Limiting Unlimited Possibilities

By limiting your belief system, you prevent your mind from having access to all the limitless possibilities which exist all around us both seen and unseen.

Unless you only believe in unlimited possibilities amidst a vast universe, chances are you possess (as we all do) limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is a structure of thought which precludes any other possibilities. Yet you live in a world of unlimited possibilities. By sealing the confines of your mind safely within the box of a limited belief, little else is possible to, or accessible by, you outside the box.

On a basic level, let’s take a look at some basic limiting beliefs, like,

“I’m not good enough,”

This is a statement which substantiates your unworthiness to be a recipient of all the best things in life waiting to show themselves to you in a real, meaningful way. All these things are eager to be revealed to you, but your limiting belief excludes their possibilities from your experience, and so it is.

There are many variations of the not good enough limitation, including (but not limited to) being unlovable, bored, ugly, stupid, worthless, abnormal, undeserving, or a bad person, to name a few. And what you believe is definitively true for you. This not only becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, it becomes your reality. For you, no possibilities exist outside the box of your limiting belief.

Fortunately, there is a very simple mind hack you can use to allow the existence of infinite possibility. It may take a minute for you to open your mind to it, but with a little effort you can accomplish such a feat.

Leading edge scientists are notorious for box-like thinking. They make a discovery and build a box around their idea and say, “this is truth.” Only science doesn’t stop there, it keeps going, digging deeper and deeper, until the box which once represented truth is proven to be nothing more than a step in the right direction but only a limiting belief.

For highly motivated expanding scientists, they do not see the latest discovery as definitive, only a hint that there is much more to be found on the other side of it. These are the ground-breaking discoverers of new ideas, new possibilities, new realities, because they refuse to be limited by limiting statements of facts. Facts which should always be subjected to new perspectives, experimentation, and testing, drilling down to deeper levels of understanding.

With all this scientific exploration, scientists end up looking at the universe through new eyes as they end up looking straight into the vastness of all that is. It is not uncommon for a scientist to say something like, “We’ve become so knowledgeable about so much, that we’ve discovered we don’t know anything.” Or, more correctly, “We can’t know anything,” in its fullness. Anything that can be known is only a hint of what is possible.

So, it is with your limiting beliefs. Sure, there is safety in the box for ignorance is bliss. It’s easier to say all those things outside the box don’t exist, than to deal with the thought of their possibilities.

If you are unworthy of being loved, then true love will be unable to become a part of your reality. A part of you rationalizes this as safety for if you do not have love, you will not be vulnerable enough to be exposed or hurt. Thus, the need for the constraints of your limiting belief because the idea of infinite possibility in love, or any other subject matter, is just too chaotic and potentially dangerous.

That does not mean that other possibilities don’t exist outside your world.
You are given glimpses of other possibilities, which if entertained even briefly, would make you think there may be other possibilities besides those beliefs to which you’ve confined yourself to.

You may feel as though love is not a possibility for you, and so it is not. But every once and a while you witness a couple in a true love relationship. Even for the briefest moment, you consider the possibilities which exist outside the box of your limiting beliefs.

As much as we might believe that we (humanity as recorded by the history we believe to be true) are the only inhabitants of this planet, regularly archeologists uncover the remains of civilizations which existed long before our arrival.

Regardless of what you believe, there exist infinite possibilities beyond whatever you think. Or not.

You Are Always Right

Everything you believe to be true is true until that moment that you decide to believe something else to be true. You are truth, and truth is always changing and evolving, as you are exposed to new, or emerging information, which causes the truth continuum to shift and adapt to new paradigms. No matter where you are in the truth continuum, you are always in the continuum of truth, therefore you are always right.

Everything is truth which exists in the matrix of truth, so no matter what you think or believe, you are always right. You have nothing to defend. You never have to apologize for being in a different subsection of the truth continuum from anyone else. You are never believing in a non-truth, only in a truth location that is differentiated from another in the truth matrix possibly quite different than a previous truth coordinate where your attention may have been focused previously.

The truth continuum is always evolving and infinitely ever-expanding. It is not a stagnant, definitive, or limited set of data, as much as we would love it to be. There’s a comfort in having the fantasy that you can understand all there is about any given thing. This is impossible in the continuum of truth because every time you discover a new truth, a hundred thousand other truths are born in the expansion.

It can be somewhat confusing when you realize that other people, every other person, is at a different location inside the continuum of truth, and no two people can be at the same location in the truth continuum at the same time.

Truths represent specific coordinates inside the truth continuum. The truth continuum is not limited to 2D coordinates, such as longitude and latitude. Each truth includes a specific address with at least a 4D, WXYZ coordinate.

When you become aware of the truth continuum, it doesn’t make any sense to wrap your head around the concept of having any need to demand that anyone have a similar collection of truth addresses compiled to match yours.

Yet, there are the societal designers who exert a great deal of energy to keep us from understanding the vastness of the truth continuum and seek to use specific truths to keep us separated from each other.

You have been programmed from birth to believe in specific truths and defend them with a high degree of enthusiasm. You have been taught to challenge the beliefs or truths highly held by others and exert a great deal of emotional effort to persuade those who are not in agreement with you to change their truth to match yours.

The psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists seem to dominate the positions of the persuaders who are the most effective converters of others by lording over or bullying others to subject themselves to their particular ideas, beliefs, or limited collection of truths. The idea of letting you think for yourself will send a persuader into a rage, and he or she might even be willing to exert berating, shame, disrespect, intimidation, restraint, or force, even lethal force, to punish others for not adhering to their set of truths.

It’s as if the designers of our social matrix would do anything to keep us as oppositely polarized as possible. Why might they want to keep us divided in any, and as many, way(s) possible? Because we are easier to manage either individually or in groups. These groups are often separated by specific compilations of truths or beliefs.

Easy to manage (control). Not so easy to control: seven-and-a-half-billion enlightened, empowered individuals.

The barbarian tactics of the predatory persuaders are unsustainable amidst the expansive light of growing evolutionary consciousness.

Everything you believe in the continuum of truth is truth and you are always right. Just as you have the right to resonate with the truth you’ve discovered, so should any other person have the right to hold their own truths they have discovered elsewhere in the continuum.

Nothing is more-or-less true, except in your own compilation of truth as you recognize and sort your discoveries for yourself, and your allowance and honoring of anyone else to discover their truth for themselves without judgment is the essence of true love.

Nonetheless, more and more of us are awakening every second of every day, and fewer and fewer of us are falling for the magic tricks of the social designers.

People, just like you and me, are beginning to ask questions, find their own answers, and explore the continuum of truth.

Are You Hiding Your Treasure?

I have the privilege (if I can call it that) of knowing a few people who have an enormous amount of financial resources held in secret. These are people who have millions of dollars invested and hidden away from view of anyone. By examining their lives, there is no way you could possibly conceive of the idea that any of these people might have any more financial resources than you. If anything, looking at the way they live, you are more likely to think they have much less than you, and you may feel compelled to offer to buy them lunch, or offer them a few dollars to help them out, because while they are likeable and have a great deal of potential, they seem somewhat pitiful and you feel sorry for them.

Here are people who have millions (I refer to demonstrable wealth), yet they live the lives of those less fortunate. Why would they do such a thing?

It’s not unreasonable to judge them, or jump to conclusion about why someone might live such a life, because if it were you or me, we would be thinking about enjoying some of that hidden treasure. We think that it would not be unreasonable to live in a nice house, drive a nice car, have some nice clothes and a few baubles… a few modest luxuries would not even make a dent in this pile of hidden wealth. Not to mention the incredible good that could be done. How many people could be fed, housed, healed, or otherwise helped with some of these resources, which remain hidden from the world?

If we are aware of their state (or acting as if they are in poverty, but secretly maintain huge hidden financial resources locked away in a vault in a non-disclosed location), we might refer to them as miserly, or possibly consider them mentally challenged or deranged. If anything you might think they must be extremely fearful about money and its effect on the human condition. And to think of the consequences, these vast financial resources are so well hidden, that even in the passing of these individuals, friends, family, spouses or no other human would possibly be a potential beneficiary of their undisclosed wealth.

When I met the first person, living a incongruent life, like this, I thought he was probably the only person in the world with this particular disorder. But since then, I have met several others, some in my pastoral work and another through the results of an extensive private investigation.

What are your thoughts about this kind of individual?

When I see something in someone else that irks me, gets stuck in my craw, makes my skin crawl, or causes me to raise an eyebrow, maybe not initially but as quickly as possible I try to gain enough composure to ask myself if I am witnessing a metaphor of my own life.

Do I possess treasures that I harbor from my peers?

What skills, talents and ideas do I possess that I keep hidden from others? What am I fearful of, that if I disclosed or demonstrated it, might not be understood or valued (as much as I value it) by others? Is it possible to consider that the effects of what I might have to share (which I am reluctant to do) be less than possible for others to accept, or may have a negative effect in or upon the lives of others? Do these or other questions and/or fear keep me from sharing it with others?

This applies to you and I, and we think there is something so romantic about the idea of Clark Kent or Diana Prince. If only we could maintain a low profile secret identity, offering the ability to live a normal life, while being able to fully exercise our abilities as Superman or Wonder Woman (but we, too, are afraid, inhibited or feel unworthy).

The individuals on which this thought was based, certainly have mastered their secret identities, but have created identities that are as protected as are their hordes of financial cash, and there is a sadness that comes from seeing all that potential good go to waste, only to be inherited by an off-shore bank by abandonment. We think what a waste.

Likewise, what a waste it is for you or me to not share our hidden treasure(s) with our communities or the world at large.

Is the time now that you start to find ways to release some of your hidden treasure, to find ways to share it that may benefit others, possibly even positively affect or even save the lives of others?

If it is time, know this: There are people out there, like me, whose mission in life is to assist others in releasing their treasure and letting their light shine, like a beacon of hope to others.

You are not alone.

Do not die with your treasure hidden away, with no possibility of making the world a better place.

The world needs you now.