, but the highest level of love, which we refer to as unconditional love.

Most relationships are based on fear, not love. I marry you to meet my needs, needs that I am unable to meet on my own, or fear that I might not be able to sustain by myself. The fear of, “what ifs,” of the most impressive negatively-charged imagination, prevent any possibility of true love appearing anywhere on the horizon.

Fear is the reason relationships break down, the only hope of positively-inspired true love is in the embracing of unconditional love between two lovers, but it’s not for the weak at heart.

Without true love, there is a competitive battle for control or supremacy, which can only lead to the destruction of the relationship, where it is thought that there can be a winner and a loser, but when a relationship dissolves, no one wins, regardless of who possesses the most marbles.

Men who are not entitled to engage in unconditional love are those who are physically or emotionally abusive. Those who understand that love is much more than a source of physical intimacy, or having a helpmate, have a grasp of the idea that true love is centered on the heart-to-heart connection between two mates.

Women who are suspicious, interrogate, jump to conclusions, and are critical of their mates, are in the vibration of fear which is the polar opposite of true love and unconditional love is not within her reach.
In a relationship of unconditional love, the man (Martian) provides for the woman (Venusian) and environment where she can self-explore, grow, and expand to her highest potential, while the woman responds in kind with true love.

In a loving environment which is open and honest, men and women are free to admit their mistakes, shortcomings, and weaknesses in full disclosure, without judgment or disrespect. They learn not to just listen with their ears but with their hearts trying to fully understand what it might have been like for his/her mate.

Forgiveness, not defensiveness, justification, or false accusations, is the first order of business in unconditional love among both participants.

Cooperative unconditional love is the powerful force which fuels the most amazing relationship which can be shared between two people and trust bridges the gap between the two.

Love when fully embraced by both parties can heal all wounds, is the secret weapon which can overcome and obstacle or challenge they face together and offers them endless opportunities to grow and expand.

Unconditional love is counter-intuitive. It runs in opposition to everything you’ve been taught about love by society. Love is not a method to be used to get what you want. Love cannot be bridled and forced to fit any contrived mold. True love is free and ever-expanding.

There is hope for true love in the world today. You might dare to entertain the idea by attending an Awakening to True Love Workshop, to see if you have what it takes to engage in unconditional love.

See you at the Soulmate Wizardry event.

Give the Free Gift of Love

This holiday season, how would you like to give a free gift to help make the world a better place? It won’t cost you anything but a few heart-felt moments of your time, while you take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Join us, this year, in sending love to the world.

For most of us, this time of year is a joyous celebration with family and friends. Our hearts are filled with love and optimism for the coming year. For others, it can be the worst time of year. We’re unable to see it because the hectic pace of increased activity this time of year keeps us distracted from those suffering, in pain all around us.

While we are concentrating our efforts to deal with all the issues of holiday preparations and celebrations, others are alone, feeling as though there is no love for them in the world, and are even taking their own lives. The holiday season is known for increased rates of suicide. Lonely, sad, people without love are killing themselves because they think the endless sleep is the only way to stop the emotional pain.

You can help. You can join us for a few moments periodically throughout the season this year, or at least during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and a few moments during the New Years celebration, to send love to the world. These days represent the highest suicide rates. When most of us are feeling our best, others are feeling their worst.

What does it take to send love to the world?

Simply spend a minimum of three minutes to send love to the world in any manner which resonates with you. You can pray, mindfully meditate, light a candle, or use any other method to focus your intention on sending love energy to those who desperately need a little love at this critical time of year. Not just those suffering, or potentially suicidal, but everyone who might need a little love, even your family and friends.

If you need a little help in sending love to the world, feel free to join us by using this

Sending Love to the World Guided Meditation

This is a free gift from you to the world, a world so in need of love in these troubling times, and as you freely give this precious gift of free love, you are blessed in return for your benevolence.

Rewards for Sending Love to the World

You receive the benefits of flowing love through you, sending love from your heart to others, and the world. Just a few minutes of sending love to the world increases the love energy throughout your entire body, affecting the molecules of your body. Your immune system is boosted for eight hours, and many people report physiological healing from the process, as well as a sense of peace and wellbeing for six hours.

This is an invigorating, energizing, love-filling exercise which can certainly take the edge off of any holiday frustration, or when your energy reserves are running low.

But what if I’m not really feeling the love, or don’t have much love to give?

This is the best time to send love to the world because as you flow love through you and to others and the world, you are filled with love, and you will experience feeling love’s increase for six hours.

So, if you’re not really feeling the love this holiday season, then by all means, sending love to the world is just what the doctor ordered. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the world that doesn’t cost you a dime.

Love. It’s the most powerful energy in the world, and it’s a free gift to the world,thanks to you.

God bless you for sending love to the world this year.

Looking Back

Raised in an Oregon commune surrounded by hippies helped to mold the character that I would become as an adult, facing a myriad of challenges that would result in disaster as I developed as a human being. Regardless of my set-backs, many core values remained intact as I pressed-on to achieve my personal goals.

Being raised in a rock-and-roll, free-love, pro-high environment helped to mold the person whom I’d become. Even though I’d spent my formative years in this, “hippie,” environment, I made my decision early in life, that I would be the author of my own life story, so I set out to make my life my own.

I decided early, that the free-love-philosophy was not for me. I had seen first-hand the psychological trauma that came along with this, so-called, “free love,” and discovered that it was not quite as free as its proponents had claimed. So, realizing I was on the monogamy spectrum, I decided to save myself for that elusive, “one true love.”

I had (and still have) a huge heart-component and desire to share monogamously and wholeheartedly with that one special person, who would have the capacity to love me in the same way.

Another influence that I rebelled against was the lack of work ethic that dominated the surroundings of my early rearing years. I thought to myself, “This is not the way that I want to live, nor is it the way that I want my family to live.” I didn’t want my kids to be raised in a lifestyle that was little more than a modern-day, homegrown gypsy.

Drugs were prevalent early in my life, and I admit that I did experiment with different varieties of natural and chemical mood enhancers… enough to realize that my two favorites were Marijuana and LSD. It wasn’t until I actually fell in love and began to start a family with my first, “true love,” that I looked around at all my friends who were actively engaged in utilizing my drugs of choice, and concluded that their lifestyles were incompatible to the lifestyle that I desired to give my new family. So, to better facilitate achieving my goals for our family, I left them behind.

Throughout my adulthood (and even in my youth) I struggled with maintaining a normal body weight. It didn’t take me long, as I started to apply for work in available job markets, to figure out that I got the best job offers, and made better money, when I applied for jobs while I was at a lower body weight. That led to my yo-yo dieting affair that gave way to my, “serial dieting,” (the compulsion to go from one diet to another in an effort to maintain a healthy body weight).

My first wife, I concluded, did love me in much the same way that I loved her, I believed the words that she spoke, we exchanged vows in marriage and started a family. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was not able to keep the vows, but I attempted to hold the relationship together, with all my might, in an effort to preserve our family unit… to no avail.

When our marriage counselor intimated to me that, “Your only option for saving this marriage, is to open your relationship.” (For those of you who don’t know, “to open your relationship,” means to have an, “open relationship,” which means that you both agree to stay together, sleep together, and agree to have sex with alternate partners, periodically). In total opposition to what I signed-on for.

Being true to my love-component, I engaged in many activities including counseling others, drug and alcohol counseling, christian ministry, song-writing, and traditional businesses that I would conduct, ususally in conjunction with working a regular day-job. Because of my love-component, my strictest condition would be engaging only in activities that offered win-win alternatives. Some businesses are successful because they prey on the ignorance of others – this was in opposition to my personal ethics. Interestingly enough, my business ventures were normally short-lived due to changes in the business culture or economic environment.

Early business ventures included a musicians’ artist agency, energy-saving business, recording studio, independent record label, independent music review journal, video stores, professional photo labs, the hospitality industry (hotel), and author. By evaluating my peers, I knew that owning your own successful business yielded the greatest possibilities for achieving one’s familial and financial goals.

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