Live a Life of Love Prayer

For those of you brave enough to follow along with me, you can follow me with this simple prayer which is they that unlocks your unconditional love generator. Ready?

Put your hand over your heart and take a deep breath in. Hold it, then let it out. The next breath you take in, I want you to imagine you breathing into the area of your heart underneath your hand. Breathe in. Hold it, and let it out. Fir the rest of this exercise, continue to breathe in and out of your heart. Your heart will need the extra oxygen to fuel the fire of your unconditional love generator.

As you continue to breathe in and out of your heart in this manner, I want to warn you that I am going to use the word “God” in this simple prayer which I will ask you to repeat. Do not let your preconceived ideas of that word or any associations related to it to get in between you and the love you seek. Just release it as simply a word, as the word is essential to the secret code.

You do not have to believe in God, or anything to enter the code. If you’re still with me and you’re ready to unlock your love machine, in your mind’s eye, continue to see your breath going in and out of your heart, and repeat after me.

Dear God,

I love this world. I love all that has been provided for me. I am grateful for all the life… which you have allowed me to live. I understand that… everything in this life has purpose.

I know I could have done better… but you know that I have done the best I could. And I’m ready to move to the next level of love. I am sorry I didn’t do it before… But I am ready now to live a life of love.

Dear God,

I invite you to release the flow… the flow of unconditional love… emanating from my heart. In my mind’s eye… I can see the love light glowing in my heart. I continue to breathe in and out of my heart. With every breath the flame of your love glows brighter.

Within me burns… the fire of your unconditional love.

I hereby pledge… to live a life of love. More and more… I will set my attention to my heart. When I experience anxiety… when I am feeling weak… when I am challenged… when I am feeling down… when I feel lonely or abandoned… I know this unconditional love… will always be there.

All I need to do… is to place my hand over my heart… and see the light of love there.

In this place is all the wisdom… the answers to everything… and the unconditional love… love for me… love for everyone… and everything.

Dear God,

I thank you… for your unconditional love… which burns deep within me. I understand… you will never leave me… or forsake me… for I am your chosen child.

I receive your love… and from this point forward… will live a life of love.

In your name I pray this day,


And it is done. The fire of unconditional love is set ablaze inside of you. From this point forward, you are empowered to live a life of love.

Love’s Prayer for You

You are the most amazing person I’ve never met. You have an incredible story of life and love that has me and others sitting on the edge of our seats, just waiting to see what’s going to happen next. If your life were a book, it would be an encompassing page-turner. If a film, we are in awe of the life you’ve lived until this moment, and we are watching, waiting, and cheering you on from the aisles, knowing that you are going to let your heroic virtues envelop you, enabling you to rise and step into the fullness of your power and purpose.

You and your story are so encouraging and enlightening. You are an inspiration to all, and we know that as you embrace all that you are, it gives us all hope that we can do the same, no matter what challenges or obstacles we might face in life. You are our hero. But,

What if you’re not feeling it?

What if you’re at one of those uncomfortable (possibly most difficult) chapters in your life? You know you’ve come to this planet with a divine purpose, message, passion, and mission. You know you are called to live a better life, your best life, and to make the world a better place, but right now, from this scene of your life, you just cannot see it. It just seems like it’s just not possible from here.

Do not fear, for love is with you; do not be dismayed, for you are love.

Know You Are Loved

You are a product of the creator of all life on this planet. Everything that is tangible in this life is held together in perfect balance by the energy of pure love. Just the fact that you are here, reading these words if proof that you are loved and that your life has tremendous value.

Feel the Loving Embrace

If you would close your eyes and see from your heart, you could see the love all around you, swirling in perfect harmony in and through all things. If you are not feeling it from within, you can just reach out and call it to you, and wrap yourself in a thick blanket of pure love energy.

You can feel its warmth and you feel safe and secure wrapped in love’s loving embrace.

No Matter What’s Happening

You can be surrounded by chaos and not feeling emotionally stable. You might be frightened, unworthy, sad, lonely, even helpless, yet you are loved. You are love. And when you’re just not feeling it, all you have to do is to close your eyes and reach out and grab it.

Buried deep within your physical heart is a love generator which emits a powerful forcefield. As long as you heart beats, you can reach out and tune in to the love all around you. You can attune your built-in love generator with the love energy which surrounds and permeates all things and recharge your love energy from the unlimited source.

You Are Love

When you turn on your love generator and connect to the vast love energy, you have the unlimited supply of flowing through your body. You become love; a powerful love machine empowered to send this love to anyone or anything which comes to mind, just by the power of your thought.

Send Love to the World

Holding a visual image of someone or something in your mind and sending love to them delivers an instantaneous surge of love to that person, place, or thing. You can do this because you are love. Try a little sending love to the world.

Love’s Prayer for You

I pray you know you are loved.

You feel the love holding you in loving embrace.

No matter what is happening in life at this moment, know you are loved.

You are love.

Share a little love with the world if only from your heart in thought.

I love you.


God bless you and yours this holiday season.

~David M Masters