Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Hand to Hand Combat with the Devil

Having come from a traditional Christian ministerial background, I have an enormous foundation in dealing with spiritual warfare and helping others in their victory when engaged in hand to hand combat with the devil.

Years in spiritual coaching has landed me in the unfamiliar territory of an ever-expanding spiritual landscape. Alternatively, enlightenment and expansion led me to even more unfamiliar territory in comparison to the days of the me=versus-the-devil days of yore.

And what I’ve found is that disarming the devil is far more effective than battling the forces of satan, although I find that it was much easier to help individuals overcome their challenges, if they could be attributed to the devil. I still encounter and help individuals in conflict with the dark side, and its quick work when you can focus on a target of your misery outside yourself.

The trouble comes when you’re living a life free of the devil.


You may ask, how can you live life without the dark side?

It’s really as simple as removing all power from the devil that he has over you. You know where his power comes from? You’re probably, like, “Sure, from God.” Okay, let’s say God gave the devil free reign over this earth (the third dimension, as we know it), alright, I’ll give you that much. But his power over you does not come from God. It comes from you.

If you can suspend disbelief long enough to consider that the devil has no power, except that which you bestow upon him yourself, an amazing shift takes place; You have all the power within you and you have the ability to completely disarm the devil if you choose to. It all comes down to you and your choice to empower the devil, or not.

This is a serious re-frame, and if the potential exists to get from here to there, then it is possible to conceive you walking side by side, visiting while walking alongside satan down the boardwalk without hesitation or fear because he has no power over you at all.

From where you are, right now, this may seem like quite a leap, but you can reason how empowering it would be for you to remove any power that darkness may have over you. It takes all the battle out of spiritual warfare. What, then, are you left with?

You are left with light; and your energies are best focused on promoting the light, for there is no longer darkness to battle against. But there is a slippery slope; you must remain locked into the light, for if your attention is distracted by darkness, there you are, face-to-face with the devil.

That’s the trick. Are you going to fall for it next time it happens? If you do, you feel an irresistible urge to fight against what you hate, and you engage in the spiritual warfare to fight a battle that would not exist if you weren’t vulnerable to the threat.

Think about it, when you’re exhausted from fighting the fight and you turn to your pastor, preacher, priest, rabbi, guru or spiritual leader, what do they say? Stop. Stop fighting and focus on your Higher Power. Stop fighting and find the love that surpasses all understanding. Stop everything. And find that gentle loving vibrating tone inside. That angelic vibratory sound that represents you’re being held in an angel’s embrace.

In this place, in resonance with your heart, you are love. The love force that is in all living things, anything that is… and you remember, you are love.

And The Father says, “Welcome back.”

From this vantage point you can offer your energy to support the positive antithesis of that against which you previously struggled.

Mother Teresa had it right when she said,

“I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”

She understood this conservation of spiritual energy in spiritual warfare.

When you put your energy against that which you oppose, you actually add energy to what you don’t want. That’s the trick, and you fall for it every time.

The key to overcoming the devil in spiritual warfare is not to fight against what you don’t want, but to support that which is good.

If you dare…

Or you can engage in spiritual warfare against what you don’t want, and we will support and love you through the struggle because that’s what we do. We honor our warriors who choose to fight the fight.

God bless you.

Spiritual Awakening

It’s happening all around us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people are waking up from a spiritual slumber that has plagued our planet and stunted our evolution for thousands of years.

And guess what? God doesn’t care who you are, what stature you occupy in society, how educated you are, where you’ve come from or where you think you’re going, and He’s got your back one hundred percent.

spiritual awakening god holy spirit spiritual gifts spirit science enlightenment

What do you have to do to be part of this spiritual enlightenment?

A hundred different spiritual leaders will tell you 100 different answers to “What is spirituality? or how to grow spiritually breaking through to the next level of spiritual growth.

The truth of the matter is this:

It’s not that complicated.

All you have to do is to embrace the spiritual science that surrounds each and every one of us, acknowledging the spiritual energy that flows through every cell of our body and every living (and non-living, if there is such a thing) thing on this planet and throughout our universe. This includes the space (that we think is empty) is completely populated with this spiritual energy.

Spiritual Energy

If God is energy, then all you have to do is to plug in to the energy. Once you’ve established a spiritual connection with God, the source of everything, you immediately have access and can begin your personal spiritual journey.

Spiritual Journey

Your spiritual journey will look much different from the journey that you had previously found yourself on. As your spiritual awareness begins to become more adept at piquing your interest and ramping up your spiritual intuition, you will begin to notice the things of this world begin to appear very different to you. As your awareness of the spirit world continues to increase your sense of truth, as you peel back the layers of ambiguity that surrounds those lost in the darkness, a calm sense of spiritual intelligence begins to emerge.

Once you have decided to travel your own individual path to your unique spiritual enlightenment, you will begin to attract spiritual leaders, with their own individual spiritual systems that have helped them get to where they are along their spiritual journey.

Spiritual Guidance

Your spiritual calling is not to follow some other spiritual leader’s footsteps. Your spiritual journey has not mirrored anyone else’s journey step-for-step, why should you start now. No, God has placed these individuals to give you clues. Clues about where you are going, and understand how someone else on their path has achieved their own individual spiritual empowerment can be very helpful in your navigating your own spiritual journey.

Your spiritual guidance system is a part of you, who you are. You are hardwired to be a part of the spiritual evolution that is visiting the peoples of our planet and you are perfectly on track, in the right place at the right time as you find peace in the realization that everything is perfect and connected.

Spiritual Power

Your new spiritual life will not be without conflict. As you begin your spiritual metamorphosis, you will attract both earthly and spiritual forces intent on thwarting your spiritual progress. This is a challenge of spiritual warfare that faces each and every spiritual traveler, paving their own way.

This process includes imbuing your personal nervous system, mind, body and soul with an unparalleled spiritual power to assist you as you embark upon your new spiritual journey.

You may encounter various and sundry forms of spiritual attack and you will find that God has already provided you with ample resources back by His holy spirit gifting you with spiritual gifts and weapons far superior than any man, principality or power can devise to prevent your spiritual development. If called to engage in spiritual battle, you will win, victorious as a testament to your individual spiritual beliefs.

Spiritual Science

As you are further spiritually awakened you discover your enlightenment is constant and never-ending and your spiritual consciousness reveals the secrets of the science of spirituality which far exceeds the science of man. Yet there exists a correlation between science and spirituality that the less enlightened cannot understand.

Spiritual Tolerance

And you find your new spiritual self okay with that, allowing every individual to embrace their own journey in their own way. You are respectful of those who have not awakened, or are only newly awakening spiritually, never judging or measuring anyone, nor comparing to your spiritual experience or spiritual practices for you allow everyone to be their own individual spiritual person.

You respect other’s right to express their spirituality and applaud them as they exercise their rights in any way they choose, as long as it does not impinge on the rights of another spiritual being. You do not hold any judgment, nor differentiate between religion and spirituality, because everyone is a spiritual being on their own spiritual journey, and they are all doing the best they can with what they have.

Your journey is one of growth and spiritual balance as you evolve spiritually moment by moment and continue your awakening spiritually.

God bless your continued evolution.