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Sending Love to the World is an even that is open to all peoples without discrimination or judgment. Anyone is eligible to participate and everyone is encouraged to not only participate but to share with and invite friends who might also like to share in sending love to the world.


Sending Love to the World is an even where the energies of all people participating are focused at a particular time and place for a period of time to send a powerful love vibrationally charged force to effect the world in a positive way in an effort to make the world a better place.


The current event is scheduled from

Midnight November 10th to Midnight January 1st.

Participants are to engage in sending love to the world by prayer, meditation, focusing their attention (or any other method that they are versed in or comfortable with) on sending love to the world.


This is non-physical-location participation. You can participate at any time, at any place that is convenient for you. All love energies will be combined to benefit those less fortunate and the world at large for the greater good.


Starting November 11th through the 1st of January, and peaking out on December 25th, there is traditionally a huge spike in crime, hospitalization, depression, suicide, and death among all age groups and across all social demographics.

We believe that by combining our efforts in sending love to the world at this fragile moment in time, that we can help to affect those suffering to feel love and have hope for a better life.


Commit to donating at least 3 minutes of your day to purposely and mindfully with all your heart’s ability in sending love to the world. (Many will be led to much longer periods, but all we are asking for is a 3-minute minimum commitment.)

Use any method that is comfortable for you.

There will be a meditation video stream on the homepage of to use as a guided meditation for those who would like to join in that manner.

Feel free to share your comments below for others of ways that they can focus their love and send it to others.

Thank you

It is with the deepest gratitude that we appreciate you sacrificing your time to reach out and help others with your love-focused intention.

May you be blessed as you bless others.


Love’s Prayer for You

You are the most amazing person I’ve never met. You have an incredible story of life and love that has me and others sitting on the edge of our seats, just waiting to see what’s going to happen next. If your life were a book, it would be an encompassing page-turner. If a film, we are in awe of the life you’ve lived until this moment, and we are watching, waiting, and cheering you on from the aisles, knowing that you are going to let your heroic virtues envelop you, enabling you to rise and step into the fullness of your power and purpose.

You and your story are so encouraging and enlightening. You are an inspiration to all, and we know that as you embrace all that you are, it gives us all hope that we can do the same, no matter what challenges or obstacles we might face in life. You are our hero. But,

What if you’re not feeling it?

What if you’re at one of those uncomfortable (possibly most difficult) chapters in your life? You know you’ve come to this planet with a divine purpose, message, passion, and mission. You know you are called to live a better life, your best life, and to make the world a better place, but right now, from this scene of your life, you just cannot see it. It just seems like it’s just not possible from here.

Do not fear, for love is with you; do not be dismayed, for you are love.

Know You Are Loved

You are a product of the creator of all life on this planet. Everything that is tangible in this life is held together in perfect balance by the energy of pure love. Just the fact that you are here, reading these words if proof that you are loved and that your life has tremendous value.

Feel the Loving Embrace

If you would close your eyes and see from your heart, you could see the love all around you, swirling in perfect harmony in and through all things. If you are not feeling it from within, you can just reach out and call it to you, and wrap yourself in a thick blanket of pure love energy.

You can feel its warmth and you feel safe and secure wrapped in love’s loving embrace.

No Matter What’s Happening

You can be surrounded by chaos and not feeling emotionally stable. You might be frightened, unworthy, sad, lonely, even helpless, yet you are loved. You are love. And when you’re just not feeling it, all you have to do is to close your eyes and reach out and grab it.

Buried deep within your physical heart is a love generator which emits a powerful forcefield. As long as you heart beats, you can reach out and tune in to the love all around you. You can attune your built-in love generator with the love energy which surrounds and permeates all things and recharge your love energy from the unlimited source.

You Are Love

When you turn on your love generator and connect to the vast love energy, you have the unlimited supply of flowing through your body. You become love; a powerful love machine empowered to send this love to anyone or anything which comes to mind, just by the power of your thought.

Send Love to the World

Holding a visual image of someone or something in your mind and sending love to them delivers an instantaneous surge of love to that person, place, or thing. You can do this because you are love. Try a little sending love to the world.

Love’s Prayer for You

I pray you know you are loved.

You feel the love holding you in loving embrace.

No matter what is happening in life at this moment, know you are loved.

You are love.

Share a little love with the world if only from your heart in thought.

I love you.


God bless you and yours this holiday season.

~David M Masters

Give the Free Gift of Love

This holiday season, how would you like to give a free gift to help make the world a better place? It won’t cost you anything but a few heart-felt moments of your time, while you take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Join us, this year, in sending love to the world.

For most of us, this time of year is a joyous celebration with family and friends. Our hearts are filled with love and optimism for the coming year. For others, it can be the worst time of year. We’re unable to see it because the hectic pace of increased activity this time of year keeps us distracted from those suffering, in pain all around us.

While we are concentrating our efforts to deal with all the issues of holiday preparations and celebrations, others are alone, feeling as though there is no love for them in the world, and are even taking their own lives. The holiday season is known for increased rates of suicide. Lonely, sad, people without love are killing themselves because they think the endless sleep is the only way to stop the emotional pain.

You can help. You can join us for a few moments periodically throughout the season this year, or at least during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and a few moments during the New Years celebration, to send love to the world. These days represent the highest suicide rates. When most of us are feeling our best, others are feeling their worst.

What does it take to send love to the world?

Simply spend a minimum of three minutes to send love to the world in any manner which resonates with you. You can pray, mindfully meditate, light a candle, or use any other method to focus your intention on sending love energy to those who desperately need a little love at this critical time of year. Not just those suffering, or potentially suicidal, but everyone who might need a little love, even your family and friends.

If you need a little help in sending love to the world, feel free to join us by using this

Sending Love to the World Guided Meditation

This is a free gift from you to the world, a world so in need of love in these troubling times, and as you freely give this precious gift of free love, you are blessed in return for your benevolence.

Rewards for Sending Love to the World

You receive the benefits of flowing love through you, sending love from your heart to others, and the world. Just a few minutes of sending love to the world increases the love energy throughout your entire body, affecting the molecules of your body. Your immune system is boosted for eight hours, and many people report physiological healing from the process, as well as a sense of peace and wellbeing for six hours.

This is an invigorating, energizing, love-filling exercise which can certainly take the edge off of any holiday frustration, or when your energy reserves are running low.

But what if I’m not really feeling the love, or don’t have much love to give?

This is the best time to send love to the world because as you flow love through you and to others and the world, you are filled with love, and you will experience feeling love’s increase for six hours.

So, if you’re not really feeling the love this holiday season, then by all means, sending love to the world is just what the doctor ordered. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the world that doesn’t cost you a dime.

Love. It’s the most powerful energy in the world, and it’s a free gift to the world,thanks to you.

God bless you for sending love to the world this year.

Sending Love to the World 2017

Today is Veterans Day, which is also the launch date of Sending Love to the World 2017. The annual event which started in 2014 was an effort to allow peoples to gather in harmony in an effort to join energetically to send love to the world for Christmas.

Sending love to the world november through december 2012

You might ask why one might be concerned about sending love at a time when the world is teaming with joyous love in celebration of the holidays? The point is this: at this love-filled celebratory time while we are all happy and spending quality time with family, there are others with whom we share the planet with (some not far from us, could even be next door) who are taking their own lives at Christmastime. It can leave you wondering why do people commit suicide?

The idea that Christmas could be the one day of the year most people have suicidal thoughts is just too difficult to fathom. As confusing as it might seem, Christmas is the best and the worst of times. This depressive holiday season starts on November 11th, a time of year we set aside to honor those who have served in the United States military. Veteran suicides make up a surprising 18% of the people who have suicidal thoughts and will kill themselves over the holiday season.

It is through efforts of events, like Sending Love to the World 2017, that those of us who are less likely to commit suicide can compassionately reach out to others who are less fortunate and/or struggling with lack of self-esteem, sadness, loneliness, or any other number of maladies which might tip the scale for someone to think that the feeling of being dead would feel better than the pain of being alive. It is in those moments that a person thinks about actually taking their own life, and it is a desperate place to be.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the intensity of the season and not have the wherewithal to set aside a few moments to think about what might be happening elsewhere. No one is blaming or judging you for this, but now that you know, you can make it right by doing something that can change (and possibly save) someone’s life.

You can make a difference by sending love to those whose hearts are lacking in a sense of feeling love. It is our hope that by your joining us to send these people love they will have a sense of relief, enough to survive the challenges faced by the holiday season.

Not limited to our intention to have the positive effect of decreasing the rate of suicide over the holidays, it also our intent to send love to others, including the creatures of the earth and the whole world.

3 minutes to send love to the world

3 Minutes for a Better World

All we ask is that you take a minimum of three minutes to send love to the world in any way that resonates with you. Your three minutes or more could have a huge impact on the lives of those who are struggling at this time or year.

Remember it is not just your three-minutes or more, but your efforts are joined by all the other people who are also taking a few minutes to send love to the world. Some people will be spending ten minutes or more each day sending love to the world. Still your three minutes, if that is all you do, makes a huge difference, and who knows? Once you send love for three minutes, you might enjoy the benefits from doing it so much that you might want to do it more often.

Benefits of Sending Love to the World

Not only are you sharing the positive energy of love to others, but engaging in this benevolent activity for as few as three minutes boosts your immune system for up to eight hours, promoting healing and better physical and emotional health. Plus, it fills your heart with even more love.

Isn’t caring and sharing love the theme we all want to see for the holidays?

How to Send Love to the World

Any method that’s right for you. You can pray, meditate, visualize, go to church, light a candle, whatever, just three minutes this year for a better world.

Whatever works for you, do that.

If you’re at a loss for how to send love to the world, feel free to try this 10-minute Sending Love to the World Guided Meditation video:

Click here for Sending Love to the World guided meditation video

God bless you and yours, for taking a few minutes this holiday season to help make the world a better place.

Love to you for all you do.